Wolf Bouts

Wolf Bouts are a Sidequest in Shadow Hearts: Covenant in which Blanca fights another wolf. By completing Wolf Bouts, he gains new abilities. Wolf Bouts are Monitored by Ernest. For every wolf bout that Blanca wins, he gets another stamp on his stamp card to prove that he has won.

List of Wolf Bouts in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Below is a list of wolf bout locations in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, as well as general tips for each bout.

  1. Testu: Paris, next to Ernest
    • The only compulsory Wolf Bout
    • Blanca learns Soul Comet from fighting Tetsu
    • Keep an eye on Blanca’s HP
  2. Kelly: Wine Cellar, boss fight arena
    • Only accessible when level is completed for first time
    • Blanca powers up Soul Comet from fighting Kelly
    • Protect Blanca from Fast Ring
  3. Jerome: Florence Streets
    • Near the market stall
    • Blanca powers up Soul Comet from fighting Jerome
    • Protect Blanca from Seal
  4. Henri: SG Italian Branch HQ, boss fight room.
    • In the boss room
    • Blanca powers up Soul Comet from fighting Henri
    • Protect Blanca from Ring Abnormality
  5. Philippe: St. Marguerite Island, Forest.
    • In the forest
    • Blanca powers up learns Full Moon
    • Keep an eye on Blanca’s HP and SP
  6. R-3: Petrograd, Alleyway
  7. Necros: Gallery of the Dead, in cage
  8. Eleanor: Imperial Capital, park
  9. Matsunaga: Inugami Village, waterfall cave
  10. Lobo: Immortal Mountain, take path going Section 1 (Blue) -> Section 5 (Red) -> Section 6 (Yellow) -> Section 7.
  11. Domremy: In Forest
  12. Carben: Battleship Mikasa, in cubby hole.
  13. Henri (again): Tiffagues Castle South-East of dungeon
  14. Lobos: Forest of Wind leading to village

Wolf Bout Tips

Wolf Bouts can be tricky as Blanca is always by himself. Some general tips:

  • Save before every wolf bout
  • Equip Blanca with his strongest weapon/armour
  • Where necessary equip an item that prevents status effects
  • Stock up on healing items
  • Where possible equip Blanca with something to increase his SP or HP