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Shadow Hearts Sidequests

There are certain tasks that appear in Shadow Hearts that are not part of the main storyline of the game and are not required to complete the game. These are known as sidequests. They usually result in rewards such as weapons, fusions, additional items or extra scenes.

Here is a list of the sidequests in Shadow Hearts.

The Lottery

Location: Various
Reward: Various
How to Complete: See Main Page – Lottery

Shanghai’s Famous Dog Picking Contest

Location: Shanghai
Reward: Leonardo’s Bear, Monkey Paw, Lottery Ticket
How to complete: Speak to the man at the Shanghai docks. Keep your eye on your selected dog and select the right dog at the end.

Pit Fights

Location: Shanghai and London.
Reward: 5000 Cash, Anne’s Cross, Crucifix
How to complete: Battle all 10 monsters in a row and win. Shanghai Pit Fights open after a certain point in the game. For the London Pit Fights to open you must complete Calios Mental Hospital as well as Nemeton Monastery.

See Main Page – Pit fights

Kowloon Fortress

Location: Kowloon Fortress
Reward: Additional plot and boss fight with Wugui
How to Complete: When Dehuai is torturing Alice, pick her first possible answer for every response needed.

Erotic Book

Location: Kuihai Tower
Reward: Ability to get Pulse Tract later in the game.
How to Complete: When exploring Kuihai Tower, investigate the left hand side of the altar.

Shadow Hearts Good Ending

Location: Several including Graveyard
Reward: To Get the good ending of the Shadow Hearts, saving Alice from the Four Mask Curse.
How to Complete:

After Completing Calios Mental Hospital, speak to Joshua who will give you the Oath Grail. This will allow to battle the four masks effectively. You must allow Yuri’s Malice to accrue. You must fight the Grail Mask, then the Gold Mask, then the Sword Mask and finally the Staff Mask.You must do this before ending the Float.

Once the masks are defeated, take Yuri to the Graveyard and investigate the small gravestone. It should say Alice’s name on it.

When about to go to the Float, Alice will have a dream where she is at the Graveyard. When you have control of her, make sure to investigate every gravestone including the small one. This should result in Yuri coming to rescue Alice when she meets with Atman.

Level 3 Fusions

Location: Various
Reward: Optional Fusion Souls for Yuri
How to Complete: For Yuri to fuse into any of his level 3 Fusion Monsters he needs to find Gravestones of corresponding elements as well as accrue the correct amount of souls required. He must then go to the Graveyard and battle them as usual.

The Locations of Gravestones are as follows:

Light Gravestone for the fusion of SandalphonRoger‘s House in Nemeton Monastery
Dark Gravestone for the fusion of Czernobog – Yuri’s Cell in Blue Castle
Fire Gravestone for the fusion of Forron – In a chest in a room in Calios Mental Hospital
Wind Gravestone for the fusion of Seravi – Give Tissues to the man in the Men’s Toilets in Prague. When leaving the pub he will approach you and give you the Gravestone.
Water Gravestone for the fusion of Egil – For sale by a pedestrian in Rouen
Earth Gravestone for the fusion of Lobo – Speak to Nina outside Nina‘s house in Bistritz

You can get hints for the locations of each Gravestone that you haven’t found from the telephone in Carl‘s house.

Level 3 Fusion Spells

Location: Battle
Reward: 3rd Spell for each Level 3 Fusion Monster
How to Complete: One Yuri has acquired a level 3 fusion, they come with 2 spells and one spell labelled as “???”. In order for Yuri to learn those spells, he must go berserk in that form and win a battle. The best way to do this is for him to equip the small jug (which reduces his SP by 2 a turn) and transform into the fusion that requires a spell to be learned. Kill all monsters but one and then have all party members defend until Yuri goes berserk. Once Berserk, he will learn his final spell and the battle can be finished.

The Stone of Destruction and Amon

Location: Nemeton Monastery
Reward: Amon as a Fusion Monster
How to Complete: In order for Yuri to receive Amon as a Fusion Monster, the fight with Albert Simon in the Nemeton Monastery must be completed with the Stone of Destruction in the player’s possession.

In order to get the Stone of Destruction, the player must open the three glowing chests within Nemeton Monastery and then approach the large glowing pit, from which the Stone of Destruction will be given to you.

There are 3 chests, each with a different colour glow surrounding it. To open each chest, the flame within Nemeton Monastery must be glowing the same colour as the chests. To change the colour of the flame, a button or combination of buttons must be pressed.

Blue Chest = Blue Flame = Blue Button
The Blue Button is originally hidden by some mist, but is revealed by opening all 3 chests in the room. This is achieved by opening the chest on the island the the chest closest the button and then the chest towards the top of the room.

Purple Chest = Purple Flame = Blue + Red Button
The Red button is beside the purple chest

Yellow Chest = Yellow Flame = Red + Green Button
The Blue button must be turned off and the green button (which is in the room next to the yellow chest) must be turned on.

Once all the treasures are recovered from these chest, return to the main pit to receive the Stone of Destruction. Once received, the player can complete the level and battle Albert Simon and Yuri can then fuse into Amon.

Stone of Rebirth & Serpahic Radiance

Location: Ancient Ruins and Graveyard.
Reward: Yuri can fuse into the Seraphic Radiance.
How to Complete: There are several steps to completing this side-quest:

  1. Get the Erotic Book from Kuihai Tower before defeating Dehuai
  2. Find the Book of Rituals (see below) in Nemeton Monastery after the Float has risen
  3. Go to the Ancient Ruins and Get the Gold Thread Coat (see below)
  4. Go to the Ancient Ruins and defeat Seraphim (see below)
  5. Speak to Roger and exchange the Erotic Book for the Pulse Tract (see below)
  6. Revisit the Ancient Ruins for a third time and follow this path: Yellow, Red, Green, Violet (Pink), Indigo (Dark Blue), Red, Blue (light Blue) and get the Stone of Rebirth
  7. Go to the Graveyard and in through the doors
  8. Defeat Col. Hyuga

After all this is complete, Yuri can fuse into the Seraphic Radiance.

Improved Slingshot

Location: London
Reward: Optional Improved Slingshot weapon for Halley
How to Complete: To get the Improved Slingshot for Halley you must give Joshua a Slingshot when he asks you which he will do after he is rescued from the Orphanage. If you return to him once the Float has risen he will give you the Improved Slingshot.

Margarete’s Confession

Location: Rouen
Reward: Optional Cutscene with Margarete & Pearl Ring
How to Complete: After The Float has opened, make sure both Yuri and Margarete are in your party. Go to the Cathedral in Rouen, to the main altar room. Enjoy an optional cutscene between Yuri and Margarete. She will give you a Pearl Ring afterward.

The Three Vatican Texts

Location: Nemeton Monastery and Orphanage.
Reward: The Emigré Manuscript, the Codex of Lurie and the Pulse Tract. These give the player access to optional levels and extra content.
How to Complete: To find the Codex of Lurie, go to the Altar within the Nemeton Monastery where Albert Simon was summoning Amon. The Codex of Lurie can be found here.

To find the Emigé Manuscript, go to the Orphanage after the Float has risen. Go to the room where you fought Jack and speak to the boy in front of the pot. Complete his challenge in 60 seconds. The children can be found in the other three rooms and in the main room (either behind a pillar or to the right of the entrance). It is easiest to go the route: out to the main room, find a child in the lower bedroom, go to the main room and make a note of if there is a child behind the upper left pillar or not, run across to the right, if there is a child in the bottom right speak to them, Run upstairs to the upper right bedroom and speak to child, if there is a child behind a pillar, speak to them now, go to the left hand bedroom and speak to the last child. Go back to the pot and speak to the child again. He will now let you past. If you go up to the pot an investigate it, you will receive the Emigré Manuscript.

To receive the Pulse Tract, you must have the Erotic Book (see above) and have defeated Seraphim (See Below). Go back to Nemeton Monastery and speak to Roger. He will give you the Pulse Tract in Exchange for the Erotic Book.

The Book of Rituals and The Ancient Ruins

Location: Nemeton Monastery
Reward: The Book of Rituals, which unlocks the optional level – Ancient Ruins.
How to Complete: To find the book of Rituals, bring Alice and Zhuzhen to the Gravestone outside of Nemeton Monastery.

Yuri’s Ultimate Weapon: Nightbird Claw

Location: Nemeton Monastery and others
Reward: Nightbird Claw
How to Complete: Once the Float is opened, return to Roger’s House and talk to him. He will ask Yuri to start the machine again by running on the treadmill. For this, the player will need to hit the Judgment Ring 10 times in succession. The ring spin starts at a regular speed but increases in speed with each rotation of the Judgment Ring.

Keith’s Ultimate Weapon: Demon Sword Tyrving

Location: Blue Castle and Bistritz
Reward: Demon Sword Tyrving
How to Complete: Once the Float is opened, go to Bistritz with Keith in your party. Go into the item shop and speak to Nina. After this conversion, go with Keith to Blue Castle and descend into the crypt. Approach the large open coffin, and speak to the Golden Bat. Keith must defeat Golden Bat alone in 5 turns to receive Demon Sword Tyrving.

Alice’s Ultimate Weapon: Holy Book of Flesh

Location: Prague and The Dollhouse
Reward: Holy Book of Flesh
How to Complete: Go to the pub in Prague with Alice in your party. Speak to Ewan who will tell you that his house is haunted. Go to the World Map, and then to the Dollhouse. Once Orb Chaos is defeated, you will receive Holy Book of Flesh.

Halley’s Ultimate Weapon: Volt Snipe

Location: Ancient Ruins
Reward: Volt Snipe
How to Complete: The Ancient Ruins must be unlocked to get the Volt Snipe. To get the Volt Snipe, they must first obtain the Gold Thread Coat (details below) and Seraphim must be defeated. To find Seraphim, you must go through the Ancient Ruins in this order: Violet (Pink), Indigo (Dark Blue), Blue (Light Blue), Green, Yellow, Orange, Red

Zhuzhen’s Ultimate Weapon: Holy Peak Staff

Location: Cave Temple
Reward: Holy Peak Staff
How to Complete: The Cave Temple must be unlocked for this. To unlock the Cave Temple you need the Emigré Manuscript (see above) and have already obtained the Mantel of Shivering (See Below). To find the Holy Peak Staff you must defeat Cherubim who is along the right path which is the following order: up, right, Up, right, Down, Down, right, right, Up, right, Up.

Zhuzhen’s Ultimate Armour: Coat of the Adept

Location: Rouen
Reward: Coat of the Adept
How to Complete: Go to the inn in Rouen, and enter the room on the bottom floor, where Meiyuan is staying.

Alice’s Ultimate Armour: Gold Thread Coat

Location: Ancient Ruins
Reward: Gold Thread Coat
How to Complete: The Ancient Ruins must be unlocked to complete this. The Ancient Ruins puzzle must be completed in the order: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue (Light Blue), Indigo (Dark Blue), Violet (Pink)

Keith’s Ultimate Armour: Mantel of Shivering

Location: Cave Temple
Reward: Mantel of Shivering
How to Complete: The Cave Temple must be unlocked for this. To unlock the Cave Temple you need the Emigré Manuscript (see above). To find the Mantel of Shivering you must take the left path which is the following order: up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Up, Left, Up

Yuri’s Ultimate Armour: Father’s Coat

Location: Graveyard
Reward: Father’s Coat
How to Complete: To get the Father’s Coat, Yuri must have obtained the Seraphic Radiance (see above). After this, investigate behind the tree in the graveyard to find the Father’s Coat.

Seven-Eyed Mask

Location: Graveyard
Reward: Seven-Eyed Mask
How to Complete: After defeating Atman, go back to the Graveyard and speak to the Four Masks.

Margarete’s Ultimate Weapon

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Margarete’s Ultimate Armour

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Halley’s Ultimate Armour

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