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Zhaoyang Village

Zhaoyang Village is a level in Shadow Hearts. This is the first level where a true boss monster is fought. This is also where the player encounters Zhuzhen for the first time.

Plot Significance

Yuri and Alice find Zhaoyang Village as the first point of civilisation after escaping from the Trans-Siberian Express.

They are greeted at the gate by two small children. They are hesitant to let Yuri through th gates, but once they see Alice, they oblige and let them into the village.

The children rush off to Granny Mayor‘s house, insisting that Yuri and Alice follow them.

They find the house locked, so decide to explore the village some more. They enter the Shrine of the Black Tortoise God, which is covered with human bones, suggesting that the people who live in this village are cannibals. An old man who lives in the village explains that the people had gotten rid of the Black Tortoise God and replaced it with the Earth Yamaraja – a demon they now worship.

Yuri and Alice agree to spend the night with Granny Mayor, even so they are sure they will be killed an eaten. Sure enough, in the night, the two children come and try to kill them. The children turn into Hellcats so Yuri and Alice kill them in self defense.

Yuri and Alice then leave the house, finding the village transformed – the air and ground are red, and the ground is covered in entrails. Yuri assumes that the cat-demons that live in the village currently must have devoured the previous residents. The village is now occupied by monsters.

They attempt to escape the village only to find it blocked by a Taoist seal. They run back up to the shrine, and find Granny Mayor who disappears.

Shortly afterwards, Yuri and Alice encounter a “Quack Oracle” who introduces himself as Zhuzhen as well as his business partner Meiyuan.

Zhuzhen explains that he is an exorcist who was hired by a neighbouring village to rid Zhaoyang of the evil within. He says to Alice and Yuri that the seal they saw is the Seal of Tiefeng, which is the mark of Dehuai – a sorcerer who supposedly lost his powers 15 years ago.

In order to remove the seal, they must defeat Granny Mayor in order to access the keeper of the seal, the Earth Yamaraja.

In order to find Granny Mayor, Zhuzhen has brought some anti-cat powder with him. Burning this will drive the cat-people out of hiding and into their true forms. Upon finding her and lighting the anti-cat powder, Granny Mayor turns into her true form and is defeated by the party.

As Granny Major is dying she reveals that the cat-people are born from the souls of domestic cats, and should they not find prey, they kill and eat their own young.

The party enter the shrine, ready to face the Yamaraja. Upon violating the shrine, the Yamaraja appears and is defeated.

After defeating the Yamaraja, Alice explains that she was kidnapped by Japanese soldiers in Changchun and being taken by train to Fengtian. Upon this train she was kidnapped again by a man calling himself Roger Bacon. Zhuzhen explains that her powers are referred to as “Demon Eyes” and Yuri’s Harmonixer ability of Fusion is a forbidden Japanese art, thought to be lost.

They head toward the village gate which has ow reopened. Meiyuan and Zhuzhen leaves. Before leaving, Zhuzhen says that he suspects that their

meeting was no accident and someone is behind all of this.

Enemies Encountered

Felinus (boss)
Yamaraja: Earth (boss)

Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: Zhaoyang Village

  • Previous Level: Plains
  • [Cutscene]
  • Head North through the town to the shrine
  • Party can save near the Well
  • [Cutscene]
  • Head back into the town, and to Granny Mayor‘a house (north West)
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Hellcat x2
  • [Cutscene]
  • The Town is now populated by monsters (see above)
  • Go to the Shrine
  • [Cutscene]
  • Go through the village to the gate
  • [Cutscene]
  • Zhuzhen joins the party!
  • Head back to Granny Mayor’s House
  • Need to find: Torch & Metal Bowl
  • Torch: Near the gate
  • Metal Bowl: Near the stalls in town
  • Make your way back to Granny Mayor’s House
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Felinus
  • [Cutscene]
  • Head to Shrine
  • Boss: Yamaraja: Earth
  • [Cutscene]
  • Next Level: Fengtian
  • Zhaoyang Village Items

  • Angel’s Feather – Near Gate
  • Snake Card – speak to man at stalls
  • Bronze Arrowhead – Opposite the stalls
  • Tent – Well
  • Talisman of Luck – Near Lost Peddlar
  • Phoenix Tail – hidden at the back of Granny Mayor’s house
  • Shell Bracelet – Hidden in Shrine
  • Zhaoyang Village Shop

    The Shop here is located with the Lost Peddlar who stands North-East of the well.

    Shell Bracelet2770
    Bone Bracelet2960
    Leather Belt320
    Thera Leaf50
    Mana Leaf100
    Pure Leaf230
    Talisman of Luck480
    Mermaid’s Tear70
    Holy Mother Bust75
    Phoenix Tail90
    Bronze Arrowhead100
    Silver Hourglass100

    Origin & Trivia

    Zhaoyang Village is the first place the player encounters the Lost Peddlar in Shadow Hearts as well as the place you find the Snake Card for getting discount at the shops throughout the game.


    Zhaoyang Village Shadow Hearts

    Zhaoyang as it appears from the outside

    Zhaoyang Village Children Shadow Hearts

    The village children at Zhaoyang’s gate

    Zhaoyang Village Shadow Hearts

    The “normal” village

    Zhaoyang Village Shrine Shadow Hearts

    The Shrine in Zhaoyang Village

    Shadow Hearts Children Running Zhaoyang Village

    Granny Mayor’s House

    Zhaoyang village Battle Shadow Hearts

    Granny Mayor’s house in battle

    Zhaoyang Village Night shadow Hearts

    The “Other” Zhaoyang Village

    Zhaoyang Village Battle Shadow Hearts

    Zhaoyang as a battle ground

    Zhaoyang Village Seal Shadow Hearts

    The seal at Zhaoyang’s gate

    Zhaoyang Village Shrine Battle Shadow Hearts

    The Shrine as a battle ground