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Death Emperor

The Death emperor is the first Dark fusion monster Yuri can fuse in Shadow Hearts. It is the only mandatory fusion monster in Shadow Hearts. It appears as being humanoid with hooved feet and a skull head. The Death Emperor also has large leathery wings. It appears as a boss monster in Blue Castle. Death Emperor is the only fusion that Yuri does not have to battle to be able to fuse into.

death emperor fusion shadow hearts
Games Shadow Hearts
SP to Summon16

Library Description

Lesser spirit of Darkness formed from the hate-filled soul of a raging demon. He is said to appear as a demon shrouded in black mist.

Special Abilities

Drain Wave

[MP Cost: 1]

Takes away a small amount of the target’s MP.

Curse Attack

[MP Cost: 15]

Raises Target’s Special Attack Power for 5 turns.

Dark Messenger

[MP Cost: 20]

Attacks the target with a living darkness.

Stat Bonuses


In Shadow Hearts

The Death Emperor is the first monster that Yuri can Fuse into as well as the only mandatory fusion. After the events at Kuihai Tower, Yuri flies to Blue Castle where he is locked in the Castle Tower by Keith Valentine.

Later, Keith returns with Alice and Zhuzhen who then must battle Yuri in this form.

Boss Battle

In Blue Castle, Alice, Zhuzhen and Keith must fight Yuri – he transforms into Death Emperor for this battle.

Since he is Dark type, Alice should use Blessed Light and consider casting Holy Edge on Keith. Zhuzhen should be the primary healer and keep using Nourishing potion to heal the party. When not healing is required he should use Corpse Arm or Fury Serpent offensively. Keith should primarly attack physically, although if he needs healing it would be worth using Drain Touch or Blood Sucker depending on the extent of the damage.


Death Emperor Shadow Hearts

Death Emperor using Dark Messenger

Death Emperor Drain Wave

Death Emperor using Drain Wave

Death Emperor Curse Attack

Death Emperor using Curse Attack


The name “Death Emperor” implies that he is able to rule over Death.