Shadow Hearts Glossary

Here is a list of terms used throughout the Shadow Hearts series and their associated meanings.

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In Battle Terminology

Level A character’s level. A higher level signifies higher stats. Level increase occurs with enough experience points.
Exp. (Experience) Experience points gained through battles with monsters.
Affinity Either Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Dark or Light. Every character is assigned an elemental affinity. This affects the damage taken and dealt to and from enemies of different affinities. For example, Zhuzhen is Fire affinity – he takes more damage from Water attacks and less damage from Fire attacks.
SP (Sanity Points) The longer a battle goes on, the more strain a character’s sanity will take. Every turn, a character loses a sanity point. If their SP drops to 0 the character becomes Berserk and does not obey commands. SP can be restored using Pure items.
HP (Hit Points) The amount of health a character has. Every time an enemy attacks, a character will lose HP. If HP drops to 0 the character becomes unconscious. HP can be restored using Thera items and Talismans.
MP (Magic Points) The amount of mental ability a character has. MP is used if a character uses a special ability. If MP drops below a certain threshold, the character can no longer use special abilities. MP can be restored by using Mana items.
STR/P-ATK Determines how strong a character’s physical attacks are.
VIT/P-DEF Determines how much damage a character takes from physical attacks.
AGL Determines how quickly a character takes their turn in battles.
INT/Sp-ATK Determines how much special damage a character can do.
POW/Sp-DEF Determines how much special damage a character takes.
LUC A character’s luck. Determines how often they hit critically and other things.
HIT Affects how accurate a character is at hitting a target.
AVD Affects how often a character dodges attacks.
DCP Dominance Capacity Points. Affects how many crests a character can equip in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.
WGT A character’s weight. Affects how far characters are hit and how long it takes them to get up. Also affects knock-down attack strength.
Fusion Yuri‘s special ability. Allows him to transform into a monster whose soul he has absorbed.
White Magic Alice‘s special ability. Allows her to cast both offensive and defensive spells.
Yin and Yang Zhuzhen‘s Special Ability. Allows him to cast both offensive and defensive spells.
Secret Weapons Margarete‘s Special Ability. Allows her to call for help from the government as a way to attack enemies or aid allies.
Rituals Keith‘s Special Ability. He uses different vampiric rituals to summon creatures to both attack enemies and aid allies.
ESP Halley‘s Special Ability. Allows him to use his magic to attack enemies and heal allies.
Judgment Ring What determines the success of an action within battle.
Combo In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, the ability to string attacks and abilities together in one turn.
Status Abnormalities There are several status abnormalities that can affect characters’ performance in battle. Examples include poison, paralysis and berserk.

Outside Battle Terminology

Malice Accumulated by Yuri every time a monster is killed. If too much Malice is accumulated he has to fight Fox Face or one of the Four Masks. He can get rid of Malice in the Graveyard.
Souls Every time a monster is defeated its soul is released. Souls can be accumulated and merge into Fusion Monsters.
Shrines Shrines appear occasional throughout the game. They are where people pay tribute to Gods and Demons.
Gods There are several Gods throughout the game. Included are the Gods of the Four Directions (sealed away by Dehuai), the Yamaraja (summoned instead of the aforementioned gods) and the Meta-God.
Seals Seals are often used by Dehuai to block the party’s path. Included are the Reverse Seal of Tiefeng, the Divine Septagram, Mandala of Hell and other Taoist and Black Magic Seals. They can be broken either by defeating the guardian of a seal or by use of special items.
Adept Both Zhuzhen and Dehuai trained as Adepts. They have both attained substantial knowledge with regards to taoist magic.
Exorcist Both Alice and Zhuzhen are trained as exorcists. This is a person who can cast out demons who have possessed people or items.
Acupuncture A skill used by Meiyuan. This involves penetrating the patients skin with needles to stimulate certain points. Used in-game as a means to increase weapon proficiency.
Harmonixer Someone who is able to use the Fusion ability. Both Yuri and Col. Hyuga are Harmonixers.
Demon’s Gate Invocation A Ceremony that Dehuai plans to carry out to bring about the Valorization.
Demon EyesUsed to reference Alice’s immense White Magic ability as well as her ability to detect things that other people cannot. Only one is born every 100 years.
Spirit Machine Used by Dehuai to extract Alice’s powers to carry out the Demon’s Gate Invocation.
Lottery A game played in cities. If in possession of a Lottery Ticket, a character can win a prize.
PossessionSending the mind of one person (usually Dehuai) into the body of another and controlling them
Curses Curses can be placed on people in order to kill them or torment them. Li Li was cursed to have her voiced switched with that of her father’s. She is able to curse people so they die at the next sunset.
Valorization Brought about by using the Demon’s Gate Invocation. The Valorization would summon an Earth Spirit powerful enough to effectively destroy the world. Was attempted 15 years before the game, but stopped by Col. Hyuga with the help of Zhuzhen.
Reverse Demon’s Gate Invocation The ritual used to summon the Seraphic Radiance
Tao/Taoism/TaoistTaoism is a Chinese philosophy based around living in harmony with the world
TrialsA series of tests, puzzles and battles that prove someone’s worth. Used by Master Xifa to test the party in Wuhan
AuraThe appearance of someone’s soul. Both Zhuzhen and Alice are able to see these and thus tell if someone has good or evil intent.
VampireAn immortal, undead human-like creature with magic powers that drinks blood to survive. The Valentine Family are all vampires.
WarlockAn incredibly powerful user of black magic. Albert Simon and Roger Bacon are both Warlocks.
Religious TextsBooks stolen by Albert Simon to help him summon Meta-God to Earth. The Emigré Manuscript is one of these.
Holy MistletoeA Tool for exorcising demons used by Sapientes Gladio.