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Shadow Hearts: Covenant Soundtrack

Shadow Hearts Covenant OST Cover Art

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Official Soundtrack Cover

The Shadow Hearts: Covenant soundtrack was released on 24th March 2004 as “Shadow Hearts II Original Soundtracks”. It was composed and arranged by Yoshitaka Hirota with cameos by Yasunori Mitsuda and Kenji Ito. It was released by Japanese record label Team Entertainment. There are 2 disks with a total of 64 songs on the soundtrack all from the game. It was distributed with a 24 pages booklet.

The RRP was 3360 Yen (Around £22 or $34).

Listen to full Shadow Hearts: Covenant Soundtrack

Choose a song:

Track #NameNotesPlay
2~ICARO AgainDemo
3Deep MeditationMenu
4Old Smudged MapMap (Europe)
5Death is the great LevellerApoina Tower
6Vicious 1915Battle (Europe)
7Swoop!Berserk Battle (Europe)
8SuffocationSapients Gladio
9Flame of Strain to BlazeBefore Battle
10In Darkness of a LabyrinthRhondda Mines/St. Marguerite Island
11Twilight StreetLa Hauge/Southampton
12Memories of MelodiesCutscene
13Dear, My DressmakerMagimel Brothers
14His name is Grand Papillon!Joachim (Grand Papillon)
15Soul CometBefore Wolf Bout
16Glint of Light -Orchestral Arrangement-Wolf Bout (arranged version)
18The Real IntentionsSapients Gladio
19Glint of LightWolf Bout
20Crack your bodyBerserk Wolf Bout
21Veronica VeraVeronica Vera
22Call Back From Jesus – Mysterious MonasteryNemeton Monastery
23Holly MistletoeHoly Mistletoe
24Take Off!Roger’s Plane
26Relaxation MoodLight Mood
27Anastastia Going Her Way – The Imperial Princess’ AdventurePlaying as Anastacia
28SpiritualizationIsland Level/Mirror Castle
29Sadness MoodBackstory Cutscene
30Never Ending SadnessSad Mood
31Defeat and DeathCutscene with Rasputin
33Evil Gate Opener IAmon vs Rasputin
34Evil Gate Opener IIAmon vs Rasputin
35Evil Gate Opener IIIAmon vs Rasputin
36Pulsation FortressIdar Flamme
37StrainBerserk Battle
38AstarothAstaroth Battle
39Crack your mindBerserk Astaroth Battle
40Grey MemoriesMap (Asia)
41Rising SunYokohama
42Deep In ComaBattle (Asia)
43Concon Ticktin Con TicktinBerserk Battle (Asia)
44Gathering GodComic Relief
45Impatiently MoodCutscene
46Serious MoodCutscene with Garan
47The PastMemories
48CrisisPlaying as Kurando
49HatredMutant Apes
50Village of the Dog GodInugami Village
51Saintly Demon Fountain IFountain of Sakune Cutscene
52Saintly Demon Fountain IIFountain of Sakune Cutscene
53Hardcore to the BrainBoss Battle
54Getting NastyBerserk Boss (Asia)
55Faith or Fate – KatoKato
57ALICE – Piano ArrangementResurrection
58KallenYuri and Karin
59The FateFinal Level Opening
60The 3 KarmaFinal Boss
61Come OnBerserk Final Boss
62Result ~ VictoryWinning a battle
63ICARO – piano arrangement-Final Cutscene


  • The ending theme “Getsurenka” translates to “May Love Theme”
  • Getsurenka was sung by Mio Isayama, with lyrics by Kumiko Hasegawa
  • The recurring theme “ICARO” is a type of song sung by Amazonian shamans
  • “The Past” is a remix of “Tanjou”, a song featured in the previous game.
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