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The Float

The Float (Also known as Neam or Neameeto or “The Castle of Deranged Gods”) is the final level in Shadow Hearts. It is summoned by Albert Simon to act as a beacon to bring Meta-God to Earth.

Plot Significance

The Float was built by beings who are not originally from Earth who visited long ago. It once acted as “the Throne of an Ancient God”, but has since come to rest under the sea. For Millennia, The Float lay dormant under the Irish Sea. Albert Simon’s ultimate plan is to destroy humanity by summoning this God to Earth. In order to do that he must raise the float from under the sea to the sky. Once there it is able to act as a beacon which will call the Meta-God.

Albert Simon is able to achieve this goal and raises The Float by conducting a ritual from within Nemeton Monastery. He then travels to the float to await the arrival of Meta-God.

Meanwhile, Yuri and the rest of the party go into discussions with Roger Bacon as to how to stop Meta-God. Roger explains that Meta-God is a giant alien from space and if it were to arrive on Earth, nothing could stop it. However, if they were to destroy the float that would prevent Meta-God from arriving. Roger devises a teleporter that is able to teleport the party up to the Float.

When the party teleports up to the Float, their challenge is to find Albert Simon. The Float is filled with traps, monsters and is maze like. At one stage, Yuri is separated from the rest of the party, and it is up to them to free him from a trap. Once back together, they work together to find their way through the Float to find Albert Simon.

At the top of the Float, they find Albert Simon waiting for them, ready to create his new world. Albert Simon accepts that it is his destiny to do battle with Yuri, and transforms into a creature called Messiah to battle him. However, Yuri’s party is victorious. Albert Simon acknowledges that if there are still people as strong and as determined as the party, there may yet be hope for humanity. He uses the last for his spirit to teleport the parry above the float, into the stratosphere to meet with Meta-God.

Meta-God descends from the gulf of space, and engages the party in a fierce battle. However, they are victorious. Meta-God disappears, the Float along with it.

Enemies Encountered

Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: The Float

The Float can be split into two parts. The first part involves getting past many different coloured gates, and the second part involves using invisible teleporters to navigate the level.

  1. Previous Level: Nemeton Monastery
  2. First Room: You can leave using the yellow panel. Run up the stairs and around to the left-most door.
  3. Approach the red barrier to be shown that it cannot be passed
  4. Go back to the first room, but enter the right-most door.
  5. Continue up the stairs and into the room at the end.
  6. You should have a cutscene where Yuri and another party member are trapped behind a barrier.
  7. Choose the character you want to control for this next segment.
  8. Run back to the red gate – it should be open now
  9. Run up the stairs and through the door.
  10. Run to the end of the corridor and examine the triangular dent in the wall. This will free Yuri and the other character.
  11. Controlling Yuri now, take him to meet the other party at the triangular dent.
  12. Take the right hand fork in the corridor
  13. Run up both sets of stairs
  14. Prepare your party to battle Boss: Soul Block.
  15. After the battle you can save, change party members and teleport back to Nemeton Monastery.
  16. Run to the right-hand side, and stand on the green light to disable the green barrier (this can be found by going back to the fork and taking the left path)
  17. Run through the middle door
  18. Stand on the glowing point to disable a barrier
  19. Come back out to the boss room, run through the right-hand door.
  20. Stand on the red point at the right-hand side to disable the red barrier. going left leads to treasure.
  21. Go back to boss room and run out the left-hand door.Going right leads to treasure, go straight ahead to progress.
  22. Prepare for Boss: Hate
  23. After defeating the boss, the party can be reformed, you can save and telport back to Nemeton Monastery if you want.

The second half of the Float involves navigating through the Float while using teleporters. These teleporters are invisible and work in such a way that if they are approached from opposite sides, they teleport somewhere different. The route below shows the most direct route through The Float.

  1. Go north from the Hate boss room
  2. Go down the corridor
  3. Go down the next corridor – you will be teleported.
  4. You will now be in the middle of a room with some stairs leading up and some stairs leading down.
  5. Take the south exit
  6. Go down the steps and around the corner – you will be teleported.
  7. You should now be half way up some steps in a room with a lot of staircases.
  8. Continue up the stairs
  9. At the top of the stairs, turn right – you will be teleported.
  10. You should now be half-way up some stairs again, but this room has wider staircases and fewer stairs.
  11. Run up the stairs and into the next room
  12. In the next room, go to the left, and run up the small staircase.
  13. Run behind the large staircase, all the way to the right – there should be a teleporter hidden right next to the far right wall.
  14. You should now be in a room you’ve been before – in the bottom circle.
  15. Take the left-hand path through to the next room
  16. Take the stairs on the right and continue to climb the stairs until you are teleported
  17. You should be back in the room with the circular platforms.
  18. Walk into the top right circle and turn left down the stairs – you will be teleported
  19. Run up the stairs
  20. Prepare to fight Boss: Scapegoat
  21. Your party can save, swap and teleport back to Nemeton Monastery here.
  23. Walk North through two corridors to meet Albert Simon
  24. Boss: Messiah
  25. Final Boss: Meta-God
  26. Congratulations – you have completed Shadow Hearts!

The Float Items

  • Crank Slingshot
  • Berserker Earrings
  • Seal of Aura
  • Silver Thread Coat
  • Monk Earrings
  • Rubber Suit
  • Talisman of Power
  • Sage’s Staff
  • Mind’s Eye
  • V. Blade Blodauth
  • Heretic’s Coat

Origin and Trivia

  • The Float is said to be similar to many mysterious, vanished civilisations such as the Tower of Babel (the origin of all language on Earth)
  • Roger says that “Neam” means “Float” in Ancient Ebi – there is no such language as Ebi. However “Neam” means “Nation” in Romanian.
  • The other name for The Float “Neameeto” doesn’t seem to originate anywhere.