Shadow Hearts

Shadow Hearts is a game for the Playstation2 released in 2001. It is the first game in the Shadow Hearts series – although it is a pseudo sequel to Koudelka and prequel to Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Shadow Hearts Gameplay

In Shadow Hearts, the player controls one character across a 3D map. During some levels progress is interrupted by random encounters with monsters. In these battles, the player can control up to three characters.

Battles are turn based – the turn order is specified by the speed of characters and enemies. On a player turn, they can choose to attack, use a special ability (each character has a unique special ability), use an item, defend or run.

All actions asides from defending and running require the use of Shadow Hearts’ unique combat system: the Judgment Ring. Depending on how well the player controls the Judgment Ring, they may hit a target critically or not at all.

Progress is made by moving through locations, fighting monsters and triggering plot events.

Shadow Hearts Legacy

Shadow Hearts has two sequels Shadow Hearts: Covenant and Shadow Hearts from the New World. As well as this, Shadow Hearts characters appear in Playstation 2 game: Chaos Wars.

Shadow Hearts has an original soundtrack available to buy as well as an arranged soundtrack.

Shadow Hearts Plot Synopsis

Shadow Hearts is set in 1913.

It beings with the report of the death of a clergyman in Rouen, France.

Rouen Opening Cutscene Shadow Hearts

Rouen, 1913

The scene swiftly moves to the Trans-Siberian Express Train in South Manchu were we are introduced to a man in a top hat and a young girl in blue. He introduces himself as Roger Bacon and attempts to attack the girl with supernatural forces – being able to reply the guards’ bullets.

Trans Siberian Express Interior Shadow Hearts

Yuri meets the man known as Roger Bacon

The attacker is interrupted by a young man in a long coat. Roger Bacon sends a small demon to attack him – and this manages to slice our hero’s arm off, but he quickly puts it back together. Roger Bacon escapes the train with the girl.

The Rude Hero breaks onto the roof of the train where Bacon is waiting, holding the girl unconsious on his shoulder. They then engage in a battle which The Rude Hero loses.

Bacon is at the point of killing our Hero when the Cross on the girl’s chest begins to glow. This gives our Hero time to punch Bacon through the face, maiming his left eye. However, this quickly regrows. Our Hero takes the girl from Bacon and jumps off the train.

Albert Simon Shadow Hearts

Alice’s pendant begins to glow

Our Rude Hero and the Girl in Danger have now escaped from Roger Bacon and are on some Plains in China. Due to our Rude Hero’s untoward advances, the Girl in Danger runs away from him only to get attacked by monsters. He explains to her that a voice in his head told him to protect her. He introduces himself as Yuri Hyuga. She introduces herself as Alice Elliot. They decide to journey together.

Plains Yuri Alice fox Face Shadow Hearts

Yuri meets FoxFace on the Chinese Plains

They decide to camp for the night. Once Alice is asleep, Yuri is approached by a Man in a Fox Mask who he refers to a “Father“. Fox Face battles Yuri and sends him to a mysterious Graveyard.

Yuri approaches a large door in the Graveyard where he he met by Four Masks. He is told that the Graveyard is a physical representation of his mind.

Four Masks Graveyard Shadow Hearts

Yuri meeting the four masks

The masks explain that as Yuri defeats monsters, he obtains their souls and also accumulates Malice. Once enough Malice is stored, he will have to face his worst nightmare – in this case, Fox Face. To Yuri, Fox Face is a representation of his father who went missing long ago, and who he is trying to find. In order to stop Fox Face from appearing, Yuri must quieten the Malice by fighting monsters in the Graveyard.

Yuri is then awoken by Alice, who said it looked like he was having a nightmare. It is explained that when Yuri’s soul visits the graveyard, his body is unconsious.

In the morning, Alice and Yuri journey towards the nearby Zhaoyang Village. The voice in Yuri’s head warns him to be careful. Alice is surprised, and explains that she too can hear the voice.

Zhaoyang Village Shadow Hearts

Zhaoyang Village

Yuri and Alice approach the large village gates to be greeted by two children. They are hesitate to let Yuri in, but once they see he is accompanied by Alice, a girl, they allow them through and insist they meet them up at the mayor’s house to see Granny Mayor.

The Mayor’s house is locked, so Yuri and Alice continue to the village shrine, which they find is filled with lots of human bones. Yuri assumes that this means the people in the village are cannibals. An old man explains that the Shrine had originally been a shrine to the Black Tortoise God, but the towns people had made it a shrine to the demonic Earth Yamaraja.

Yuri and Alice then go to visit Granny Mayor and the two children who allowed them in. They offer to let them stay there. Although Yuri and Alice are sure that they will be killed and eaten, they agree to stay.

Later that night, the children come back to find Yuri and Alice asleep. They attempt to kill them, only to have Yuri and Alice defend themselves, having only been pretending to sleep. The children then turn into their true forms – Hellcats.

Upon killing the child-demons, Yuri and Alice go outside where they find nobody but a peddlar. The ground is coloured with blood and entrails. Yuri figures that the people living in this village now are all cat-demons that devoured all the previous residents.

In an attempt to escape they return to the gate only to find it has been blocked by a large seal. They go back to the shrine to find Granny Mayor who promptly disappears on them. They chase her back to the gate, where she once again, disappears.

Zhuzhen Li Shadow Hearts Zhaoyang Village

Meeting Zhuzhen in Zhaoyang

Here they find a Quack Oracle and Traveler Meiyuan. The Quack Oracle introduces himself as Zhuzhen Li and explains that he is an adept who was hired by a neighbouring village to exorcise this one. He explains that Meiyuan is is an acupuncturist and his business partner. He goes on to explain that the seal is the Reverse Seal of Tiefeng, which is the mark of Dehuai who supposedly lost his powers 15 years ago. To break the seal, one must defeat the keeper of the seal – the Yamaraja, but in order to do that they must defeat Granny Mayor.

Zhuzhen is in possession of some Anti-Cat Powder to drive the cat-people out of hiding, but has to find a Metal Bowl to place in it, and a Torch to light it with. Once Yuri finds these he is able to set fire to the Anti-Cat Powder and drive Granny Mayor out of hiding. She then turns into her true form – Felinus

After defeating her, it is revealed the the young of the cat-people are eaten, should they not find any prey. The cat-people were originally born from the souls of domestic cats.

In order for the party to battle the Yamaraja, they must first violate the shrine. Back in the shrine, they awaken the Earth Yamaraja.

After defeating the Yamaraja, Alice explains that she was kidnapped by Japanese soliders in Changchun and being taken by train to Fengtian. Upon this train she was kidnapped again by Roger Bacon. Zhuzhen explains that her powers are referred to as “Demon Eyes” and Yuri’s Harmonixer ability of Fusion is a forbidden Japanese art, though to be lost.

They head toward the village gate which has now reopened. Meiyuan and Zhuzhen leaves. Before leaving, Zhuzhen says that he suspects that their meeting was no accident and someone is behind all of this.

The scene changes back to the Trans-Siberian express. Some members of the Japanese Army are investigating what happened. They are headed by Lieutenant Colonel Kawashima. Private Mishima fills her in with the background of the incident. Kawashima refers to one Major Tsuji having been the one to order the kidnapping of Alice. Private Jujii arrives and explains that a peddlar saw Yuri and Bacon fight for possession of the girl.

Kawashima Japanese Army Shadow Hearts

The Japanese Army on the Trans-Siberian Express

The scene then changes again to a tower or shrine or some kind. An old man, revealed to be Dehuai is at an alter. Roger Bacon appears. They speak of a ceremony drawing near – Bacon offers his assistance. It is implied that Alice is the key to this ritual. The Ritual is known as a Demon’s Gate Invocation which requires the “Divine Septagram”, sealing away the Black Tortoise God, The Spirit Machine and Alice. Dehuai knows that she is headed to Fengtian.

Bacon warns him that the Japanese Army is also searching for her, but Dehuai is not bothered by this fact – except for Kawashima’s involvement. Bacon further explains that Alice is protected by Yuri, a Harmonixer. He suggests that Dehuai not get involved lest he lose the second half of his body in an repeat incident from 15 years ago. Dehuai does not trust Bacon, and believes him to be a fraud and a spy.

Dehuai Tower Albert Simon Shadow Hearts

Dehuai speaking with Albert Simon in his Tower at Shanghai

After walking all night, Yuri and Alice are in Fengtian. Alice is asleep, and a puppy comes running up to Yuri.

Alice wakes up, after having a nightmare about a woman in a hospital, crying and alone. She was staring at Alice, and then Bacon appeared. Yuri brushes it off as just a nightmare. They head to the closest pub.

Puppy Shadow Hearts Fengtian

Yuri meeting a Puppy in Fengtian

On top of the pub, is an Alluring Spy who goes by the name ‘Malkovitch’. She is contacting someone via train to say that she’s placed a bomb on the South Manchurian Railway depot. The aim of this is to delay the Japanese Army for 2 months. She is also planning a small bomb to go off in Fengtian.

Also Yuri and Alice come out of the pub, the bomb explodes, knocking them over. This alerts the Japanese army – Private Takeuchi and Ogawa run towards them. They mistake Alice and Yuri for terrorists – as it was reported on the radio to beware of a caucasian woman.

Fengtian Margarete Shadow Hearts

Margarete on the Rooftop in Fengtian

The Alluring Spy climbs down into the sewers and Yuri decides to follow her.

Yuri and Alice find some stairs to climb out but the man-hole is covered with a seal. They find a hole in the wall and the puppy from earlier climbs out from it. They hear gunfire, and find the spy fallen to the ground. She says that her name is Margarete and joins the party.

At this moment, a bomb goes off, destroying part of a wall. Where this is destroyed, Yuri finds a Jewel known as the Sealing Stone which is able to fit into the seal.

Margarete says when they climb out there will be a plane waiting for them. They follow her out of the sewer and indeed there is a plane waiting for them. The puppy, that Alice has named “Tiny” runs away toward the hanger.

They follow him to the hanger only to encounter Private Tamura and Private Tokizawa of the Japanese army. They fight them, and as they approach the plane, it blows up.

Nearby they find Tiny, who is glowing, and begins to speak. He implies that he is the one who blew up the plane, and did it so he wouldn’t have to chase them all around the world. Yuri assumes it is Roger Bacon, however it turns out the dog is Dehuai in disguise. He transforms into the Beast Dog which our heroes then battle.

Puppy Shadow Hearts Dehuai

Puppy revealing himself as Dehuai

After defeating the Beast Dog, Margarete says that she’s heard of Dehuai before, and she’d tell them more later. She runs off to look for another plane. It’s now very obvious that Dehuai is after Alice.

Margarete returns in a battered old plane, which they all manage to squeeze into.

Margarete Airplane Fengtian Shadow Hearts

Margarete’s Airplane

They take off. Shortly after this, the Japanese army arrive with Private Koizumi, Sonoda and Yokoyama in tow. Lt Colonel Kawashima is surprised to learn Margarete is involved, and says she will be heading for Dalian.

A new scene now plays – a woman called Anne talks to a younger version of Yuri, asking him to get his father as it’s dinner time. Yuri finds his father, Ben Hyuga on a hill beside a tree. His father is working hard, sowing the land. He explains that he has to work hard, as they live on the continent, rather than in Katsuragi, Japan – where Yuri was born. If they didn’t work hard, they wouldn’t be able to share the harvest with the others in town.

Colonel Hyuga Shadow Hearts

Young Yuri and his father

Yuri asks his father if he has to go away again. His father explains yes, he does. He tells Yuri to be strong for his mother.

As Yuri begins to wake up, he hears the myterious voice again – saying that destiny awaits in Shanghai.

As this is happening, the plane is smoking. Yuri is waking up, Alice is concerned as he was having a nightmare about people trying to kill his mother. The plane crash lands in the sea and they arrive in Dalian.

Dalian Port shadow Hearts

The party crash land in Dalian

They go into the inn and find the Sea Mother praying for a man called Yen Yen. She tells his brother than she does not possess the power to undo the curse that Li Li has put upon him and he dies.

Outside of the inn it is now dark. They come across a girl who appears to be glowing. It turns out she is Li Li, a ghost. She says that everyone goes indoors at night, as they’re all scared of her. She comments that Alice has a pretty voice – and that hers used to sound like it. She lays a curse on Alice, who collapses. She tells the party that tomorrow at sunset, Alice will die.

Li Li Dalian Night Shadow Hearts

Li Li in Dalian at night

The sea mother comes out of the tavern, and brings the party inside. She believes that Alice may suffer the same fate as Li Li, as her father also died.

The Sea Mother recounts the tale of Li Li. Her father was a fisherman, and one night there was a terrible storm out at sea. Li Li prayed to the Blue Dragon God to save his life. Her father’s ship returned, but in exchange, Li Li had lost her voice and gained her father’s voice. He now spoke with the voice of a young woman, and she spoke with the voice of an old Fisherman. Because of that, he refused to speak.

A performing troupe came to town and Li Li fell in love with one of the actors. The Sea Mother had tried to get Li Li’s voice back, but it hadn’t worked. The only way for her to get her voice back was to kill her father.

So she asked the Sea Mother for the sharpest dagger she had – in order to kill her father with the least amount of pain. Every night she would go to her father’s room and put the dagger to his throat, but not summon the courage to kill him. Little did she know that her father was awake, ready to die.

The day came when the travelling troupe went to leave. Li Li’s father went to fish for a fish that only appeared on the night of the new moon, as a gift to give Li Li and her lover if they left. But fate had it so that he boat was wrecked and he did not come back. So Li Li had lost her father and her voice forever.

In the night she cried like a beast, and her father’s body made it back to shore like a dead piece of meat.

Li Li House Dalian Shadow Hearts

Sea Mother Tells a story about Li Li

Sea Mother’s tale is interrupted by Cowardly Chen as he lets Zhuzhen in – it seems that Sea Mother had summoned him to undo the curse upon the town. He explains that he was delayed as someone had blown up the railway.

Sea Mother tells Zhuzhen that more than ten people have died because of this curse. Alice tries to explain that Li Li was forced to come back from the dead.

Meanwhile, Cowardly Che reports to Kawashima that the three supposed terrorists are in Dalian. He is let out, where Sergeant Kato, from Tokyo reports. Kawashima orders two private to dispose of Cowardly Chen .She tells Kato that they will be sailing to Dalian together.

It is now night in Dalian, where monsters are roaming the town. There is a red seal which is summoning all the monsters. Zhuzhen summons the Wind Yamaraja in order to fight it.

Zhuzhen explains that for generations, the villagers worshipped the Blue Dragon God of fishermen at an undersea shrine nearby. Lightning struck a month ago, sealing the God away, and making Li Li a ghost. Exactly what happened at Zhaoyang.

Yuri figures it must be Dehuai behind all of this. Zhuzhen suspects as much and says that Dehuai has a tower in Shanghai, where he uses evil taoist magic.

The party reutrns to the bar, to find that Alice has recovered from the curse. Having defeated the Yamaraja, Zhuzhen speculates that Dalian should be free on monsters. He feels like the five of them were brought together by Karma. He has started to think that someone, likely Dehuai is trying to seal away the Gods of the four winds.

It is further explained that 15 years ago, something similar happened, where Dehuai tried to seal away the Gods to bring about the Valorization. This time he requries Alice to be his key. Sea Mother presumes it is because Alice is more than she seems.

Zhuzhen suggests that the party try and stop Dehuai, and to do this they need to reach Shanghai. He explains that a Valorization is a ritual that turns the entire world upside down. 15 years ago, the attempted Valorization caused Earthquakes and other unspecified natural diasaster to happen.

15 years ago, Dehuai attempted the Valorization but was stopped by a Colonel in battle. This causes him to lose half his body. This time, Zhuzhen is sure is is going to attempt the “Demon’s Gate Invocation”.

As they are discussing how to get to Shanghai, Kawashima enters, disguised as a Smuggler Boss. Kawashima says that she has a fishing boat that the Japanese army are willing to let pass between Dalian and Shanghai. In return for money, she will grant them safe passage.

Smugglers Boat Shadow Hearts

Kawashima’s Smuggler’s Boat

The party accept and go to meet her the next morning. Kato is also disguised as a Courier Subordinate.

Yuri wakes up in the Smuggler’s Boat, feeling seasick. He shambles to the top deck where he finds Margarete making some notes. She claims she was writing her diary.

Inside the wheel room, Kawashima and Kato. He praises Kawashima for how brilliant and simple her plan is. From Shanghai they plan to get the party on a boat to Japan.

Kawashima worries about that – she saw the carnage on the Trans-Siberian Express. Kato doesn’t believe that Alice would be capable of something like that. Kawashima suggests it could have been Yuri.

They discuss the Valorization. Kawashima explains she only knows what her father let slip when he was drunk. That a Colonel in Black Ops was able to stop Dehuai at the last moment.

Yuri makes his way towards the front of the ship, to Zhuzhen. Zhuzhen thinks than an Unearthly Aura is surrounding the boat.

Yuri makes his way back to the cabin. Alice talks to him – telling him about how he’s changed since they’d met. She’s worried, she feels as if he’s surrounded by a dark shadow that’s only getting stronger.

He tells her not to worry – he hasn’t being hearing voices for a while now. Although, he asks her to kill him should anything go wrong, and if a fusion spirit takes him over.

Back on deck, Kawashima tells the party that the boat is no longer in their control – it keeps turning in circles, as if controleld from below. Then, Li Li appears at the front of the boat. All she wants right now is to cause suffering and death.

We suddenly hear Sea Mother’s voice, coming from the hold. She is chanting to send Li Li away. She wants to send Li Li’s spirit to Nirvana. She came aboard the boat because she didn’t think Li Li would give up.

Sea Mother continues her story from earlier. Once Li Li saw her father back from the dead, he wanted her to kill him and take back her voice. She couldn’t bare to, so she returned the dagger to sea mother. She took her father’s corpse and walked into the sea.

In the meantime, Zhuzhen is working to create a seal to summon Li Li, as monsters are attacking the ship. He creates a Pentagram with 5 candles and summons Li Li.

They defeat Li Li as she currently is, but Dehuai appears and gives her more powers, transforming her into a monster that the party manage to defeat.

Dehuai Smugglers Boat Yuri Alice Sea Mother Zhuzhen Margarete Li Li Shadow Hearts

Dehuai Appears on the Smuggler’s Boat

After the battle, Sea Mother is unable to recover her strength, and dies.

Back in his tower, Dehuai is brooding because he keeps failing to capture Alice. He summons Wugui a man from Kowloon, Hong Kong. Wugui claims that he was getting bored, having already made puppets of the French parliamentary officials of Hong Kong.

Dehuai explains to Wugui that the Spirit Machine of Kuihai Tower is ready, they only need Alice. He tells Wugui that he and Zhuzhen used to train together.

Wugui Dehuai Shadow Hearts

Wugui meeting with Dehuai

The party later arrive in Shanghai and lodge in the Cypress Hotel.

Zhuzhen tells Alice of a story 15 years prior to the game – Zhuzhen is in Shanghai, being chased by Wugui and his men, for defying Dehuai. He is defended by Col. Hyuga and nursed back to health by Mr. Zhen. From this story, Alice correctly guesses that Col. Hyuga is the father Yuri has been searching for.

Since the party is once again in Shanghai, Zhuzhen seeks out Mr. Zhen who used to run a shop. In the meantime, Kawashima and Kato report to Lt. Suketani about the whereabouts of the party – they are staying in the same hotel. They also discuss Dehuai’s plans – they know that he needs to seal the final God – the White Tiger – which is held in Wuhan, and he still needs Alice as a magical catalyst. They know that Wuhan is protected by powerful monsters, and decide to lure Yuri there in order to help thwart Dehuai.

In the bar, Zhuzhen watches a Chinese fiddle performance by Qiuhua – Mr Zhen’s daughter. After the performance, he finds out that Mr. Zhen no longer owns the bar, and it has been taken over by Dehuai. In a repeat of the scene from 15 years ago, Dehuai battles Zhuzhen, who then loses, but is saved by Yuri. Mr. Zhen remarks that Yuri looks incredibly like Col. Hyuga. This leads Yuri to figuring out that Zhuzhen was hiding the fact that he had met his father before from him, and only agrees to go continue to stop Dehuai in order to help Alice find out what happened to her father.

Qiuhua Cutscne Shadow Hearts

Qiuhua playing the Chinese Fiddle

Still disguised as the smuggler boss, Kawashima lets the party know that both Dehuai’s forces and the Japanese Army are heading for Wuhan.

The party travels to Wuhan Temple Ruins with Kato and Kawashima who wait outside. The party are greeted by Xiaofang who is the guardian of the temple. In order to reach Xifa, who holds the Seal of the White Tiger. Zhuzhen is annoyed, feeling they don’t have time for this, but Xiaofang is insistent.

Samsara Pavilion Temple Ruins Shadow Hearts

Xiaofang at Wuhan Temple Ruins

The party pass through the trials in pairs. While Yuri and Zhuzhen await Alice and Margarete, they talk about Yuri’s father. Zhuzhen gives Yuri comfort – letting him know that Col. Hyuga was a good man who was willing to do anything to make Asia a better place. He lets Yuri know that he sees a lot of Col. Hyuga in him.

When the trials have been passed, the party are able to talk to Xifa. Although Xifa does not believe that Dehuai is strong enough to take the White Tiger votive portrait for himself, he agrees to give it to the party for safe-keeping. He realises that Alice has a lot of magical potential and thinks that if Dehuai had managed to kidnap her, the Valorization would be successful.

Xifa asks Xiaoyang to fetch the votive portrait, but as he does, Dehuai takes control of Xioayang’s body (in the same way he did with Tiny in Fengtian). This enables the real Dehuai to teleport into the Temple, and take both the White Tiger votive portrait and Alice. This triggers an earthquake that threatens to destroy the temple.

Xiaofang’s body was too weak to survive being controlled by Dehuai, and once Dehuai leaves, this kills him. Xifa then gives his own life up in order to save the party by teleporting them to the temple entrance. However, they are confronted by Wugui who transforms into Yamaraja: War. They defeat him, but fall unconscious.

Xiaofang Possessed by Dehuai Shadow Hearts

Xiaofang Possessed by Dehuai

The party later awake in Shanghai. They go to the room next to them to find that it was the Japanese Army that rescued them – it becomes evident that Kato and Kawashima who the party thought were smugglers are a part of the Japanese Army. Kawashima and Kato’s plan is to take over Shanghai by overthrowing Dehuai. However, the Japanese Army wants to take over Shanghai by force. Kato and Kawashima offer to join forces but the party decline. However, Kawashima is still adamant about giving the party the Yawang Gate Key as this is the only way they can access Kuihai Tower.

Lt Suketani is in the Japanese Military Base at Shanghai. However, he is interrrupted by Maj. Kutsugi who accuses him of not reporting to him on Kawashima’s whereabouts. Kutsugi announces that he is taking over the command of Shanghai. He knows that Suketani was with Kawashima in Wuhan, and wants to know her whereabouts. Suketani refuses to tell him. Kutsugi accuses Kawashima of treasons – she often didn’t report back, and moved ahead without permission. His soliders shoot Sukatani and leave.

Ken Suketani Shadow Hearts

Suketani stands up to Katsugi’s men

The party visit Mr Zhen’s bar to finds out how to get to Kuihai. 15 years ago, Dehuai destroyed all the gates to Kuihai Tower with the exception of the Yawang Gate.

Japanese soliders have now started to appear in Shanghai. Kato rushes to the Japanese army’s office and finds Suketani dying. Suketanin once again warns Kato that Kutsugi is after Kawashima. He tells Kato to tell the party that then Yawang Gate Key is hidden on their old smuggler boat.

Kutsugi finds Kawashima in her hotel room and threatens her. She doesn’t know why she is being pursued and threatens to tell her father. He tells her that her father has adopted a new heir from the Qing dynasty. This is news to Kawashima. Before Kutsugi shoots Kawashima, the party arrive a battle his guards. The party is thanked by Kawashima, and they leave for Kuihai tower.

Kawashima Kutsugi Shadow Hearts

Kawashima meets Kutsugi

In Kuihai Tower, Alice is attached to the Spirit Machine in Dehuai’s laboratory and Dehuai stands nearby. He insists that before the Demons Gate Invocation Ritual, he must test her powers.

Alice Spirit Machine Shadow Hearts

Alice attached to the Spirit Machine

The Party arrive at Kuihai Tower. When the open the Yawang Gate, they are attacked by Yamaraja: Stone – Dehuai’s last line of defense to enter the Tower.

They climb the tower, and find Dehuai and Alice – who is still attached to the Spirit Machine. The ritual he is about to perform will drain her life energy. Zhuzhen threatens to kill Dehuai – like he should have 15 years ago. Zhuzhen sees that Yuri travels with Zhuzhen, and summons Badger Devil to kill him and Zhuzhen. Upon defeating this monster, the party fight Dehuai. He is defeated for a time and retreats to the top of the tower.

Alice is slowly dying, but is saved when the voice in Yuri’s head gives her enough energy to live. Though a lot of her life energy has been expended – the ritual may yet be prevented from happening.

At the same time, the Japanese Army arrive, and begin to take over the tower in order to make Shanghai one of Japan’s strongholds.

The party follow Dehuai who has drawn the Mandala of Hell and aligned the vessels of the Four Gods to face the sky. He finally reveals his true intentions: He does not want to use the Demon’s Gate Invocation to summon an Earth Spirit that will bring about the Valorization. He is actually intending to use the Reverse Demon’s Gate Invocation to summon the Seraphic Radiance – a great and terrible God-like monster. Doing so would mean he has achieved the ability to perform the most powerful Taoist Magic in the world – effectively becoming a God himself.

Yamaraja Calamity Battle Shadow Hearts

Dehuai transforms into Yamaraja: Calamity

Before he can summon the Seraphic Radiance, he changes into Yamaraja: Calamity and does battle with the party who defeat him. Although he is dying, he gives the last of his life’s energy to summon the Seraphic Radiance. However, he dies and this does not succeed.

Upon Dehuai’s death, Roger Bacon appears and completes the ritual himself – being impressed with what Dehuai was able to produce so far. This time, the ritual is a success and the Seraphic Radiance is summoned. Against the will of the rest of the party, Yuri attempts to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance – apparently killing him. Roger Bacon is able to protect himself while the Seraphic Radiance starts a fire that will consume Shanghai. Satisfied with the results, he returns to London.

Seraphic Radiance Kuihai Tower Shadow Hearts

The Seraphic Radiance summoned

Alice, Margarete and Zhuzhen leave Kuihai Tower – not before Alice finds Yuri’s talisman – and flee to
Europe. Alice and Zhuzhen travel as exorcists for hire. 5 months after the events, they arrive in Prague. Alice feels that Yuri is still alive and wishes to remain in Prague for a while. Zhuzhen agrees to stay with her and Margarete travels on to Rouen – with the intention of coming back after her work there is complete.

A month after living in Prague, Alice and Zhuzhen are approached by Terry, a man who owns and item shop in Bistritz. He heard rumours of exorcists in Prague and he explains that for the past month, Bistritz has been attacked by monsters. The villagers cannot kill the monsters and many people have died.

Terry Prague Shadow Hearts

Terry approaches Alice and Zhuzhen in Prague

He goes on to explain that he has seen lights coming from the nearby castle which hasn’t been occupied in over 300 years. It used to be occupied by the Lords of the town who have never had a history of attacking the town.

Alice and Zhuzhen agree to get rid of the monsters and investigate the Castle, but only once Margarete comes back. Terry then leaves the inn. However, moments later they hear a scream and run to Prague castle. The castle guard has been attacked and is now dead and Terry is dying. They spot an Old Woman at the scene, but she swiftly disappears. Zhuzhen says that the woman’s aura feels very evil.

Terry, still dying, explains that the monsters must have followed him from Bistritz. He dies, and Alice and Zhuzhen agree that they cannot wait for Margarete to return – they must investigate immediately.

When Alice and Zhuzhen arrive at Bistritz they visit the general store where Terry worked. They are greeted by his wife Michelle and his daughter Nina to whom they must break the news of Terry’s death.

Shortly afterward, the Major – Kevin – arrives in the shop to greet Aliceand& Zhuzhen. He gives his condolences to Michelle, mentioning that it is a shame this had to happen when the family had made plans to move to America. He says he will make sure they are taken care of. Michelle rejects his offer of support, but he firmly states that he is there to help. Before leaving, Kevin warns Alice and Zhuzhen that monsters appear when the fog is red.

Red Fog Bistritz Shadow Hearts

The Red Fog in Bistritz

Alice asks Michelle about America. She says that Terry had a friend in New York, and they were planning on moving there themselves – his friend sent them gifts and helped them out. He is a Professor at New York University and he specializes in agriculture.

Zhuzhen asks about the Lord of the Castle – Michelle says the locals call it “Blue Castle” – it is in the forest just East of the village, but was deserted 300 years ago. Michelle then asks if the monsters are coming from the castle but Nina strongly disagrees. Nina says that the master of the castle would never allow it. Michelle hushes Nina as she believes she is telling a silly story.

Outside the fog turns red. Alice and Zhuzhen decide to investigate the town a little more. They approach the Mayor’s House which Alice feels is evil. They agree to asks the townspeople about Kevin. They find out that Kevin became Mayor because he was rich, but recently has been having money problems which has lead him to dig for gold and begin some strange experiments.

When they ask Nina about Kevin, she says he’s always bothering Michelle. He specifically asks to see the gifts that Terry brings them both. One in particular is a letter from his friend in America with a small bag attached. Zhuzhen thinks that maybe Kevin is just strange and not well liked. He asks once more about Blue Castle.

Nina says there are no monsters in the castle – once she was in the forest and attacked by wolves, and the castle’s master saved her life. About a month ago she saw a large winged man fly towards the castle. This is the reason that made her go to the castle in the first place. The master saved her from the wolves and took her back to the village. Nina says that Michelle insists that the master is a vampire, and if Nina tells this story in public, everyone in the village will think that she’s a vampire too. Alice asks if Nina got her blood sucked, and Nina says no, the man was very kind – they even held hands and sang together.

Now that Alice and Zhuzhen are convinced that there is someone in the castle, they decide to investigate. Nina gives them the key to the East Gate of Bistritz which leads to the forest.

When they find the castle, the gate does not open at first. However Upon retreating, the gate opens by itself. When inside, Alice senses that someone is moving unseen. Alice and Zhuzhen explore and soon find themselves in the castle basement which is filled with coffins – one of which is open. Alice and Zhuzhen see the open coffin and deduce that there really is a vampire here. Alice feels this place is not evil, but silent and isolated from the rest of the world. Only eternal, not sad or hateful. Alice prays in front of each coffin and a door unlocks elsewhere – however they still feel as though they are being followed.

Blue Castle Gate Shadow Hearts

Blue Castle’s Gate

They make their way to the door that unlocked – the door to the Throne Roon. They enter the throne room it is dark – but lived in. Alice and Zhuzhen make to exit and the master of the castle finally reveals himself – he tells them his name is Keith Valentine. He says that he has been asleep for 300 years, and in the meantime, monsters have taken over his castle and a demon moved into the tower.

Alice explains about the monsters in Bistritz and Keith guarantees that it’s not his doing, but he is interested to know what’s going on. None of his family has ever harmed the people of Bistritz and doing some would be highly discouraged. Keith expresses that he is bored and wishes to understand what is happening in Bistriz, he asks to accompany the party and they allow him.

Zhuzhen lays out some ground rules about Keith not sucking their blood. Keith finds this amusing and says that not all vampires are like that. In fact, Daylight, Garlic and Crosses do not bother him in the slightest. Vampires are undead, not immortal. Together they return to Bistritz.

In the time that Zhuzen and Alice were gone, Kevin has kidnapped Michelle and taken her to his house. He came in under the pretense of needing some groceries, and started asking about what was in the leather bag that Terry’s friend sent to Nina. He feels that Alice and Zhuzhen are too nosy and Terry shouldn’t have fetched them.

Michelle Kidnapped Shadow Hearts

Michelle kidnapped by Kevin

It is revealed that Terry was helping Kevin with his research – to find gold and discover more about vampires. He wanted to know more about vampires so he could find treasure at Blue Castle. When Terry heard that there was a job in America, he lost interest in Kevin’s research.

While researching Vampires, Kevin found out how to summon monsters, and he is responsible for the ones attacking the town. Kevin has complete control over them as they are obedient to their master. He was worried that the fact he was summoning monsters could ruin his reputation. And once he gets gold, he can leave the village. He believes Terry’s friend sent him some Gold Dust from America. He attacks both Michelle and Nina and takes Michelle away, promising to give her back if Nina brings him some Gold Dust.

Hearing this story, Keith promises to rescue Michelle. He thinks the Mayor a fool as Blue Castle holds no Treasure. Alice, Zhuzhen and Keith break into Kevin’s house, where he is holding Michelle captive. Because the party haven’t brought the Gold Dust, Kevin threatens to harm Michelle – Keith stands up to him, as he owns the land and refuses to have someone hurt on his land. Kevin transforms and attacks the party. He is killed by them and Michelle is returned to her home.

They find out that the leather bag that Kevin sought after was not full of gold dust but of wheat seeds which have been specially bred to be able to grow even in the harsh climate of Bistritz.

Before leaving, Keith asks that Alice and Zhuzhen now help him as he has seen they are very skilled in battling monsters. He wishes for them to exorcise a demon in his tower. He says that the demon mostly looks human but transforms when approached. Zhuzhen and Alice suspect this could be Yuri, so agree to travel with Keith.

They return to Blue Castle where Keith undoes a seal on his tower. The climb to the top. At the top of the tower, Zhuzhen identifies the aura as Yuri’s. They enter the room at the top, and Yuri is lying on the floor, mumbling. He is not in his right mind and thinks that the party have come to kill his mother. Keith says he looks as if his soul has been lost, and he is just a monster right now. This is because Yuri attempted to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance. Yuri turns into his Death Emperor form and attack them.

Yuri imprisoned Blue Castle Shadow Hearts

Yuri Imprisoned in Blue Castle

After weakening Yuri, Alice is transported to the Graveyard where she meets the Four Masks. They explain that Graveyard is “the mind’s darkness” and that they represent Fear, Envy, Anger and Hate. They ask her if she wants to sacrifice her body, life & heart for Yuri to bring him out of the darkness. They say that Yuri’s soul is seeking death and preparing for it right now. He has retreated to his childhood memories. He seeks death to escape suffering and others hurting him – where his mother and father lie.

Alice Four Mask Curse Shadow Hearts

Alice meets the Four Masks

Alice refuses to let Yuri die and chooses to sacrifice herself for him. They say that his soul is about to find tranquility and she will drag it back to suffering. Since Yuri couldn’t obtain his father’s protection or mother’s affection, what makes Alice think she can save him? At this moment she doesn’t know what she can offer him, but she knows that together they can get through any hardship. She wants nothing in return for her devotion to him – because she believes she is falling in love with him. The masks believe that no one can love Yuri, yet they agree to open the Gate of Self to let Alice into where Yuri’s soul is currently residing.

The Masks warn her that if she goes through, she must share his karma, once she goes through the gate, they will come for her soul. She doesn’t care, as long as she can rescue him. Through the gate of Self, Alice finds Yuri digging a grave at the top of a hill. She orders him to stop, but he believes that she is his mother – and he is a boy again, helping his father farm. She can see that he is digging his own grave.

Fox Face appears, and Alice accuses him of putting Yuri under a spell. Fox Face declares that Yuri chose to dig his own grave – he had nothing to do with it. Failing to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance, has almost devoured Yuri’s soul, and what is left is just waiting to die. Yuri is worried that if he lives, the Seraphic Radiance will appear again and destroy the world. Yuri believes that the monsters he has fused with will all devour his soul – he is very scared and weak right now. Yuri hates fusing, and screams “I don’t want to turn into a monster!” every time he fuses. Yuri believes that if he continues, he will go on a killing spree – Fox Face feels he can’t handle the fate of a Harmonixer. He thinks that Yuri can’t match his father’s strength, or protect his mother – Yuri feels he is bringing misery to everyone.

Yuri facing Fox Face Shadow Hearts

Yuri facing Fox Face

Fox Face is revealed to be an embodiment of Yuri’s weakness – this is something that Yuri has to accept. However, Alice feels there is more to him than weakness – his hope and courage. Fox Face feels that Yuri would rather die than fight the Seraphic radiance – giving up just seems easier. Fed up with Alice, Fox Face attacks her, causing Yuri to rush to her aid. Yuri thinks that Fox Face is his father attacking his mother, and Fox Face attacks him, but this time, Yuri fights back. Even so Yuri is almost defeated, Alice encourages him to keep fighting – and to accept Fox Face as a part of himself. He is still alive, and for that reason he must keep going.

Yuri declares that as long as he is alive he will keep fighting, and he finally is able to face Fox Face. They do battle and Yuri is victorious. Once defeated, the mask falls from Fox Face and it is revealed that his face is Yuri’s. He sees now that he just had to accept Fox Face as himself.

Yuri apologises to Alice for bringing her here. He reveals that he really thought he might be able to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance and save Shanghai, but really it just forced him to the darkest part of his mind. The consciousness of the Seraphic Radiance joined with Yuri’s consciousness and made him think the way he does. He felt that his soul had died and that he couldn’t go on living. Any time he tried to ask for help, Fox Face showed up. Fox Face is the God of death, and Yuri believed that it was his father – but in fact it represented his weaknesses. Alice says that Fox Face is half of Yuri’s soul, and he shouldn’t be afraid of accepting him. Yuri agrees and is not longer ashamed of being afraid or weak.

Yuri finally awakes as his old self, causing Zhuzhen to cry. Zhuzhen explains that they’ve been looking for him, and they start to argue. Keith isn’t sure if they’re friends or enemies. Yuri apologies to Keith for causing him trouble, Keith accepts this apology – after all it was Yuri’s arrival in the castle that caused Keith to wake from his sleep. He says that the world has changed in the time he’s been asleep and would like to travel. He asks if he can join them, and he finds their story interesting.

The party decide to heard back to Prague to see if Margarete is there. Alice returns Yuri’s Talisman which she found at Kuihai tower.

While the party was away, Margarete did return to Prague, only to swiftly leave for Rouen – she left a message to explain that they should meet her there. Alice and Zhuzhen explain to Keith and Yuri that Margarete sometimes left by herself to investigate Roger Bacon.

In the time that the party are speaking, Yuria – girl from the bar – has gone missing – she has spent a long time in the Ladies’ Bathroom and has yet to come out. Alice decides to look for her to make she is okay.

Alice enters the bathrooms, and looks inside the cubicles. She cannot find any sign of Yuria. However, she notices that her own reflection in the bathroom mirror is actin of its own accord. She sees it turn into the image of the Old Woman that she saw when Terry died. Once again, Alice checks the cubicles, but this time, whenever she comes out, her body is that of the Old Woman. She checks the mirror again to see this transformation – and once again her reflection moves by itself. Suddenly, the Old Woman (in Alice’s body) appears next to her. She tells Alice that she enjoys her body, and wishes to keep it. She tries to battle Alice, but Alice is able to best her.

Olga Alice Battle

Olga faces Alice in Battle

Once Alice defeats her she finds Yuria lying on the floor – presumably the Old Woman was possessing her. Yuri bursts into the bathroom, having become worried about Alice. As he does, the Old Woman introduces herself as Arcane Olga, a follower of Roger Bacon. She teleports and leaves.

With this new knowledge, the party are determined to go to Rouen to meet Margarete. They should be able to take a carriage that will take less than a month to get there.

While the party are travelling to Rouen, Olga returns to Roger Bacon – in the midst of a torture chamber. She regrets that she could not bring Alice to him. He says they still have plenty of time, although he is slightly concerned that Yuri is back in their midst. Olga is surprised that Bacon feels threatened by Yuri – he is just a boy. Bacon explains that he has the power of the Seraphic Radaince within him. The Seraphic Radiance is an ancient God that is a guardian of the Earth. No human should be able to control that power and if Yuri realises his true potential, he could be a large threat to Bacon.

Arcane Olga Albert Simon

Olga meeting with her master

Roger Bacon and Arcane Olga begin talking about woman that they are holding captive and torturing. Olga feels that she could die soon if they keep torturing her – even so she has not given them the information they want. Bacon disagrees, explaining that she is very powerful and it would take a lot to kill her. They decide to take a tea break.

In Rouen, Alice is not acting like her normal self. They check in at the inn and it is recalled that Rouen is where her father was murdered. The innkepper is just glad that she is okay. They inquire about Margarete and he reveals that she is staying here but has gone out.

When the party go to their rooms, Yuri is summoned to the Graveyard once again. He speaks to the Four Masks, who are quite surprised to realise that he has not killed himself to get out of this hell. They reveal that Yuri is only alive because Alice surrendered her soul to them in exchange for his soul. They tell him that they will come for her soul if he accrues enough malice – and he cannot do anything to stop them. He scoffs at them and leaves.

Yuri awakens back in his hotel room in Rouen and decides to find Alice – however she is not in her room. He asks the inn keeper about her whereabouts and he is told that she left, seeking a Priest friend of hers.

Yuri travels to the church to find Alice crouching on the ground. She apologises, and he realises that this must be where Roger Bacon killed her father. She says that her and her father were waiting to meet someone when suddenly, Roger Bacon appeared.

Alice Elliot Yuri Hyuga Shadow Hearts

Alice telling Yuri about her Father’s Death

At this moment, Roger Bacon and Arcane Olga appear. Bacon congratulates Yuri on having escaped from the Graveyard without killing himself. He claims that he is not here to do battle, but just to let Yuri know that he is watching.

Suddenly, Margarete jumps from the roof of the church to join the party. Olga summons some demons to attack the party, which they easily defeat. bacon remarks that they have gotten stronger, and warns them that he will not be playing next time. Bacon and Olga disappear.

Rouen Battle Shadow Hearts

Margarete joins the Battle in Rouen

Margarete examines Yuri to make sure that it is really him – she is delighted that he is alive. She encourages the party to return to the inn so she can reveal some of what she has learned.

Back at the inn, Zhuzhen is relieved that they are all okay as he sensed a great evil enter the city. Alice and Yuri tell him that they encountered Bacon but he escaped. Keith and Margarete are introduced to each other. Zhuzhen explains that it would be helpful to know why Alice’s father was in Rouen in the first place. They need to find out who he was going to meet.

Alice reveals that her and her father traveled all around Europe exorcising demons together. At the same time, Alice’s father was working for the Vatican – doing secret missions. He was looking to meet with a Warlock just as powerful as Roger Bacon.

Margete tells the party that she has been travelling around Europe, investigating Roger Bacon. She suspects that Father Doyle of Rouen was the connection between Father Elliot and the powerful Warlock. What Margarete has learned about Roger Bacon is that he is first mentioned in the 13th Century as an English friar. He studied medicine and chemistry at Oxford and Paris, and was well known as a Warlock and an alchemist. However, he was a revolutionary who was against the church, and this got him into trouble when witch hunts became popular within Europe. Apparently in 1540, a study of his accused him of practicing witchcraft and Roger Bacon was trialed in a church in Nuremberg. The result of this was his exile. After this, he appears to disappear from the history books.

Although Bacon was known to be an upstanding citizen, Zhuzhen feels that his exile may be what lead him to turn down the route of dark magic.

The party decide they must speak with Father Doyle about the night Father Elliot died. Ever since the incident he locked himself in the church, refusing to come out – having taken on some mental illness. Yuri breaks into the church, and finds Father Elliot hysterical – he thinks that they are with Roger Bacon and that Alice must be the devil, as he saw her kidnapped by the devil.

Father Doyle Rouen Church Shadow Hearts

The Party Meet Father Doyle

Alice is able to calm him down and convince Father Doyle to speak about what he knew about Father Elliot. Doyle explains that Father Elliot’s work for the Vatican began in 1890. The reason he worked for them was because 3 sacred texts had been stolen. These books had always been well guarded, and they needed the best exorcists to find them. The Vatican enlisted the help of Father Elliot and Father O’Flaherty to find these books.

Elliot and O’Flaherty traveled together across Europe looking for these texts, until Elliot’s wife gave birth to Alice – after which they went their separate ways. Then in 1899, Father O’Flaherty traveled to England as he heard that one of the books was bought by a Welsh scholar. However, after this – nothing was heard of him.

Father Elliot kept up his looking for Roger Bacon – he somehow knew that he had taken the books and defiled them – meaning that they could be used to summon terrible demons. Because Roger Bacon was so powerful, Father Elliot tried to get in touch with a warlock just as powerful as Bacon – Cardinal Albert Simon. This is that man that Bacon did not want Father Elliot to meet. On the night that they were due to meet, Roger Bacon killed Father Elliot and kidnapped Alice.

However, Father Doyle’s story is interrupted by Arcane Olga who attacks him with a lightning bolt – he falls to the floor, and she attacks the party. However, the defeat her, just in time for Father Doyle to reveal that Albert Simon is in London, before taking his last breath.

The party then travel to London to look for Cardinal Albert Simon. Zhuzhen and Keith rest at the inn while Yuri, Alice and Margarete try to find information about where they can find Cardinal Simon. While exploring they encounter a a young boy being harrassed by a man in black. They approach the scene and the man explains that all orphans are to be taken to the orphanage – but the boy is protesting. The party scare the man off and talk to the boy.

Joshua London Shadow Hearts

Joshua and the man in black

While Margarete checks to see if he is injured, he introduces himself as Joshua. He says that he lives around here and Alice offers to walk him home – just as he does, his sister Chris appears. She thanks them for saving her brother and takes him home.

When they leave, Margarete realises her wallet is missing and that Joshua must have stolen it. They decide to find information about where to find him. The bartender at the pub tells them that Joshua and Chris are members of a kids’ street gang known as the London Rats – their leader is a boy called Halley.

The party return to the inn to tell Zhuzhen and Keith what has happened. Zhuzhen is furious as all of their money was in that wallet, but Keith encourages the to go and find the money. Lead by Margarete, Yuri and Alice find the London Rats’ hideout inside an abandoned house. They confront Joshua and Chris about the wallet. Chris returns the wallet (albeit a little short on money) and explains that they needed to steal in order to eat. Joshua gives Margarete a crucifix as way of apology.

In the hideout there are three kids – Chris, Joshua and Sharon. Alice wants to know what they are doing all by themselves. The kids explain that they’re all orphans – they don’t want to go to the orphanage because kids that go there never come back. Sharon has a theory that kids that go there are turned into monsters. When about to ask more, the leader – Halley – aoppears. He thanks the party for saving Joshua, and agrees to help them in exchange.

Attic London Rats Shadow Hearts

The London Rats Hideout

Alice explains that they are looking for Cardinal Simon. Halley doesn’t know any Cardinal Simon, but reckons Old Man Carl who lives next door might. They accompany Halley to visit Old Man Carl – who usually doesn’t accept visits from strangers. Old Man Carl directs them to a mansion on the outskirts of town in the residential district.

When they arrive, Halley realises that Cardinal Simon’s mansion is in fact the orphanage where the children are taken. Yuri decides to ask the current resident if he knows anything about Cardinal Simon. The door is answered by Jack who claims to know nothing about the previous resident. The interior of the house is strangely quiet and Margarete (under the guise of being a reporter) asks Jack why there are no children around. He explains that they are in bed and he is no fan of the press, so bids them goodnight.

Jack watches the party as they leave and sends the man in black who was harassing Joshua to follow them.

Orphanage Lobby Shadow Hearts

The party meeting Jack

Back in London, the party explain to Zhuzhen and Keith about their visit to the orphanage. They agree that the missing children and the disappearance of the Cardinal are both strange and worth investigating. Yuri decides to ask the townsfolk about Jack and the Orphanage. He finds out very little – only that Jack is a Doctor who bought the mansion a few years ago and turned it into an orphanage.

After speaking to the people, the party decide to go back to the London Rats’ hideout. They find it empty, and Halley knows that the other kids have been kidnapped. Halley gets angry and the walls and floors begin to shake. When he is calm, it stops. He explains that this is a power he has – it is the reason his mother abandoned him.

Yuri agrees to help Halley search for the other kids. They return to the orphanage where they find Joshua and Sharon locked in a room. They are attacked by the Man in Black who they defeat to access the room. Joshua and Sharon tell them that Jack has taken Chris separately.

Upon investigating the orphanage, they are able to determine that Jack moved here 5 years ago with his mother who soon died of an unknown illness (which Jack believed to be a curse). Since then he had been looking for ways to bring her back to life and found a way to do it with the help of Roger Bacon and the Emigré Manuscript.

His methods involved kidnapping children and using them in dark rituals – he was going to use Chris as a vessel for his mothers soul. Before the ritual can be complete, Halley gets angry again, shaking the walls and preventing the ritual from happening.

Halley only calms down when the voice in Yuri’s head speaks out – it is the voice of Halley’s mother. At this point, Jack takes the time to attack Halley and Yuri but is overthrown. The seemingly failed experiment continues to react. However due to Chris no longer being a vessel for Jack’s mother, a monster emerges and Yuri and Halley must defeat it. Jack then dies, his last thoughts being about his mother.

Jack boss fight shadow hearts

Doing Battle with Jack

Mammon shockwave Shadow Hearts

Jack’s Mother’s resurrection into a monster

Halley and Yuri then return to London with Chris who remembers nothing about the incident.

Unsure about what to do next, the party begin to talk about the voice they heard – was it really Halley’s mother? Yuri explains that he’s heard the voice for the past few years. It has asked him to do things but has also helped him to stay alive for the time being.

Halley is reluctant to talk about his mother at first – he is worried that the party see him as a monster. He explains that when he was growing up his mother and him both had special powers and that she only used hers to help people where he couldn’t control his powers very well. Eventually she was taken away to a Mental Institute by the Friar Knights of the Inquisition.

Koudelka Kindap Firar Knights Shadow Hearts

The Friar Knights of the Inquisition kidnapping Koudelka

This mention of the Inquisition worries Alice. She explains to the party that the Inquisition was thought to be extinct. They were an 11th Century Religious Tribunal who persecuted witches. They burned witches and wizards in the name of god and killed people for political purposes.

This talk leads Yuri to decide that they need to rescue Halley’s mother, so they travel together to Calios Mental Institute. Halley says he’s tried to break in before but security is very tight. He has never seen anyone come back out of Calios alive.

Inside Calios Mental Institute, Viscount Rausan is speaking with Roger Bacon and Arcane Olga. They predicted that Halley would come to rescue Koudelka and have set a trap. Rausan leaves and Olga expresses her distrust of Rausan, but Bacon believes they can use him.

Within the Mental Institute, Halley and Yuri find Halley’s mother – Koudelka – locked in a dungeon. She has been tortured so much that she cannot speak, and is bound in a straightjacket. Before rescuing her, they are attacked by Viscount Rausan who is adamant that she must not leave. They are forced to kill him to gain acess to her. Just as soon as they are about to rescue her, Roger Bacon appears with Arcane Olga. In a last effort to make Koudelka speak, he begins to torture Halley.

Koudelka Shadow Hearts Calios Mental Hospital

Koudelka using her magic to speak and stop Halley from being Tortured

Roger Bacon explains that like Dehuai, he wants to use arcane magic to summon a God to earth to cleanse the earth and usher in a new era. For that he needs Koudelka to act as a beacon for this evil God – her magic abilities are the opposite to Alice’s in that they are a dark magic, not a light magic.

Koudelka, upon seeing Halley being tortured wriggles towards him. Even so her mind and body have been tortured, she still wishes to protect her son. Bacon stops her easily. However, with her last magical strength she is able to speak – to say that she will go with Bacon if he spares Halley. She tells Yuri that Bacon is an imposter and to seek a man in Wales. The man known as Bacon takes her with him, but leaves Olga to handle Yuri.

Yuri and Halley are able to defeat Olga easily and retreat to London. Back in London, Halley becomes reclusive as seeing his mother kidnapped distressed him. He thoughts that he had finally rescued her after 3 years. Yuri and Alice persuade Halley to think about what happens now – to find out why the man calling himself Roger Bacon has Koudelka, and what will happen now.

Alice feels that the key lies on the night she and her father were due to meet Albert Simon. She realises that Father Doyle never appeared that night and goes back to Rouen to investigate. She recalls her father telling her that Father Doyle had been in the confessional booth that night. Alice searches the confessional and finds a stack of notes that had been written by Father Doyle. They detail the fact that when Father Elliot had asked for assistance with defeating Roger Bacon, Father Doyle sold him out in order to save himself.

Father Elliot awaiting Albert Simon

Father Elliot awaiting Albert Simon

The man that Father Doyle sold Father Elliot out to, the Dark Warlock Roger Bacon and the man they were hoping to meet are all the same man: Cardinal Albert Simon who was using the name Roger Bacon. Alice finds a photograph of Father Doyle together with Cardinal Simon, dated 1888.

Albert Simon Father Doyle Shadow Hearts

Photograph of Albert Simon together with Father Doyle in 1888

As Alice is leaving the confessional booth she runs into Albert Simon himself. He realises that she knows his true name now. He brings her to the church altar, where he talks to her for a while. He explains that although someone of powers like her own is only born once every 100 years, he no longer needs her magic. He has Koudelka now for his purpose. He wishes to destroy society in the name of revenge – the society that is too easily corrupted by the rich who do nothing but look down upon the poor and unfortunate. As he leaves he declares that the next time they meet will be as enemies.

Alice returns to London, where the party discuss what will happen next. They decide to follow the lead that Koudelka gave them and go to Wales. Halley discusses an event that happened in Wales that Koudelka had told him about – the dead begin brought back to life in the form of monsters. Because this is so similar to the events of the Orphanage, the party travel to Nemeton Monastery.

Alice and Yuri travel to Nemeton Monastery which is now in ruins. They find the grave of Father O’Flaherty – the friend of Alice’s father who was also looking to recover the stolen Vatican texts. Exploring the ruins further they encounter a strange man, who reveals his name to be Roger Bacon. Alice explains that Koudelka sent them to find him and he invites them to his house.

Roger Bacon 4th Wall Break Shadow Hearts

The Party Meeting Roger Bacon

Alice and Yuri ask about the events that occurred in Nemeton Monastery and how Roger knows Koudelka. Roger explains that once the monastery was a prison for political prisoners who were serving a life sentence. However, when it fell into disuse, it was bought by a man named Patrick and his wife Elaine. They lived in the Monastery together along with their two servants. One day, bandits broke into the monastery, killing Elaine. Patrick turned to the dark arts in an attempt to bring her back to life, but she only became a monster. It was up to Koudelka to defeat that monster.

Yuri tells Roger that very similar events happened recently in Jack’s Orphanage and he was using the Emigré Manuscript to accomplish his feats. Roger is surprised and explains that it is the same book that Patrick used. Alice informs Roger that the Emigré Manuscript was stolen from the Vatican by a man calling himself Roger Bacon – but that his true name is Albert Simon.

Roger explains that he knew Albert Simon well – he was a pupil of his in the 1600s. Albert Simon was from a lower class of society and grew up in a very poor background. However he was an incredibly bright student and a quick learner. Due to his upbringing, Albert Simon came to resent the society that he lived in. The fact the the rich took advantage of the poor and that they were not seen as equals. Albert Simon preached for social classes to dissolve and for all of mankind to be equal. Although Roger Bacon agreed with his ideas, he knew them to be too advanced for the time that they lived in and could not publicly back him. Albert Simon brought Roger Bacon to the courts as a heretic, but instead the courts found Albert Simon guilty of heresy. He was put in prison and later exiled.

Cardinal Albert Simon Shadow Hearts

Albert Simon as a Cardinal

Alice explains to Roger that Albert Simon had told her that he was motivated by revenge and it wouldn’t be long before his plans to destroy society (in the more literal sense) were complete. They were intent on stopping Albert Simon but did not know where he was. Roger leads the party to the interior of the Ruins and explains that Albert Simon is within them.

Nemeton Monastery Ruins Underground Entrance shadow Hearts

The entrance to the underground of Nemeton Monastery

The party enter the monastery which is blocked by a sealed door. Roger explains that the door is the held by the Judgment Ring – an illustration of the soul. He is able to unlock it for them and they progress through the ruins to find Albert Simon.

Roger Bacon Judgment Ring Shadow Hearts Nemeton Monastery

Roger explaining the Judgment Ring on the sealed door

The party make their way through the ruins and eventually find a large staircase up to a plaza – similar to where Dehuai was attempting the Demon’s Gate Invocation. Upon the plaza they find Albert Simon with Koudelka.

Albert Simon and Koudelka Nemeton Monastery

Yuri and Alice catch up to Albert Simon

Now that they have finally found him, Albert Simon tells the party of his plans. Yuri asks whether he is performing the Demon’s Gate Invocation – Albert Simon claims that he is attempting something far more grand than what Dehuai had in mind. He explains that he stole the three tomes from the Vatican to achieve his goals – to bring a God from space to cleanse the Earth of humanity.

To to this he must raise Neameeto – the Throne of this God, from underneath the ocean. Yuri protests – he will not let a world be destroyed when his father worked hard to save it. Albert Simon explains that humanity will destroy itself eventually due to a schism between classes and it is too difficult to right all of humanities wrongs.

Albert Simon begins to cast the spell to raise the Float from the ocean.

Albert Simon Shadow Hearts Nemeton Monastery

Albert Simon attempts to raise the Float

However, as he is chanting he is stopped by Koudelka – she is more powerful than him, and will not let him destroy the world while she has a child to live for.

Koudelka Albert Simon Shadow Hearts

Koudelka attempts to defeat Albert Simon

Almost defeated, Albert Simon uses his strength to perform a binding ritual with a demon – Amon and is able to fuse with it. He transforms into the demon and the party attack him.

Albert Simon Amon Transformation

Albert Simon transforms into Amon

Much like the battle with Dehuai atop Kuihai Tower, the battle between Amon and the party generates a lot of energy. This burst of energy means that Albert Simon’s ritual to summon the Float is a success. The Float rises from the sea and acts as a beacon to the God from Space.

Judgment Ring above Earth Shadow Hearts

The Beacon for the God

The Float Shadow Hearts

The Float Rising into the sky

Simon travels to the Float to await the arrival of the God. The party, at a loss for what to do travel back to Roger’s House – but Halley returns to London with his mother. Roger explains that the God that has been summoned is not a God at all, but a giant alien from the depths of space. He thinks that they may be able to prevent the arrival of the God by destroying the float. Roger has a device that can teleport the party up to the Float, but they need the exact coordinates of it first.

Back in London, Koudelka speaks to Halley and grants him permission to keep travelling with Yuri to help put a stop to Albert Simon. Together, the party return to Roger’s house, wheere they are able to be teleported to the Float.

Float Entrance Shadow Hearts

The entrance of the Float

Aboard the Float, the party must make their way through traps, monsters and a maze before finding Albert Simon.

Float Traps

One of the traps within the Float

Finally, the ascend to the highest room in the Float, to be greeted by Albert Simon. He is amazed that they have made it this far, and realises that they have come to kill him before he can unite with God and make a perfect world.

Albert Simon final battle Shadow Hearts

Albert Simon speaks of his plan

To battle them, Albert Simon transforms into a creature called “Messiah”. However, the party are victorious against his magic.

Messiah Shadow Hearts

Albert Simon transformed

Dying, Albert Simon realises that if the world still has people as strong and determined as the party, their may be hope for mankind. He warns them that the God still approaches the Float and they will need to defeat it if they want to save the earth from destruction. He uses the last of his spirit to teleport them to the stratosphere.

Shadow Hearts above Eath final battle

the party is teleported to the final battle

Up above Earth, the party see the Meta-God approaching and are forced to do battle with it. The battle is long, as it is an incredibly strong creature from the far depths of space, but the party emerge victorious, and are able to descend to earth once more, the Float is now destroyed.

Meta God Shadow Hearts

Meta God approaches Earth

Final Boss Shadow Hearts

The party do battle with Meta-God

The next day, it is as if the world was never in peril. Alice tells the story of the aftermath.

Keith returned to Blue Castle, to sleep once more.

Keith Valentine Shadow Hearts Ending

Zhuzhen returned to China, to help repair any damage from the long battle.

Zhuzhen Li Shadow Hearts Ending

Margarete went to her home in Paris to relax, but was soon called away on another mission.

Margarete Shadow Hearts Ending

Halley and Koudelka sailed for America with the other children, in search for Halley’s father.

Halley Koudelka Shadow Hearts Ending

Alice travels with Yuri to Zurich, to see her mother.

Alice Yuri Shadow Hearts Ending

On the train to Zurich, Alice sleeps for the last time, finally consumed by the curse of the four masks. She dies in Yuri’s arms.

Alice Yuri Shadow Hearts ending

Shadow Hearts Endings

Shadow Hearts has two endings. In the good ending Alice survives the curse of the Four Masks as they have been defeated. In the bad ending, Alice dies from the curse of the Four Masks. The bad ending is the canon ending as in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Alice is confirmed to be dead.

To achieve the good ending, the player must defeat the Four Masks after getting Yuri back from Blue Castle. This is easiest to achieve after Calios Mental Hospital when Joshua gives Yuri the Oath Grail.

Shadow Hearts good ending Alice Yuri train

Alice awakening in the Good ending

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, there are some flashbacks to Shadow Hearts as displayed below.

Shadow Hearts Flashback Drawing Shadow Hearts Covenant

Shadow Hearts Flashback Drawing Shadow Hearts Covenant Albert Simon

Shadow Hearts Flashback Drawing Shadow Hearts Covenant Neam

Shadow Hearts Flashback Drawing Shadow Hearts Covenant Yuri Alice

Shadow Hearts Flashback Drawing Shadow Hearts Covenant Yuri Alice

Shadow Hearts Credits

Here is a list of people credited within Shadow Hearts:

Publisher (JP/US)Aruze
Publisher (UK)Midway
DesignerIzumi Hamamoto
ArtistMiyako Kato
WriterMatsuzo Itakura
ComposerYoshitaka Hirota
ComposerYasunori Mitsuda
Translation & LocalizationJeremy Blaustein
Translation, Localization & Voice DirectionJeremy Blaustein
Yuri (EN)Eric Stuart
Alice, Margarete, Lt. Col. Kawashima (EN)Veronica Taylor
Zhuzhen, Col. Hyug (EN)Madeleine Blaustein
Keith, Albert Simon (EN)Scott Rayow
Roger Bacon (EN)Jimmy Zoppi
Halley (EN)Wayne Grayson
Roger Bacon (EN)Jimmy Zoppi
Sea Mother (EN)Kayzie Rogers
Yuri (JP)Hiroki Takahashi
Alice (JP)Chie Sawaguchi
Roger (JP)Tatsuya Gashuin
Keith (JP)Kenji Nojima
Margarete (JP)Mie Sonozaki
Zhuzhen (JP)Kenichirō Sanada
Albert (JP)Daisuke Gōri
Col. Hyuga (JP)Hideyuki Tanaka
Halley (JP)Satoshi Hino
Dehuai (JP)Kiyoshi Kawakubo
Sea Mother (JP)Kayoko Shiraishi
Jack (JP)Tetsu Inada
Lt. Col. Kawashima (JP)Manami Nakayama