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Shadow Hearts Soundtrack

Shadow Hearts Official Soundtrack Cover Art

Shadow Hearts Official Soundtrack Cover Art

The Shadow Hearts Soundtrack was released in 2001 as “Shadow Hearts Official Soundtrack Plus 1”. It was composed and arranged by Yoshitaka Hirota with a cameo by Yasunori Mitsuda. It was released by Japanese record label Scitron. There are 2 disks with a total of 66 songs on the soundtrack – 65 from the game, and the bonus track “True Voice”. It also included a 6 page booklet.

The RRP was 2100 Yen (Around £14 or $21).

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#Song TitleNotesPlay
1Main Theme -ICARO- Song of SpiritsIntro
2Wind which blows from the dark IIntro
3Wind which blows from the dark IIIntro
4Brain HopperBattle (Asia)
5Ghosts JoggingBerserk Battle (Asia)
6Sphere -qu-Menu
7Destruction – Noise of FangsZhaoyang Village (Cursed)
8DOAJapanese Army Broadcast (Fengtian)
10Army MoodJapanese Army
11Rice Field of LightPlane
12Coffee With BulletLight Mood
13Asian ParfaitZhuzhen
14Heaven – Kunyang KunyangZhaoyang/Fengtian
15Sea – Highnoon FishDalian
16Angel HeartLi Li
17Manufacture – Conveyorbelt for KillersSmuggler’s Boat
18Swindler – Shanghai MoodShanghai
20ProfileLt. Col. Kawashima
21Someone’s TableDehuai
22Much Hatred Still RanklesDetermined Mood
23Death -Zombie PartyTrials
24Blow UpMap (Asia)
25ALICECutscene with Alice
26Misfortune – Psycho TempleDehuai and Alice
27China OgreBoss (Asia)
28MeltdownBerserk Boss (Asia)
29Sacrifice (ALICE)Seraphic Radiance Cutscene
30Bloody KitchensSeraphic Radiance Cutscene
31Atmosphere – Blow UpMap (Europe)
33God knows bad newsNina
34Dirty NailsBistritz (Red Mist)
35The Thorn of mindDeath Emperor Boss
36RecklessDeath Emperor Boss (Berserk)
37Graveyard MoonGraveyard
38Coffin FetishBlue Castle
39NDE – Near Death ExperienceBattle (Europe)
40SSC – Special Short CutsBerserk Battle (Europe)
42Vitamin MetropolisLondon
43Sweet PillowsResting
44Babysitter is old nurseLondon Rats
45Don’t cry my vampireNina
46Ripper RipperOrphanage
47Castle of SilenceCalios Mental Hospital
48Callback from JesusOptional Levels
49Bacon’s JuiceRoger Bacon
50Trip or TreatKoudelka
51ICARO beated verNemeton Monastery
52TanjouSad Mood
53Nobody knocks the doorThe Float
54Star shapeThe Float
55Middle of NowhereThe Float
56Demon’s GigBoss (Europe)
57Sicking FuckingBerserk Boss (Europe)
58Sign of Him (The Creation of God)Final Boss Cutscene
59ImbroglioFinal Boss Battle
60Bate me Bate meFinal Boss Battle (Berserk)
61ResultBattle Won
62Black Cat Floating in Blue SkyFinal Battle Won
63Shadow HeartsCredits
64Opening Demo Mix IDemo
65Opening Demo Mix IIDemo
66True VoiceBonus Track


  • The Song “Black Cat Floating in Bluesky” sounds very similar to the song “#Scene 20” from the Koudelka soundtrack. They both play once you have defeated the final boss.
  • The recurring theme “ICARO” comes from a kind of a song sang in healing ceremonies by Amazonian Shamans
  • The ending theme “Shadow Hearts” was performed by Hiroko Kasahara (who voiced Koudelka in the Japanese version of Shadow Hearts) and Kyoko Kishikawa with lyrics by James H. Woan.
  • Kyoko Kishikawa also performed and wrote the bonus track “True Voice”
  • The song “Sphere -Qu-” takes the word “Qu” from a form of Chinese sung poetry
  • The Acronym “DOA” most likely refers to the police term “Dead on Arrival”
  • “Kunyang” is another term for Ye County in China. This area isn’t particularly close to either Fengtian or Zhaoyang
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