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The Plains are a level in Shadow Hearts. They are the first level in the game where the player is required to explore by themselves.

Plot Significance

Once Yuri has left the Trans-Siberian Express with Alice, they end up in the plains, presumably in South Manchu.

Yuri engages Alice in conversation and she runs away as he begins to make sexual advances towards her. Shortly afterwards she gets attacked by monsters and he comes to her rescue. He explains that a voice in his head told him to protect her. From this they decide to travel together.

In order to reach the closest village they must cross a river, but in order to do this they must close the sluice gate. Upon finding the sluice gate handle, they decide to camp for the night.

While Alice is sleeping, Yuri is approached by a man in a fox mask and a military uniform who he addresses as “Father”. They do battle, Yuri passes out, and wakes up in a Graveyard.

Yuri is then awoken by Alice who thinks he is having a bad dream. He tells her this is not uncommon as he had many nightmares as a child.

In the morning, Yuri and Alice journey to a neighbouring village, but the voice in Yuri’s head warns them to be careful. Here it is explained that Alice can also hear the voice.

Enemies Encountered

Venomous Spider
Vampire Bat
Fox Face (boss)

Shadow Hearts Walk-Through: Plains

  • Previous Level: Trans-Siberian Express
  • [Cutscene]
  • After Alice runs away, take control of Yuri – random monsters (see above) will begin to appear
  • Head South from the Train Tracks to the cross-roads
  • From the Cross-Roads, head North West, to meet Alice again on the next screen
  • [Cutscene]
  • Alice Joins Your Party!
  • Head back to the cross-roads, and cross the wooden bridge
  • Investigate the Sluice-Gate to find that you need the handle – investigate key areas on this screen to find the handle
  • Go back to the Sluice Gate and turn the handle by succeeding on the Judgment Ring
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Fox Face (Unwinnable)
  • Graveyard Segment
  • [Cutscene]
  • Player can save here
  • Head back to the crossroads and then South to the final area in the Plains
  • Next Level: Zhaoyang Village

    Plains Items

  • Pure Leaf – Hidden near train tracks on first screen
  • Seal of Wisdom – On bank, near crossroads
  • Leather Belt – chest in sluice gate area (accessed from hidden path at the north-east of the Cross Roads)
  • Lottery Ticket – Chest on Crossroad screen (on banks near entrance to sluice gate)
  • Holy Mother Bust – Chest near Zhaoyang Village gate
  • Origin & Trivia

    The Plains are possibly located in the North-East China Plain which is also known as the Manchurian Plain in China. This ties in with the fact that the player first encounters the Trans-Siberian Express in “South Manchu” which is more likely supposed to have been translated as “South Manchuria”.


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