The lottery is a mini-game and side-quest present in all 3 Shadow Hearts games. It is run by the World Lottery Foundation and has secret members around the world. You must have a Lottery Ticket to play the lottery.

lottery ticket shadow hearts

Lottery Ticket in Shadow Hearts

How to Play the Lottery in Shadow Hearts

The player needs to be in possession of a lottery ticket to play. These can be found in various places through the game or dropped by certain enemies. When the player has a lottery ticket, they need to speak to a lottery member who will be disguised as a member of the public in various cities throughout the game.

When the lottery is played, a Judgment Ring will appear. It is divided into several different colours, each colour has a different sized hit area and represents a different prize.

The aim is to stop the ring on the colour that represents the prize the player wants. Some prizes (coloured red, small hit area) are only able to be won once.

If the player fails the Judgment Ring they will get Tissues as a consolation prize.

It costs one lottery ticket per play to play the lottery.

It is possible to “game” the lottery by saving nearby and trying until you win the prize you want, resetting your game if you do not win.

The Lottery In Shadow Hearts

The lottery side-quest can be started in Fengtian.

Fengtian Lottery Member Shadow Hearts

Speaking to the first Lottery Member

List of Lottery Member Locations in Shadow Hearts

Lottery members will only speak to you if you have a lottery ticket.

List of Lottery Members and prizes in Shadow Hearts

Lottery MemberLocationRed PrizeYellow PrizeBlue PrizeGreen Prize
#15FengtianCoral LariatFang of Black TortoiseTalisman of MercyPure Seed
#14DalianPocket WatchHair of White TigerTea of the HealerPure Leaf
#13Smuggler’s BoatIron SandlesHorn of the Blue DragonWitch’s BrothPure Leaf
#12ShanghaiStar CardTalon of the Red PhoenixTea of the Holy OnePure Leaf
#11Temple RuinsBroochKirin ScalePriest’s WinePure Seed
#10Kowloon FortressMind’s EyeGold BellTalisman of WisdomPure Seed
#9Kuihai TowerSP Restoring BroochSilver BellSoul BenedicitonPure Seed
#8PragueBrsrkr EarringsSeal of LuckTalisman of PurityThera Root
#7BistritzOracle EarringsSea of LifeTea of the Holy OnePure Root
#6RouenAcceleratorSeal of auraAlchemist’s WaterPure Root
#5LondonPriest EarringsSeal of SpeedThera ExtractThera Root
#4Calios Mental HospitalEternity CardSeal of ForceMana ExtractMana Root
#3OrphanageCrucifixSeal of WisdomPure ExtractPure Root
#1Blue Castle
#0Nemeton Monastery

If you fail the lottery you will get a consolation prize of Tissues.

The Lottery In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

The Lottery in Shadow Hearts: Covenant is played in the same way as a the lottery in Shadow Hearts. This begins in Le Havre when the party meet Lottery member #16.

Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Lottery

Playing the lottery

List of Lottery Ticket Locations in Shadow Hearts: Covenant