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Kelly is a wolf that Blanca can fight in Wolf Bouts. He is found in the boss room of the wine cellar after the level has been completed.
Kelly Wolf Bout Shadow Hearts Covenant Monster
Kelly Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant
GamesShadow Hearts: Covenant
LocationWine Cellar
Age2years 7months
BornNew York
Special AbilityFast Ring

How to find Kelly Wolf Bout

You will find Kelly’s Wolf Bout in the wine cellar, after the level is completed. He is in the boss room, at the back of the level.

Kelly Wolf Bout Shadow Hearts Covenant

Kelly’s location

Wolf Bout Guide: How to Defeat Kelly

Before fighting Kelly, equip Blanca with a Pocket Watch to prevent Fast Ring. Kelly can be defeated with attacks, Soul Comet and spells. Keep an eye on Blanca’s HP, and use a healing item if required. If his SP gets to 2 or 1, use a pure leaf.

Library Description

Wolf drifter looking for a fight.
After the battle in Le Havre, returned to his hometown. Dreamed of a rematch of the battle he lost ’til the end of his days.


  • Kelly is a name meaning warrior