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Smuggler’s Boat

The Smuggler’s Boat is a level in Shadow Hearts. The party are using the boat as a means of gettingt from Dalian to Shanghai.

Plot Significance

The Smuggler’s Boat is run by Kawashima and Kato who are pretending to be smugglers in order to trap the party before they reach Shanghai in order to take them to Japan.

Upon the boat, Zhuzhen expresses that it is surrounded by an Unearthly Aura. This is confirmed later when Kawashima and Kato report that the boat is just turning in circles and they can no longer control it.

It turns out that this is being caused by Li Li who wants to kill the party. Li Li is then stopped with the help of Sea Mother who has hidden herself in the cargo hold.

Once Li Li is defeated, the party arrive safely in Shanghai.

Later in the game, Suketani hides the Yawang Gate key on this boat.

If Kowloon Fortress is unlocked, the party use this boat to get from Shanghai to Kowloon.

Enemies Encountered

Ogre Flame
White Wolfling
Li Li (Boss, fought twice)

Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: Smuggler’s Boat

  • Previous Level: Dalian
  • [cutscene]]
  • Walk outside the cabin (party can save in cabin)
  • [Cutscene]
  • Walk to the front of the boat, investigate the door to the steering wheel room.
  • [Cutscene]
  • Speak to Zhuzhen at the front of the boat
  • Go back to the cabin and speak to Alice
  • Go back outside to the front of the boat.
  • [Cutscene]
  • Monsters will now appear at random (see above)
  • After Sea Mother tells the story of Li Li, investigate the Steering Wheel Room, saving Kato & Kawashima from monsters.
  • Head back to the cabin, save Sea Mother from monsters.
  • Head to the front of the boat where Zhuzhen has drawn a pentagram. Speak to him.
  • Boss: Li Li (normal, and then transformed)
  • [Cutscene]
  • Next Level: Shanghai
  • Smuggler’s Boat Items

  • Blue Cloak – hidden near barrels at front of boat
  • Lottery Ticket – Hidden in Steering Wheel Room
  • Rosewood Bracelet – Chest in Cabin
  • Phoenix Tail – Chest in Cabin
  • Smuggler’s Boat Shop

    The shop in the Smuggler’s Boat is available once Sea Mother has come out of hiding. You can talk to her in the cabin.


    Voodoo Doll5200
    Headgear 2600
    Belt 2600
    Skull Ring5000
    Skull Ring 25000
    Hexangonal Staff1100
    Type 94 Pistol1300
    Knuckle Blade1200
    Tome of the Shooting Star1420
    Leather Jacket1000
    Leather Skirt1200
    Rosewood Bracelet3000
    Angel Feather80
    Bronze Arrowhead100
    Silver Hourglass100
    Bronze Dagger200
    Gold Hourglass200
    Shell Bracelet2770
    Bone Bracelet2960
    Leather Belt320
    Thera Leaf50
    Mana Leaf100
    Pure Leaf230
    Talisman of Luck480
    Mermaid’s Tear70
    Holy Mother Bust75
    Phoenix Tail90

    Smuggler’s Boat Lottery

    Lottery Member #13 is Kato. Speak to him and he will offer these prizes:

  • Red Prize: Iron Sandles
  • Yellow Prize: Horn of the Blue Dragon
  • Blue Prize: Witch’s Broth
  • Green Prize: Pure Leaf
  • Origin & Trivia

  • Dalian is a large port town in China, and a major port of the smuggling trade.
  • The Chinese characters on the side of the boat say “Che’s Fishing Boat #13”
  • Sailing form Shanghai to Hong Kong (where Kowloon is) takes about two days
  • There used to be a regular ferry service from Dalian to Shanghai but it no longer exists.
  • Screenshots

    Smugglers Boat Map Shadow Hearts

    The Smuggler’s Boat on the map

    Smuggler's Boat Shadow Hearts

    The cabin on the Smugger’s Boat

    Seasick Yuri Smugglers Boat Shadow Hearts

    Yuri feeling seasick on the back of the Smuggler’s Boat

    Smugglers Boat Shadow Hearts

    The Chinese Characters on the back of the boat

    Steering Wheel Room Smugglers Boat shadow Hearts

    Navigation Room

    Battle Smugglers Boat Shadow Hearts

    In Battle on the Smugglers Boat

    Battle Insider Smuggler's Boat

    Battle on the insider of the Smuggler’s Boat

    Pentagram Smugglers Boat Shadow Hearts

    Zhuzhen Produces a pentagram to summon Li Li

    Pentagram Battle Smugglers Boat Shadow Hearts

    Battle field with the pentagram