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The Orphanage is a location in the latter half of Shadow Hearts. It is located in the residential district of London. It is owned by Jack.

Plot Significance

A long time before the beginning of the game, the orphanage was just a mansion. Cardinal Albert Simon lived in this mansion after moving to England from Italy.

In 1909 after he died, the mansion was bought by Jack – a rich man who moved to London to become a doctor. He lived in the mansion with his mother Mary. However, 7 months after moving to London, Jack’s mother died. Originally it was thought to be a change in climate, but Jack found it to be very unnatural and perhaps a curse. He becomes obsessed with finding a way to bring his mother back to life.

It is not clear when Jack turned the mansion into an orphanage. Possibly sometime in 1910 after he translates the Emigré Manuscript, but perhaps later, once he has conducted experiments on animals. At some stage Jack hires the Man in Black and turns the mansion into an orphanage. He has orphans kidnapped and brought to him for use in his experiments.

It is not very clear what Jack’s experiments involve but it seems that the eldest child (or perhaps eldest girl) is kept in a separate room from the other children. At some stage Jack kills the other children for his experiments, and makes sure the selected child is strong for the next day (by feeding them well). The lone child is then used as a vessel to but a dead person’s soul in.

Jack has been trying to kidnap the London Rats: Halley, Chris, Joshua and Sharon for some time now. One day when Yuri knocks on his door alongside Alice and Margarete he instructs the man in black to follow them – as he knows they have been in contact with Halley.

The man in black is able to track them back to the London Rats’ Hideout and kidnap Chris, Joshua and Sharon. Jack puts Joshua and Sharon in a room together and keeps Chris separate as she will serve as the vessel for his mother.

However, before he is able to complete his experiment, the orphanage is broken into by Yuri and Halley who are able to defeat the man in black and rescue Joshua and Sharon. Just as Jack is about to complete his experiment, Halley gets angry and the walls begin to shake. He only calms down when a voice speaks to him.

Angry that his experiment cannot be complete, Jack then attacks the party. The party defeat him easily, and the energy in the room causes the experiment to continue without Chris as a vessel. Jack’s mother reawakens in the form of a monster which promptly attacks the party. Halley and Yuri are able to defeat it, and Jack dies not long afterward due to his injuries. They rescue Chris and return to London.

After The Float has risen, children start living in the Orphanage again and are treated with love and care.

Enemies Encountered

  • Night Stalker
  • Banshee
  • Larmgelg
  • Jack (Boss)
  • Mammon (Boss)
  • Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: Orphanage

    The first time you are taken to the Orphanage, go to the door and you will speak to Jack for the first time. After the children have been kidnapped you will come back a second time.

    You will have Yuri, Halley and either Margarete or Alice in your party for this level.

  • Previous Level: London
  • Enter the Orphanage
  • Party can save here
  • Examine the door on the left (on the ground floor)
  • [Cutscene]
  • Battle the Night Stalker and get the Kids Room Key
  • [Cutscene]
  • Get the Guestroom Key
  • Enter the Guestroom (top floor, left)
  • Examine the Small round table and complete the Judgment Ring
  • Examine the photo within
  • Go to Jack’s room (Top Floor, Right)
  • Enter the code 5375
  • Examine the painting at the back
  • Go to the lab (Bottom floor, large door)
  • Enter the code 3754
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Jack
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Mammon
  • [Cutscene]
  • Next Level: London
  • Emigré Manuscript Sidequest

    After the Float has risen, you can return to the Orphanage to find the Emigré manuscript. To do this, you must go through to the room where you fought Jack and speak to the child guarding the pot. He will ask if you want to play with him – say yes.

    The challenge is to find and speak to four children and return to speak to him within 60 seconds. The children are located as such:

    • In the ground floor bedroom – between two beds
    • In the main foyer – either behind a pillar on the upper floors or in the bottom right corner
    • In the upper right bedroom – Behind the desk
    • In the upper left bedroom – Either behind the bed or the table

    It can be difficult to find and speak to all the children in this time (since some of their hiding places are variable) so the best route is:

    1. Go out of the room with the pot and into the main room
    2. Run from the main room to the downstairs bedroom (to the left) and take note as to whether a child is behind the left pillar
    3. Speak to the child in the downstairs bedroom and run out to the main room
    4. Run across to the right – if the child is in the bottom right or hidden behind the top right pillar, speak to them
    5. Go into the top-right bedroom and speak to the child
    6. Go out into the foyer and run across to the left bedroom
    7. Speak to the child in the left bedroom and run into the foyer
    8. If the child was hidden behind the left pillar, speak to them, if not, run straight back to the main room and talk to the child in front of the pot

    After speaking to the child with the pot, approach the pot and speak to the child in the pot to receive the Emigré Manuscript.

    Orphanage Items

  • Seal of Luck – Kids’ Room
  • Monkey Paw – Kids’ Room
  • Pure Extract – Kids’ Room
  • Zodiac Bracelet – upstairs, lefthand side
  • Lottery Ticket – Fireplace, Guestroom
  • Eye of Ouroborous – Upstairs, Right-hand Side
  • Monk Earrings – Jack’s Room, Fireplace
  • Draze – Boss Room, (must return after level has been complete)
  • Orphanage Lottery

    Once you have the Emigré Manuscript, Lottery Member #3 is available to speak to – he is the child in the pot. The lottery here is difficult to play as you are playing with a blind Judgment Ring.

    • Red Prize: Crucifix
    • Yellow Prize: Seal of Wisdom
    • Blue Prize: Pure Extract
    • Green Prize: Pure Root

    Origin and Trivia

  • You can learn more about Jack and his mother by reading his diary in his room.
  • By reading the diary in the guest room you can learn more about what it was like to be an orphan in the orphanage – most likely the treatment this guest received, is similar to the fate Chris would have had.
  • The concept of orphans being used for medical experiments has happened in real life – particularly before and during the 2nd world war