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Trans-Siberian Express

The Trans-Siberian express is a location in Shadow Hearts. It is the first level in the game. It is a train that is travelling from Changchun to Fengtian.

Plot Significance

Shadow Hearts opens on the Trans-Siberian express. Before the events of the game, Alice was kidnapped by Japanese soliders, and taken upon the train. The game starts in South Manchu, China where Albert Simon boards the train, calling himself Roger Bacon. It is here that Albert Simon attempts to attack Alice, who is being defended by the soliders that kidnapped her. He kills them, but is interrupted by Yuri. Albert Simon sends a Wind Shear to attack Yuri, while he escapes with Alice. Yuri then follows Albert Simon to the roof of the train and confronts him. Albert Simon is abnout to kill Yuri when the cross that Alice is wearing begins to glow. This gives Yuri time to take her off the train to the reletive safety of the plains.

Enemies Encountered

Wind Shear

Roger Bacon (boss – actually Albert Simon)

Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: Trans-Siberian Express

  • [Opening Cutscene]
  • Take Control of Yuri – Monsters (above) will now appear at random
  • Move through first 2 train carriages
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Roger Bacon (unwinnable)
  • [Cutscene]
  • Next Level: Plains
  • Trans-Siberian Express Items

  • Mana Leaf (2nd Carriage)
  • Thera Leaf (2nd Carriage)
  • Gallery

    Trans Siberian Express Shadow Hearts

    The Trans-Siberian Express in the Shadow Hearts Opening

    Trans Siberian Express Interior Shadow Hearts

    The Carriages in the Trans-Siberian Express

    Trans Siberian Express Level Shadow Hearts

    The Trans-Siberian Express Level

    Trans Siberian Express Battle Shadow Hearts

    Thr Trans Siberian Express Battle Background

    Trans Siberian Express First Class Shadow Hearts

    The First Class Carriages

    Trans Siberian Express Train Top Battle Shadow Hearts

    The battle atop the train

    Origin & Trivia

    The Trans-Siberian Express is a rail service that runs from Russia to China. It has never stopped in either Changchun or anywhere within Fengtian (now called Liaoning). However, the Trans-Manchurian line, which also used the Trans-Siberian line, does stop in Changchun. There is also no such place as “Manchu” – most likely this is a mistranslation of “Manchuria”.