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Shadow Hearts: From the New World Soundtrack

Shadow Hearts From the New World OST Cover Art

Shadow Hearts From the New World OST Cover Art

The Shadow Hearts: From the New World soundtrack was released on 24 August 2004 as Shadow Hearts From the New World Original Soundtracks. It was composed and arranged by Yoshitaka Hirota with a cameo by Tomoko Imoto who had previously provided the sound effects for the games. It was released by Japanese record label, Team Entertainment. It includes all 64 tracks from the game.

The RRP was 3360 Yen (About £22 or $33).

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Song TitleNotesPlay
1From The New WorldOpening
2Et Unam -Chant of ICARO-Menu
3Great Ghost Dance (With ICARO)Demo
4Ala of Sacrum
5Garland OfficeGarland Office
6The Mother EarthMap (North America)
7Delusion of DeathArkham University
8Dead Fingers TalkBattle (North America)
9Gestalt CollapseBerserk Battle (North America)
10Thunder BirdThunder Bird
11Oh Smania! Oh Furie! ~ D’Oreste d’aiaceOpera House
12Le Grand LuxBoss (North America)
13A Silver SmileBerserk Boss (North America)
14Kiss of MaliceBerserk Boss (North America)
15Professor GilbertProfessor Gilbert
16Muy MaloBefore Boss Battle
17Land of SpiritsGrand Canyon
18Light Crossing BorderSpirit Pact Battle
19Holy BodyBerserk Spirit Pact Battle
20Ta TankaTa Tanka Transformation
21Moon ShineNew York
23Impatience ScaleCutscene
24Living Sacrifice
26Heat Haze in the DistanceRoswell
27LabratoryArea 51
28Sneaking HeartPurramount Pictures
29Pirates of the CaribbeanPirates
30By a Moustache HairPirates
31La SireneLa Sirene Transformation
32Whisper of the Wind
33Heavy DensityCutscene
35Dry FlowerCutscene
36ICARO -Acoustic Arrangment-Cutscene
37Chichen ItzaChichen Itza
38Rum and TequilaSunken Ship
40Temper of an AngelVilcabamba
41MauveBattle (South America)
42Baliar?Berserk Battle (South America)
43Vilcabamba RuinsVilcabamba (Outside)
44Electric HallucinationsBoss Battle (South America)
45Auditory HallucinationsBoss Berserk Battle (South America)
46The GateFinal Level Opening
47Dream Catcher
49TirwawaTirwawa Transformation
51Deposition of MaliceGarland Mansion
54Talking About YouKiller and Lady
55The Wheel of Fortune
56BythosFinal Level
57Lady Tears IBefore Final Boss
58Lady Tears IIFinal Boss
59Astral TearsBerserk Final Boss
60Much More Together…After Final Boss
61Spread my WingsCredits
62ResultWinning a Battle
63Un Gemito dell’estintoResurrection
64SABBATH -Demon Banquet-Envious Jealousy
  • The recurring series theme “ICARO” is a kind of healing song sung by Shamans.
  • The ending theme “SPREAD MY WINGS” was performed by Takehara Tomoaki (who also wrote the lyrics)
  • The song “Oh smania! oh furie! ~ D’Oreste e d’Aiace” was written by Mozart. In the game it is performed by Akiko Shikata who does a lot of the vocal work throughout the Shadow Hearts series.
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