Pit Fights

Pit Fights are an optional quest that appear in every Shadow Hearts game. The objective is generally to beat a certain amount of battles in a row, generally with certain rules such as only being able to use one character, or all characters are poisoned and so on. The player is then rewarded for completing these challenges.

Pit Fights in Shadow Hearts

In Shadow Hearts, the player can choose to partake in Pit Fights in both Shanghai and London.

The aim of both of these pit fights is to defeat 10 monsters in a row by using only one character.

In Shanghai

The Pit Fights in Shanghai are run by Mr. Zhen after Wugui has been defeated. You can find him in the back of the bar. Pit Fights cost 300 Cash and the monsters will be fought at random. The reward is 5000 Cash and Anne‘s Cross.

List of Shanghai Pit Fight Monsters

  • P. Wind Shear
  • Yamaraja: Earth
  • Ogre Flame x4
  • Li Li (transformed)
  • Wind Shear x2
  • Beast Dog
  • Yamaraja: Wind
  • Frog God x3
  • Custom Wind Shear
  • Kappa x2 and Water Tiger
  • White Wolfling x3
  • Hellcat x2
  • Shanghai Pit Fight Walkthrough

    When doing the Pit Fights in Shanghai, you will fight 10 of the battles listed above. These are at random, and appear in a random order.

    The actual strategy varies from character to character – as you are only allowed to attempt the Pit Fights with one character in the party. The pit fights are easiest to complete with Yuri and the most difficult to complete with Alice.

    The recommended level to attempt the pit fights is level 25, although they can be attempted and beaten earlier. It is advisable to have the best possible weapons and armour equipped. A Rosewood bracelet should be equipped against Paralysis and a Bell Bracelet should be equipped to protect against Silence. The last accessory should be a coral or jade lariat as Ring Abnormalities will likely occur.

    Monster sets can be split into two: easy and difficult. All regular encounter monsters come under the “easy” category. The difficult monsters are: P. Wind Shear, Custom Wind Shear, Yamaraja: Wind and Li Li. Early boss monsters such as Yamaraja: Earth and Beast Dog should not cause much damage to your character, but can take a little long to defeat.

    The strategy for easy monsters should be this: Kill all monsters with physical attacks but one. If you are low on HP and MP, now is the time to recover. Then kill the last monster.

    For early boss monsters, the strategy should be the same. Take them out quickly by playing to their weaknesses if possible (using Water spells against Beast Dog and Fire spells against Yamaraja: Earth). If you fight the Kappas, use all-party attacks to take out the Kappas before attacking the Water Tiger, as they will using healing moves. Heal as necessary in these kind of fights.

    Yamaraja: Wind is very strong against physical moves – you need to use magic against it to do decent damage before losing SP. Using Zhuzhen‘s Life Sucker is probably the best idea as it will be resistant to Corpse Arm. Have Margarete use Grenade. Any of Yuri’s fusion abilities are fine. He will both deal and take most damage as Tornado and deal and take least damage as Raging Tiger. Alice should use Blessed Light.

    Li Li isn’t as difficult as Yamaraja: Earth, however you should beware of Paralysis and Hate Storm (if you are using Alice). Yuri and Margarete should concentrate on dealing physical damage. Yuri could fuse into Death Emperor to increase his attack ability while still remaining resistant to Hate Storm. Zhuzhen should concentrate on using spells, primarily Corpse Arm and has his MP lowers, Ogre Flamedance. Alice should use Blessed Light.

    P. Wind Shear and Custom Wind Shear both have high attack and can attack with Ring Abnormalities. If Yuri can transform into Raging Tiger and use Chi Shield, it means he will take less damage from attacks and have to heal less frequently. Due to Ring Abnormalities being present, it is probably best to stick with attacks that you are familiar with the Judgment Ring for. Like fighting Li Li, having Yuri and Margarete concentrate on physical attacks, and Zhuzhen and Alice concentrate on magical attacks is the quickest way to defeat these monsters.

    In London

    The Pit Fights in London are run by Sharon in the London Rats‘ Hideout. They beging to become avaialbe once you have completed Calios Mental Hospital. There are various rewards for completing the Pit Fights -it is different for each character- including a Crucifix.

    List of London Pit Fight Monsters

    The first time Sharon summons a monster it will be Rausan. After completing Nemeton Monsatery, more monsters will appear.

    After this initial bout, the player will be allowed to select which character should complete a pit fight. They will battle 10 times in a row. The 10 battles will be 10 of the following:

  • Meat Eaterx1, Doomx2
  • Camazotzx3
  • Speckled Creeperx1, Happy Creeperx1
  • Night Stalker
  • Full Armour Wind Shear
  • Rausan
  • Perfect Wind Shear
  • Mammon
  • Tindalos
  • Dark Judge
  • Garmx3
  • Night Stalker
  • London Pit Fight Walkthrough

    The first time you speak to Sharon you will be fighting Rausan alone as Yuri.

    Rausan is a very recent boss monster so will be quite difficult if you challenge him immediately after arriving back from Calios Mental Hospital. If you feel that Yuri is too weak, wait until he has levelled up a little. Yuri should transform into Ifrit (or Forron if available) to resist Blaze. Concentrate on using physical attacks and heal with items should Yuri’s HP get low. If Yuri’s SP becomes 2, heal him and on the next turn (when is SP is at 1) use a Pure item to restore his SP. This way you will not have to choose between healing him and keeping him sane.

    Once Rausan is defeated, the next you can challenge the Pit Fights is once The Float has been opened. Speaking to Sharon will initiate a round of 10 battles similar to Mr. Zhen’s pit battles.

    Like in Shanghai, monsters can be divided into “Easy” and “Difficult”.

    Easy Monsters: All regular enemies and former bosses.
    Difficult Monsters: Full Armour Wind Shear, Perfect Wind Shear

    You must be wearing a crucifix or Zodiac Bracelet, as Mammon can use Petrify, which will end the battle instantly.

    Like in Shanghai, the strategy for “Easy” monsters is to kill each monster except one, and take that last monster as an opportunity to heal. If battling a former boss monster, attack it until it has low health (it will begin to wobble) and then heal.

    The Full Armour Wind Shear and Perfect has very strong Physical Attack and quite weak Physical Defence. Yuri, Margarete, Keith & Halley should concentrate on attacking with physical moves while taking time to heal if necessary (Keith can use Blood Sucker if he is hurt but not in danger of dying). Alice should use Blessed Light and Zhuzhen should use Fury Serpent (or above) to deal damage. Yuri’s recommended Fusion is Lobo as they have a high physical defense and the ability to Raise it further with Battle Cry. If the Seraphic Radiance is available, Yuri can use For Everyone to raise defence and attack power.

    Solomon Trials in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    The Pit Fights in Shadow Hearts: Covenant are known as the Solomon Trials and are run by Sarah in Goreme Valley. Completing them (and the Key of Solomon) enables the player to battle King Solomon.

    There are several challenges available at different intervals – each with different criteria.

    Beginner – 11Win 5 battlesSabnock CrestUse a character with high SP. Heal when required.
    Beginner – 24Use a 28+ hit combo on the enemy.Blood JewelEquip characters with 5 judgment ring hits where possible. If Blanca is in the party, you can use the combo magic: air shot. Karin‘s Geuschbenst and Joachim‘s Deathron both have high combos.
    Beginner – 32Win 4 battles with reverse ring without missing a judgment ring.Third key.Equip characters with coral or jade lariats and decrease number of judgment ring hits.
    Beginner – 43Win 6 battles in a row while poisoned, without curing status abnormality or using items.Mr. Sax.Use characters with high HP, and use curative magic to heal HP. Joachim can use drain touch.
    Monk – 14Create an 18+ hit combo without special abilitiesGold necklaceUse a combo with two or three 5 judgment ring hit areas and one or two 4 hit areas.
    Monk – 22Win 3 battles with tight ring and no misses.Fifth KeyEquip coral or jade lariats and lower the hit areas to 1
    Monk – 33Win 5 battlesStep DoublerEquip characters with Leonardo’s bears.
    Monk – 41Win 5 battles with blind ringMind’s EyeUse Yuri or Joachim equipped with practice ring.
    Believer – 12Win 3 battles with reverse and tight ring with no misses.Warlock EarringsEquip coral or jade lariats and one hit area.
    Believer – 23Win 5 battles with fake ring and poison.ShaxUse characters with familiar judgment ring patterns and switch to practice ring.
    Believer – 31Win 4 battles with small ring without missing a judgment ring.Gold RingEquip characters with coral or jade lariats and decrease number of judgment ring hits.
    Believer – 44Win 12 battlesSeventh KeyBring a party you would be comfortable bringing to boss battles.
    Worshipper – 1Gepetto, Blanca, Lucia and AnastasiaWin 4 battles without using Attack.Silver AngelUse magic attacks and heal using items.
    Worshipper – 2Yuri, Karin, Joachim and KurandoWin 5 battles without using magic.Ultimate LoinclothOnly attack, use items to heal.
    Worshipper – 33Win 5 battles with fast ring and no itemsDragonsword/td>

    Equip with lariats. Use simple judgment ring. Heal with items.
    Embodiment – 11Win 6 battlesDemon EarringUse powerful attacks to end battles quickly.
    Embodiment – 24Win 4 battlesElectro BandUse special attacks on the mecha lord.
    Creator4Win 4 battlesPuppeter’s CapeUse Drain Touch on Tin Lion.

    Pit Fights in Shadow Hearts: From the New World

    The Pit Fights in Shadow Hearts: From the New World are run by Prof. Lovecraft from his office at Arkham University. Like in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, there are several challenges available – each with different criteria. These are updated throughout the game.

    Origin & Trivia

    Pit Fighting is usually known as cage fighting – where all combatants fight within an enclosed cage.