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Shadow Hearts: Covenant Sidequests

This page details all the sidequests within Shadow Hearts: Covenant. They are not a part of the main storyline or required to complete the game. They often yield new abilities, weapons armour and other Additional Items for characters.

Wolf Bouts

Main Page: Wolf Bouts
Reward: Additional Abilities for Blanca
How to begin: Begins automatically in Paris
How to Complete: Win all Wolf Bouts
Location: Various

Neiblung Opera

Reward: Additional Abilities for Karin
How to begin: Begins automatically in Paris
How to Complete: Collect the entire Neiblung Opera
Neiblung Opera Locations:

  1. Paris: From Gepetto in Paris
  2. St. Marguerite: After completing level
  3. Southampton: Man in Bar
  4. Florence: Speak to man near Fountain
  5. Petrograd: Speak to Boris on 2nd visit to Petrograd. He’s near Edgar’s shop.
  6. Gallery of the Dead: Search Skeleton in 1st passageway
  7. Battleship Mikasa: Sailor on Top Deck
  8. Foreigner’s Cemetery: Talk to visitor when returning
  9. Southampton: Man in Bar (once you have other pieces)
  10. Queen’s Garden: Search Boss Fight Area

Cornelia’s Dresses

Reward: New outfits for Cornelia which create additional Abilities for Paris
How to Complete: Collect all Stud Cards and deliver to Pierre Magimel
Stud Card Locations:

  1. Mr. Sommelier: Gepetto’s Apartment in Paris
  2. Mr. Detective: Bar in Southampton (2nd floor)
  3. Mr. Doctor: Behind and sign in Yokohama
  4. Mr. Matador: Betsy in Florence
  5. Mr. Swan: Soldier in Petrograd Castle
  6. Mr. Chef: Box Game in Wine Cellar
  7. Mr. Sax: Stage 4 of Initiate Solomon Trial
  8. Mr. Samurai: Man in bar in Cannes
  9. Mr. Pro Wrestler: Wrestling Quiz in Nihonbashi

Lucky Chests

Reward: Various items
How to begin: Complete the Wine Cellar and return. In a room at the left hand side this mini game can be played.
How to Complete: Playing lucky chests costs 100 Cash. If you pick two matching chests you keep the contents.

lucky chests shadow hearts covenant

playing lucky chests

Item Trading Sidequest

Reward: Nemesis Fan, Holy Easter Egg, 500,000 Cash or Getitup!
How to begin: Climb the stairs of Southampton City Wall to get the Dried Straw which begins the trading quest
How to Complete: Trade items with various people

Trading Quest Item Sequence:

There is more than one way to complete this quest, detailed below is the optimal route for Lucia’s Ultimate Weapon (Nemesis Fan), although there are others.

ItemLocationTrade for
Dried StrawSouthampton, speak to man on city wallsUnderground Film
Underground Film/td>

FlorenceDaruma Doll
Daruma DollCannesSuper Piroshki
Super PiroshkiPetrogradTea Set
Tea SetYokohamaTalking Doll
Talking DollInugami VillageTen-Day old Rice
Ten-Day Old RiceSouthamptonDangerous Research Information
Dangerous Research InformationParisNemesis Fan

You can also trade the Daruma Doll for a Holy Easter Egg by speaking to Edgar in Petrograd.

Treasure Hunting

Location: Various, start in Cannes
Reward: Various
How to Complete: Speak to the man outside the the pub in Cannes: Loud Croft. He will give you an item with a clue to hunting treasure on it. After each treasure is found, speak to Loud Croft and he will give you new instructions.

TreasureStart LocationHintTreasure Location
Wheel of FortuneCannes – next to pubIn the building with the row of cells, is a thick chain connected to a huge dog. At the end of the chain is hidden an important treasure.St. Marguerite – Oscar’s Chains
Seere CrestCannes – next to pubGoreme Valley – Left Pillar on Outer Ledge
Cannes – next to pubBattleship Mikasa – Small Cabin
Yokohama – alley
Yokohama – alley

The Lottery

Location: Various
Reward: Various
How to Complete: See Main Page – Lottery