Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Shadow Hearts: Covenant, also known as Shadow Hearts II is the second game in the Shadow Hearts series and the sequel to Shadow Hearts.

Karin Koenig Shadow Hearts Covenant Opening

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Gameplay

Shadow Hearts: Covenant’s gameplay is similar to, but more advanced than the Gameplay in Shadow Hearts.
These aspects remain the same with some slight modifications:

  • Control of one character across a 3D map
  • Most battles are random encounters
  • Battles are turn based
    • Turns are now shown in a gauge at the top of the screen, indicating which character or enemy has the next set of turns
  • Attack, Item, Special Ability, Defend or Flee remain options within battle
    • Magic is now separate to Special Ability and most characters can use this as well as Special Abilities
    • Attacks now have several forms: Normal, High Angle, Knock Down and Hard Hit. Each kind of attack affects and enemy differently
  • The Judgment Ring is still in effect, and is used the same way as in Shadow Hearts
  • Progress is made by completing levels, and fighting bosses, which triggers plot events

There are some brand new additions to gameplay such as:

  • Ability to combo attack in battle.
  • An affinity system that shows how easily a pair of characters can combo.
  • SP lost during Fusion is now lost on a per-turn basis, rather than all in one go.
  • Some different Attributes and Status Abnormalities.
  • Ability to customise Judgment Ring via items, as opposed to using Acupuncture
  • SP loss is indicated by a character icon turning red in the turn gauge
  • Magic now works on a “positioning” basis – it uses an “area of effect”, and whatever enemies are within that area, get targeted with the spell.
  • Positioning is also important for attacking – if a character is near a wall and an attack pushes them into a wall, they will take extra damage, for example.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Legacy

Shadow Hearts: Covenant has a “Director’s Cut” version of the game, which was released to Japan and North America.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Synopsis

Shadow Hearts: Covenant takes place in 1915, six months after the end Shadow Hearts.


Domremy Sign Shadow Hearts Covenant

The German army is led to capture the French village of Domremy by Lt. Karin Koenig. They encounter a a demon who kills many men and the survivors are forced to retreat.

Karin tells her story General Heimann who is hesitate to believe her, but agrees to send her back as a guide. The General is determined to capture this small village as it is standing in the way of the German Empire. She is to accompany Cardinal Nicholas (also known as “Nicolai”) Conrad back to Domremy where they will slay the demon together.

Nicolai Shadow Hearts Covenant opening

During this time, Roger Bacon is kidnapped from his home by Lenny Curtis.

Lenny Kidnapping Roger Shadow Hearts Covenant

Apoina Tower with Nicolai

Before returning to Domremy, Cardinal Conrad brings Karin to Apoina Tower, a part of the Vatican in Rome. He has to collect the Holy Mistletoe which is used in exorcisms. Nicolai tells Karin about the history of Apoina Tower as they travel upwards.

Apoina Tower Shadow Hearts Covenant

At the top of the tower, Nicolai and Karin must fight the familiar guarding the Holy Mistletoe.

Holy Mistletoe Shadow Hearts Covenant

The Holy Mistletoe

Gargoyle Boss Shadow Hearts Covenant

The Gargoyle, guarding the Holy Mistletoe

Upon defeating the Gargoyle, Nicolai is able to take the Holy Mistletoe and they are then able to travel to Domremy.

Nicolai Holy Mistletoe Shadow Hearts Covenant

Nicolai and the Holy Mistletoe

The Demon of Domremy

Nicolai and Karin return to Domremy. They find that all the villagers have gone inside, and the village is being guarded by possessed toys, as well as the howling of a wolf. They approach the church, and the demon appears again. This time, it changes into a man and Nicolai stabs him with the Holy Mistletoe.

Amon Shadow Hearts Covenant Domremy

The Demon appears again

The man – Yuri, has a dream about before the German Army came to Domremy. He is sat around a camp fire with Jeanne and Blanca, her dog. Jeanne has brought Yuri dinner and he feeds Blanca – Yuri is the only person apart from Jeanne that Blanca’ll take food from. They are joined by Gepetto, who Jeanne refers to as “Grandpa”. Gepetto instructs Jeanne to return home as her mother is worried. about her.

Jeanne Blanca Gepetto Yuri Campfire Shadow Hearts Covenant

Jeanne, Blanca and Gepetto join Yuri at the campfire

Gepetto and Yuri talk about how long they’re planning on staying in Domremy. They met each other after the death of Alice, and have been travelling together since. Gepetto is concerned that Yuri is just looking for a place to die, however Yuri feels that because Alice sacrificed her life for him, it is not his life to preserve. Yuri continues to dream – this time about his demonic self being responsible for the deaths of those he loves.

Yuri Hyuga wake up cave shadow hearts covenant

Yuri awakens

Yuri awakens in a cave on the outskirts of Ardennes Forest. Within the cave is Blanca, Gepetto and Karin. Gepetto and Blanca rescued Yuri and Karin from the events in the church, however Yuri is still weak from being impaled with the Holy Mistletoe. Gepetto explains to Yuri and Karin that the villagers of Domremy have been taken away by the German Army. He suggests that they go to his apartment in Paris, as if the army find Karin, they will kill her.

Gepetto Yuri Karin Cave Shadow Hearts Covenant

Gepetto’s plan

Gepetto equips the party with crest magic before they go make their way through the forest.

The Graveyard

While travelling through Ardennes Forest, the party find that monsters are being attracted to them because of Yuri’s accrued malice. They travel for a time, but Yuri begins to tire very quickly, and faints from exhaustion.

Yuri tree graveyard Shadow Hearts Covenant

The tree within Yuri’s soul

Yuri then awakens in the Graveyard, deep inside his own soul. He sees a large tree growing in the centre, and from the tree, a version of himself is growing, or being restrained. He explores to find out the reason he hasn’t been able you use his powers of fusion and comes across many doors. Opening one of them, he finds an altar that is filled with power. Touching it, the soul of a monster possesses him and he is able to use Soul Fusion again – Yuri realises that he has to collect the souls of real world monsters to get his abilities back.

Ardennes Forest Fireplace Shadow Hearts Covenant

Gepetto and Karin talking while Yuri is unconsious

In Ardennes Forest, Karin tries to awaken Yuri. Gepetto explains to her that Yuri is a harmonixer, and is able to change into monsters. He tells Karin how he met Yuri – Yuri was travelling to Zurich to meet Alice’s mother, but by the time they had arrived, Alice was dead. Gepetto was Alice’s uncle, and he saw Yuri bury her.

Arachne Shadow Hearts Covenant

A monster appears out of Yuri

As Gepetto is getting to the end of his story, Malice is released form Yuri in the form of a monster. Together, they are able to defeat it, but Yuri knows the souls within him are getting restless.

Paris Subway

Eventually the party reach Gepetto’s apartment in Paris, where they take a brief rest. During this time, Yuri is pulled back into the Graveyard and there he meets Jeanne. She died, so her soul is passing through his on its way to the other side. She claims to be looking for something but doesn’t tell Yuri what it is. Instead she asks if he’s afraid of living his life alone, even so he can’t escape it.

Jeanne Graveyard Shadow Hearts Covenant

Jeanne speaking to Yuri in the Graveyard

When Yuri wakes up, Gepetto is trying to research Sapientes Gladio and the curse of the Holy Mistletoe. He finds a little about how it is used to exorcise demons and guide their souls, but Yuri dismisses it. While Gepetto and Yuri bicker, Karin has changed from her army uniform into some clothes that used to belong to Gepetto’s daughter. After admiring her, they get slapped and are forced to continue talking about a plan.

Yuri Gepetto Paris Shadow Hearts Covenant

Yuri and Gepetto speak about Yuri’s condition

Yuri mentions that he knows Roger Bacon, a warlock living in Wales. Gepetto, having heard of Bacon through legend thinks it’s worth asking him about Yuri’s condition. To get a boat to Wales, they will need a ship, and Karin explains that Calais will be overrun with soldiers, but Le Havre may be okay to sail from. Gepetto tries to convince her to stay, but she feels she that staying or returning to Germany will get her killed, so is willing to travel with Yuri and Gepetto. They agree, and Gepetto lends her a fencing sword from his time at university.

Karin Fencing Paris Shadow Hearts Covenant

Karin with her new weapon

As they are about to leave they are chased and attacked by Clawed Soldiers. They flee, and take a shortcut to a bar to ask about a quick way out of Paris. Louis, the barman, says they should travel by subway tunnels, as some lead to the coast. To find out more, they need to speak to someone who was involved with the building of them. An engineer, Dr. Gautier is staying in a Hotel on the Champ Élysées so they make their way there.

Clawed Soldiers Shadow Hearts Covenant

Getting chased by Clawed Soliders

On their journey to speak to Dr. Gautier, they encounter a few people such as Ernest who challenges Blanca to become the most powerful wolf in the world via a series of Wolf Bouts. They also meet Gerard and Pierre Magimel, acquaintances of Gepetto. They are travelling salesmen, Gerard runs the item shop and Pierre makes clothing.

Magimel Brothers Shadow Hearts Covenant

Meeting the Magimel Brothers

Eventually they come to the hotel that Dr. Gautier is staying in and enquire about tunnels to Le Havre. He tells them that the is an abandoned tunnel running out of the Champs Élysées station that will eventually lead them to Le Havre. He writes a letter to his engineers permitting you to go through.

While the party are travelling through the tunnels, they are being followed by Lenny, who is bottling them into a trap set by Veronica. After walking for a while, Yuri and Karin encounter the Ring Soul again, who begins speaking about Yuri’s destiny in a vague manner. The tunnels wind for a long way but eventually Lenny catches up with them, but they are able to shake him off via the use of a mine cart.

Lenny Curtis subway mine cart shadow hearts covenant

Lenny chasing Yuri in a mine cart

Although they shake off Lenny, they run into Veronica, who summons some demons in an attempt to thwart them. They prove too strong for her and she vanishes.

Veronica Vera Subway Shadow Hearts Covenant

Meeting Veronica

Le Havre and Grand Papillon

Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant

Le Havre

Yuri, Gepetto, Karin and Blanca eventually reach Le Havre. They enquire about taking a boat to Southampton, but they lack the money to sail. The boat captain suggests that they can make some money by asking Mayor Leonard about joining the local vigilante group in their efforts to capture a bandit. The party agree and join the vigilantes on patrol that night.

Le Havre Vigilantes Shadow Hearts Conveant

Yuri joins the vigilantes

On patrol, the party explore the South side of Le Havre, and they hear a scream from the North of town – the vigilante group is being attacked by the bandit: Grand Papillon. The party battle with him enough to scare him off. He turns into a golden bat and flies away. Yuri tries to remember if they have met before.

Grand Papillon Shadow Hearts Covenant

Meeting Grand Papillon

They report back to the Mayor, and he asks they meet him again the next morning at the South side of town. Doing so, the vigilantes lead them to the Tavern, and they find Grand Papillon standing outside, playing with some children. The vigilante group give the party some money to capture Grand Papillon, and they agree.

Grand Papillon Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant

Grand Papillon outside the Tavern

Before going to capture him, they talk – he didn’t seem like a bad person, as why would children play with a known bandit? They agree just to talk to him, to find out what’s been going on. The enter the tavern, and see the children hiding behind Grand Papillon, whose real name is Joachim Valentine. He claims that the mayor tricked them into thinking he is a thief, but in reality the mayor is trying to bully Granny Lot, who owns the tavern, into giving them the deed to the tavern as supposedly it has a hidden treasure. Joachim has been trying to protect the tavern and its inhabitants.

Gepetto decides that they had better return the money to the mayor as they didn’t carry out his work. Upset, the Mayor sends his thugs to attack the party, but they are easily dispatched. The party return to the tavern, to find that the children, Yuma and John, have been kidnapped. They have been taken to Wine Cellar as ransom in exchange for the deed to the tavern. Joachim joins the party in search of the children.

At the Wine Cellar, Joachim explains to Yuri that he can’t transform into Grand Papillon unless he has his mask, which Yuma has. They explore the wine cellar, where Gepetto senses magic is being used. They explore further, and find that the Mayor and the Vigilante leader have been knocked unconscious by Veronica, who used them to kidnap the children. Yuma throws Joachim he mask and he is able to transform into Grand Papillon for long enough to defeat Veronica. Once again, before disappearing she summons a demon to battle the party. They are able to defeat it and return the chidren, as well as the Mayor and the Vigilante chief to Le Havre.

The Mayor agrees to give them passage out of Le Havre. Before leaving, the party return to Granny Lot, who gives the the treasure from beneath the Tavern – a book called the Key of Solomon. Gepetto knows a little about the book, and explains it can be used to enhance magical crests. Before leaving for Southampton, Joachim declares that he is going to travel with the party.

Southampton and travel to Wales

The boat journey to Southampton is stormy, and arriving the party discover that the route to Cardiff is blocked by a landslide. They take refuge in a local tavern, were a bar fight has broken out. It is put to a stop by Special Agent Kato who is staying in the tavern. Yuri introduces the party to Kato as someone he knew in Shanghai and discovers that Kato has been promoted and is now travelling the world as a diplomat. One of the men that Kato rescued from the bar fight explains that to get to Wales, the party can pass through the Rhondda Mine, though reports say it is haunted. Yuri agrees to this plan.

Southampton shadow heart night

Southampton at night

In the evening, Joachim and Blanca retire to their room, Karin and Gepetto go to drink at the bar, and Yuri goes to speak with Kato. They speak about their time together a year ago, about how Yuri lost Alice, and how Kato lost Lt. Col. Kawashima. Yuri tells Kato about the Holy Mistletoe curse, and that he is being chased by Sapientes Gladio. Kato seems surprised but appears not to know anything about them. He promises to let Yuri hear of any news relating to them.

Yuri Kato Southampton Shadow Hearts Covenant

Yuri meets Kato again

That night, Yuri sees Jeanne within his soul again. She tells he that she is searching for his happiness. Yuri insists that he is happy and that she doesn’t need to look. She claims that she can see more of his soul that anyone, and there is one door she cannot unlock. She tells him that Alice sacrificed herself so that Yuri could live, yet he doesn’t want to live. He claims his purpose for living is revenge for the villagers of Domremy. He asks Jeanne if she can see into the future as well as his heart, but she cannot.

Jeanne Yuri Shadow Hearts Covenant

Jeanne giving Yuri hope

Before leaving Southampton, the party go to visit a Wrestling Ring that has been set up in the town by Joachim’s master, The Great Gama. Joachim is excited to see his teacher again, and challenges him to a wrestling match. The Great Gama accepts, but Joachim is easily defeated, and needs more training.

Great Gama Shadow Hearts Covenant

Meeting The Great Gama

The party travel via the Rhondda Mine to reach Wales. On their travels they find that the earthquake that caused the landslide was due to Grimlock, a monster who they then defeat.


The party arrive in Wales, only to find that Roger has been kidnapped by Lenny. Lenny, who was sent to Wales to dispatch of Yuri, lets it slip that Roger is being held in Florence. Lenny then fights the party, but is defeated.

Lenny Wales Shadow Hearts Covenant

Meeting Lenny

After Lenny leaves, the party are applauded by Thomas, an explorer who saw Roger getting kidnapped by Sapientes Gladio. He is a member of a secret organisation with a grudge against Sapientes Gladio. He tells them that he knows a woman in Florence, Carla who may know something about Roger’s whereabouts. The party decide to go to Florence to speak with Carla.

TE Lawrence Shadow Hearts Covenant

Thomas introduces himself

In Florence, the party watch a dance performed by Lucia, who is employed by Carla. After she has finished her dance, the party ask Carla for some information about Sapientes Gladio and she agrees to help provided they find a flower for her. Carla tells Lucia to guide them to the location of the flower.

Lucia Shadow Hearts Covenant

Meeting Lucia

In the meantime, Lenny has to report his failure to Nicolai. Nicolai is disappointed, but admits he’s been having trouble getting any information from Roger.

Lenny and Nicolai bar Shadow Hearts Conveant

Lenny and Nicolai talking

The party travel to Manmariana Island, where Lucia grew up as a child. She guides them inside, but forgets the way to the greenhouse where the flower grows. They explore the mansion within Manmariana which is now ridden with monsters and Carla’s security against invaders. Once they make it to the greenhouse, Lucia unleashes André, a giant pink cat to eat the party as she and Carla believe that the party had been sent my Sapientes Gladio. Instead, Andrew attacks Lucia, and the party rescue her. This is enough to convince Lucia and Carla that they are not from Sapientes Gladio.

Back in Florence, Carla explains that she has been hiding from Sapientes Gladio for decades. She was convinced to do work for them but the killings and violence were too much for her, so she left but they have been hunting her ever since.

Lucia leads the party to Sapientes Gladio’s Italian Headquarters in a hope to find Roger. The building looks ordinary on the outside, but inside is filled with fake walls and hidden passages.

Sapientes Gladio Headquarters Shadow Hearts Covenant

Sapientes Gladio HQ

The party look for Roger, but he is nowhere to be found. Whilst searching, they find Janus a demon who attacks them. After defeating Janus, there is a large blast from outside that destroys a wall. It was caused by a huge airship being flown by Sapientes Gladio. Aboard are Lenny and Nicolai. Nicolai reveals that they’re holding Roger at St. Marguerite Island and he will hand him over in exchange for the Émigré Manuscript.

Nicolai and Lenny Shadow Hearts Covenant Airship

Nicolai and Lenny on the airship

Return to Nemeton

The party return to Florence to decide how best to proceed. Yuri explains that the Émigré manuscript is one of a trilogy of texts, it is used to raise the dead. Roger and Yuri hid the texts in the fissure of Nemeton Monastery. They travel back to Wales and descend into the fissure, in spite of Yuri’s warnings that it is filled with monsters.

Emigre Manuscipt Shadow Hearts Covneant Drawing

Yuri tells the history of the Emigre Manuscript

Travelling through the fissure is made difficult as everyone can sense the evil within the place, and it is filled with traps as well as monsters. After walking a while, Karin begins to hear a voice calling to her – she hears her grandmother in trouble. Yuri tells her that it is spirits trying to steal her soul and she must continue onwards. Gepetto thinks they are trying to force the group to abandon their tasks.

Karin Yuri Nemeton Monastery Shadow Hearts Covenant

Karin hearing voices

As they approach the location of the Émigré manuscript, Yuri warns the party about some sentinels that Roger planted to deter people from taking the book. They defeat them with difficulty. Yuri takes the Émigré manuscript, but soon gets a seering headache, passes out and awakens in the graveyard.

In the graveyard, Yuri is slowing crawling towards the Émigré Manuscript, which he remembers has the powers to awaken the dead. He has a vision of Alice, his girlfriend who died as a result of a curse. He is awakened by Karin, who is concerned. The party make plans to go to St. Marguerite Island.

Alice Elliot Shadow Hearts Covenant Vision

Yuri’s vision of Alice

Rescuing Roger

The party travel to Cannes to look for a way to access St. Marguerite Island. They speak to the man who Sapientes Gladio used to smuggle Roger to the island and are allowed access to his boat which takes them to the prison island.

When the party arrive at St. Marguerite Island, waterway key is stolen by a Stray Wolf and Blanca is sent to retrieve it from wolves hiding in a forest near by.

Blanca Wolf Shadow Hearts Covenant

Blanca travel to the nearby woods.

Blanca returns after finding the waterway key and the party make their way into the prison. After travelling for a little while they enter a heavily perfumed room, and all party members except for Blanca become paralysed. They are taken to prison cells by Lenny, Nicolai and Veronica, who notice that Blanca managed to escape. Nicolai takes the Émigre Manuscript from Yuri.

In prison, Veronica arrives to take one of the party to torture them. She says that one of them volunteer to save their friends. She takes the volunteer to chain up and electrocute. While she is torturing her victim, Lenny goes to speak with Nicolai who is reading the Émigre Manuscript. Nicolai declares that he since he has found the Manuscript his work is done and he must see The Master. He instructs Lenny to kill the party once Veronica has finished her torture session.

In the meantime, Blanca is back in the forest trying to find a way through. The wolves refuse to let him through unless he beats Philippe, the pack leader. Once he does that, they show him a secret way into the prison.

Blanca has to sneak through the fortress to rescue the party which he does until he reaches Oscar, a giant dog belonging to Veronica that is guarding the party’s prison cells. Once Oscar is defeated he is able to to release the party, however this triggers an alarm.

The party try to find Roger, however they need to unlock the door to the room that he’s kept in. Fortunately, one of the other prisoner’s is a locksmith, and with the correct items he is able to forge a key for them. Finally, they find Roger, who is bound to a chair.

They are met by Lenny and his Clawed Admirals. They fight many of his troops before Lenny transforms into Godhand and blows a hole in the side of the building. Upon defeating him, Lenny falls through the hole.

Yuri manages to free Roger who despairs once he learns that Nicolai has been given the Émigre Manuscript. They promise to get it back and return to Wales for the time being. Roger tells the party a little about Sapientes Gladio and that their leader is Grigori Rasputin. Sapientes Gladio are interested in more than just the Emigre Manuscript, they are interested in a nuclear powered flying machine that Roger has created. Roger uses this machine to fly the party to Petrograd, where Rasputin is active.

Shadow Hearts Covenant Fly to Russia

The Bacon Jet takes flight

Travelling to Russia

In Petrograd, Rasputin is shown to be conversing with Veronica within his bedroom. Their talk is interrupted by Ewan, a palace servant delivering an invitation to Rasptuin to a ball in the evening that evening at the request of Empress Alexandra. Rasputin declines, claiming he is going to church that evening. Ewan leaves, and Veronica is concerned about how long Rasputin is taking to gain Emperor Nicholas II‘s trust. He assures he not to worry, the Romanov dynasty will fall soon. Rasputin is aware that Yuri will arrive soon, but he is also concerned about Nicolai’s recent engagments with Kato, who is now in Russia.

Rasptuin and Veronica Shadow Hearts Covenant

Rasputin and Veronica

Meanwhile, Princess Anastasia Romanov has been eavesdropping on Rasputin. She knows that Rasputin will probably be up to no good and decides to keep track of him. She needs proof of his wrongdoing so goes to meet Edgar who has made her a camera and a Mystic Egg. He warns her not to get into trouble, and in particular to stay away from Prince Yusupov, as he has been seen associating with Rasputin.

Anastasia Edgar Shadow Hearts Covenant

Anastasia gets her camera from Edgar

As Anastasia leaves Edgar’s shop, Kato comes in, looking for his watch to be fixed. Edgar fixes his watch while Anastasia goes to patrol the city. She sees Rasputin walk towards the river, which is not in the direction of the church he claimed he was going to. She follows him to discover his plot. She sees him conversing with someone about killing someone on the day of the Tsar’s Victory Reception. She takes a photo of them, but Rasputin catches her in the act and sends the man he was talking to to chase and kill her. She runs, but is attacked by a monster.

Anastasia photo Rasputin Shadow Hearts Covenant

Anastasia takes a photo of Rasputin

Yuri and the party have just arrived in Petrograd and hear Anastasia’s screams and come to fight the monster with her. They save her and take her back to Edgar’s shop. They ask her why she was attacked by a monster, as they’ve been fighting monsters for a long time and Gepetto recognises it as being summoned by a powerful warlock. She asks if they can use magic like Rasputin, and the party is shocked to know that she knows him. Anastasia explains she is trying to stop whatever Rasputin is doing, and as the party have a similar goal, they agree to join forces. They agree to pretend to be Anastasia’s bodyguards so they can be allowed into the Winter Palace.

While the party is trying to gain access to the castle, Kato and Nicolai meet in secret. Nicolai gives Kato the Émigré Manuscript, which Kato deems to be the real thing. Due to this exchange, Kato promises Nicolai that Japan will ally with Russia in the war and supply them weapons and rations. Kato asks for a meeting with Rasputin, but Nicolai insists that he is busy.

Nicolai meets Kato Shadow Hearts Covenant

Nicolai meets Kato

Anastasia returns to the palace to a scolding from her mother for being out so late. The Empress is not keen on allowing the party access to the palace, even if they rescued Anastasia. However, Rasputin intervenes and states they may be good companions for Anastasia. The Empress leaves, and Veronica arrives. Yuri tries to bait Rasputin into a fight, but Rasputin and Veronica leave. They go to Anastasia’s room to come up with a plan.

Yuri Rasputin Shadow Hearts Covenant

Yuri meets Rasputin

They hear the ball in the background, and Anastasia says they throw a ball every evening, ignoring the war that is going on. She’s worried that the people of Russia will grow to hate the royals and attack the palace. Since Rasputin came to Russia to heal her brother’s illness he has been given more and more power. She wishes her father would do more to help end the war. Yuri, whose mother is Russian, tells Anastasia he understands how she feels and wants her to speak with her father on his return.

A strange gas beings to fill the room – a sleeping gas devised by Veronica. The Empress enters the room, desperately looking for her son, Prince Alexei. When Anastasia tries to talk with her mother, Rasputin speaks through the Empress, using her body as a puppet. He has taken Alexei and has made a threat to kill him. He says that he will wait in the Lion Shrine.

The Lion Shrine is locked, so they find Victor who has the key. He and his familiar are defeated by the party, he retreats leaving the key behind.

Veronica Alexei Shadow Hearts Covenant

Veronica with Alexei

When they arrive at the lion shrine, they find Veronica, holding a knife to Alexei, and Rasputin. Rasputin challenges Yuri to fight him, but the curse of the Holy Mistletoe combined with Rasputin’s force field mean he cannot be hurt. Anastasia runs to Rasputin to attack him, but is stopped by Veronica. Veronica puts the knife in Anastasia’s hand, and Rasputin controls Anastasia to make her stand over Alexei, pointing the knife at him.

Anastasia knife Alexei Shadow Hearts Covenant

Anastasia possessed

At this moment, Empress Alexandra runs in, and sees Anastasia standing over Alexei, as if about to harm him. Rasputin tells Alexandra that Anastasia was put under a spell by the party. Empress Alexandra orders the party to be killed, and they flee through the window, Joachim taking Anastasia who is trying to rid herself of Rasputin’s spell.

They flee to Edgar’s, where Roger is waiting. They decide that they can’t stay in Russia, Rasputin is too strong. Roger suggests they travel to Goreme Valley in Turkey, as he wants them to meet Jovis Abraham, the founder of Sapients Gladio.

Meeting with Bishop Jovis

In Turkey they are stopped by the military, who think they have come to kill Jovis. Thomas Edward Lawrence intervenes to claims that they are friends. He reveals that he is in fact a spy for the British government. The British government is looking for Jovis since he was known to have gone missing in Instanbul.

Thomas Edward Lawrence Shadow Hearts Covenant Goreme Valley

Lawrence’s Return

The party tell Lawrence of their trouble with Rasputin agree to have a meeting with Jovis. Before meeting him they encounter Sarah. She is a disciple of King Solomon and claims she can feel the power of him within Yuri, due to the spirits of monsters that surround him. She says she will test him if he is interested inheriting Solomon’s power.

Meeting Bishop Jovis Shadow Hearts Covenant

Meeting Bishop Jovis

The party meet with Bishop Jovis, and ask him whether he knows about Rasputin’s plans and how to stop him. Jovis knows that Rasputin plans to take over Russia, and opens up to the party once Anastasia expresses her concern. He senses an old friend within Yuri, but can tell that Yuri’s powers have been sealed by the Holy Mistletoe. The old friend he speaks of is Albert Simon. Rasputin was a disciple to the both of them, and they trained him to gain great knowledge and willpower. Rasputin uses this to form a soul pact with Asmodeus, a powerful demon.

Rasputin Asmodeus Shadow Hearts Covenant

Rasputin gaining power

Asmodeus has destroyed Rasptuin’s soul and seeks the destruction of the world. There are few ways to stop Asmodeus. Albert Simon tried in the past by forming a soul pact with Amon and attempting to summon Meta-God. By doing so the world would be recreated, rather than destroyed. However, Yuri foiled this plan, which is what earned him the title of “Godslayer”. When Yuri defeated Meta-God, he absorbed some of Albert Simon’s soul, and it now lives within him. Jovis says that now there are only two ways to defeat Asmodeus – the demons Amon and Astaroth. To summon Amon, Yuri must journey within his soul.

Jovis offers to be Yuri’s guide within his soul to Amon, but Karin insists on taking his place. Jovis tells her that if the ritual is not successful she will die and Yuri will become insane. She agrees, and Jovis performs the ritual. This enables both Yuri and Karin to travel to within the Graveyard. They meets Jeanne, who is still looking for a way to break the curse. Karin is uncomfortable and apologises to Jeanne for the events of Domremy. Jeanne understands that the world is changing and that Karin is also trying to find a new way to live.

Karin Yuri Shadow Hearts Covenant

Yuri and Karin travel to the Graveyard

Yuri and Karin journey onwards once Jeanne leaves, and end up in Mirror Castle which is concealed behind a heavy door within the graveyard. They journey through it, and discover that mirrors are portals to other areas of the castle. However, when travelling through a mirror, they must fight a mirror version of themselves. Jovis is able to communicate with them and heal them as required. He explains that the enemies within reflect the darkness within Yuri’s heart.

Yuri Karin Mirror Castle Shadow Hearts Covenant

Yuri and Karin traverse Mirror Castle

Travelling through the castle makes Yuri feel ill. He begins to lose sense of who he is, and why he is here. After traversing the castle, they find the room in which Amon resides. They do battle with him for Yuri to be able to gain the use of Amon’s soul.

Amon Shadow Hearts Covenant

Meeting Amon

Once defeating him, Yuri continues onwards to an area that resembles the Forest of Wind. He meets the soul of Albert Simon. Simon tells Yuri that this part of his soul is his “home” within his soul. He asks Yuri whether he is still fighting, and explains that he was truly after Rasputin’s demise. Yuri says that he thinks he won’t be able to win where Albert Simon has failed. Albert Simon tells Yuri that if he can defeat a God, he can defeat Rasputin. Yuri wonders if his struggle is all worth it, but Simon reassures him that it is his duty to stop a struggle. Yuri is grateful for the meeting with Albert Simon and leaves, now with the soul of Amon.

Yuri Albert Simon Shadow Hearts Covenant

Meeting Albert Simon within Yuri’s soul

In Petrograd, Nicolai reports the success of his conversations with Kato to Rasputin. Japan will now help Russia gain food and supplies in the fight against Germany. Nicolai has invited Kato to this evening’s banquet. Rasputin is very interested in the other parties that may be joining the war, especially America. Nicolai fills him in on what he knows. Before dismissing Nicolai, Rasputin asks him about what happened to Lenny. Nicolai claims that he left as he assumed that Lenny could handle himself. He is chastised for not fighting Yuri alongside Lenny.

Nicolai Rasptuin Shadow Hearts Covenant

Rasptuin awaits news from Nicolai

After the ritual, Bishop Jovis is considerably weakened. The people of Goreme Valley pray for his recovery. Yuri feels responsible for the state the Bishop is in and wonders if putting the Bishop and the people of Goreme in danger was worth it. Karin tells him that if he hadn’t done what he did, the entire of Russia and the world would be in danger. Yuri continues to question whether what he did was right. Anastasia brings the news that the Bishop has now opened his eyes. Yuri goes to see him, and inform him that they managed to succeed in getting Amon’s soul. Jovis knows that he is dying, and before he does he tells them of the demon Astaroth, and to be aware of him. Yuri is regretful that Jovis is dying to save other people. He makes Jovis a promise that he will beat Rasputin.

Bishop Jovis Shadow Hearts Covenant

Jovis in a critical condition

Return to Petrograd

Back in Russia, Tsar Nicolas II has returned from his tour of the Eastern front of the war. He meets with his wife who is worried about Anastasia. She tells him about the party who kidnapped her, but he is unphased. Rasputin tells the couple that Edgar supposedly confessed under hypnotism that Yuri’s party is a group of people intent on assassinating the Tsar and his family. He mentions that one of the party is German, and Nicholas II suspects Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany (Alexandra’s cousin). Rasptuin encourages them to to go to the ball as usual to show the strength of Russia.

The party travel back to the Winter Palace but can’t enter directly. Ewan the page finds Anastasia and delivers a message from Prince Yusupov to meet him at the bridge. On the way to the bridge, Yuri collapses and has a vision from Jeanne. She tells him that the world inside him has changes since he summoned Amon, and more demons have been stirring within him. She says he can summon them by finding items that represent them.

The party go to meet Prince Yusupov and he lets them know about the secret passage called the gallery of the dead. It leads to a secret room within the winter palace that Rasputin does not know about. Prince Yusupov has promised to guard the entrance and that Grand Duke Dmitri will be waiting on the other side.

Anastasia leads the party through the Gallery of the dead as the doors are operated using different Cyrillic characters. The spirits of Russians who were trapped in the gallery of the dead prevent the party from moving on until a locket is returned to the relevant grave.

The party emerge in the the Winter Palace where the the ball is happening. They find Victor just about to kill Tsar Nicholas. Anastasia returns to her parents and tells them about her travels with the party. She gives the photo she took of Rasptuin to her father. He accuses Rasputin of plotting to kill him, Rasputin takes hold of Alexandra, to prevent sbeing attacked and teleports away while everyone is distracted.

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