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Seraphic Radiance

The Seraphic Radiance is the most powerful fusion monster in Shadow Hearts. It is summoned by Albert Simon to destroy Shanghai. The Seraphic Radiance is said to be an ancient God – one of the Guardians of Earth.
yuri seraphic radiance fusion shadow hearts

Yuri as the Seraphic Radiance in Shadow Hearts

Games Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts: Covenant
SP to summon 64

In Shadow Hearts

The Seraphic Radiance is first mentioned by Dehuai when the party confront him in Kuihai Tower. He reveals that his plan was not to bring about the Valorization but to summon the Seraphic Radiance instead. This has never been performed before – the Seraphic Radiance is a monster of extreme power, and summoning it is the ultimate Taoist Black Magic skill.

Dehuai unsuccessfully summons the Seraphic Radiance, but Albert Simon manages to finish what Dehuai started, and the Seraphic Radiance is summoned. In an attempt to stop it from destroying everything, Yuri tries to fuse with it, but this appears to kill him as it is too powerful. Once summoned, it destroys Kuihai Tower and Shanghai with a large fire.

Fusing with the Seraphic Radiance causes Yuri to fall into a deep depression. However, with help from Alice he is able to face himself and attempt to properly fuse with the Seraphic Radiance.

How to Unlock the Serpahic Radiance as a Fusion Monster in Shadow Hearts

The path to unlocking the Seraphic Radiance begins in Kuihai Tower before you ever see the Seraphic Radiance.

  1. Get the Erotic Book from Kuihai Tower before defeating Dehuai. This can be found in the room behind the altar, at the left-hand side.
  2. Find the Book of Rituals in Nemeton Monastery after the Float has risen. This can be found by brining Alice and Zhuzhen to the top of the hill.
  3. Go to the Ancient Ruins and Get the Gold Thread Coat. This can be done by going through the doors in the order of the Rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue (Light Blue), Indigo (Dark Blue), Violet (Pink))
  4. Go to the Ancient Ruins and defeat Seraphim. This can be done by going through the doors in the reverse order of the Rainbow (Violet (Pink), Indigo (Dark Blue), Blue (Light Blue), Green, Yellow, Orange, Red)
  5. Speak to Roger and exchange the Erotic Book for the Pulse Tract
  6. Revisit the Ancient Ruins for a third time and follow this path: Yellow, Red, Green, Violet (Pink), Indigo (Dark Blue), Red, Blue (light Blue) and get the Stone of Rebirth
  7. Go to the Graveyard and in through the doors
  8. Defeat Col. Hyuga (guide below)

Boss Fight

The Seraphic Radiance is an optional boss monster in Shadow Hearts. It will only appear in the Graveyard if you have the Stone of Rebirth. It appears as a humanoid female with white skin, red veins and wings protruding from where its ears would be.

Known Attacks

  • Malcto

Serpahic Radiance Boss Fight Strategy

The boss battle with Seraphic Radiance begins as a boss battle with Col. Hyuga. After a time, he will transform into Seraphic Radiance.

The battle is a one-on-one between Yuri and his father. This battle is quite difficult and should only be attempted at level 50 or above, although it is possible to win at lower levels.

The best form for this battle is Lobo as he has high attack, defense and the ability to heal and buff.

Yuri should be equipped with SP boosting items such as the Flare Brooch and the Huge Jug, as this battle can take a long time. If his SP becomes low he should heal with Pure Roots. If is also worth equipping a VooDoo Doll in case Yuri becomes unconscious. As the battle goes on, make notes of how much damage Col. Hyuga/Seraphic Radiance can do to Yuri so you know when best to heal. He should use Thera Extracts or magic to heal.

When fighting Col. Hyuga, the first thing to do is to buff Yuri’s defense if possible. This first stage of the battle should be fairly simple – mostly physical attacks, with a little healing, as Col. Hyuga only uses physical attacks.

When Col. Hyuga fuses into Seraphic Radiance, he will continue to use physical attacks but will also use Malcto – which does special damage and heals. These attacks are much more powerful that Col. Hyug’a attacks, so if you have the chance to raise Yuri’s defense, it should be raised.

Library Description

The most evil fusion monster. No Harmonixer has ever fused with this monster. A successful fusion gives Harmonixers the power to perform deicide.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark


The Seraphic Radiance is Yuri’s ultimate fusion in Shadow Hearts. It appears as a naked, winged version of Yuri with pale skin and black markings.

Library Description

Fortunately no Harmonixer has yet been able to fuse his soul to create this being, for its very appearance signals the apocalypse.

Special Abilities

For Everyone

[MP Cost: 100]

Raises all allies Physical and Special Attack and Defense

For Tomorrow

[MP Cost: 120]

Heavy non-class enemy damage. Restores allies’ HP.

For the Children

[MP Cost: 200]

Super-Heavy non-class damage on all enemies.

Note: To learn this move, Yuri must first go berserk while fused in this form.

Stat Bonuses



  • The name “Seraphic Radiance” is derived from “Seraph” which is the highest order of angel in Christian lore. Radiance is a term which is technically related to heat and radiation, but usually taken to mean a warm glow or presence.

  • “For Tomorrow” is Yuri’s all-party equivalent of “Malcto”.