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London (specifically, Old Castle Street) is a level in the second half of Shadow Hearts. The party travel to London to search for Cardinal Albert Simon.

Plot Significance

London is the home of the London Rats: Halley, Chris, Joshua and Sharon who live in an abandoned house on Old Castle Street since their parents abandoned them. It is implied that they used to live with a lot of other children, but those ones were captured and taken away to the orphanage that is run by Jack and these other children were never heard of again.

Jack also lives in London, but further North in the residential district. It was in the main City of London that Jack first encountered a man calling himself Roger Bacon who was able to help him with his experiments. This was 3 years prior to the beginning of the game.

In 1913 Yuri arrives in London with Alice, Zhuzhen, Margarete and Keith searching for Cardinal Albert Simon. They were told by the late Father Doyle that Cardinal Albert Simon had moved from Italy to London and owns a mansion there.

When the party arrive, Zhuzhen and Keith check in at the inn while Yuri, Margarete and Alice search for information about Cardinal Simon. As they are searching they see Joshua being harassed by a man wearing all back who claims to be trying to take him to the orphanage. The party chase the man away and Margarete checks to see if Joshua is okay. They offer to walk him home when his older sister Chris arrives and thanks them for saving Joshua before taking him home herself.

As the party decide to ask around some more, Margarete realises her wallet is missing – Joshua must have stolen it. They go to the pub and find out that Joshua is a member of the London Rats who have a hideout nearby. Yuri, Margarete and Alice return to Zhuzhen and Keith to report the missing money and after being scolded search for the London Rats’ hideout which they find in an old abandoned house.

The party confront Joshua and Chris (who are now back with Sharon) about the wallet and they confess – though Chris says that it was only because they hadn’t eaten in 3 days. They return the wallet and Joshua gives Margarete a crucifix as way of apology. Alice asks them why they’re here all by themselves. The kids tell them that they’re afraid to be taken to the orphanage because nobody ever comes back. Sharon claims the kids taken there are turned into monsters. Just as soon as explanation is provided, their leader: Halley appears.

Halley tells the party they should have been more careful around Joshua, but thanks them for helping him. He agrees to helps them if he can. They explains that they’re looking for Cardinal Albert Simon. Halley doesn’t know of this person, but thinks that Old Man Carl next door might know – so the party accompany him there. Old Man Carl explains that Cardinal Simon has a mansion just North of the town in the residential district.

The party (still accompanied by Halley) go to the mansion to find it has now become Jack’s orphanage. They return but do not know they are being followed by the man in black who is now able to figure out where the London Rats hideout is. While the party are back at the inn talking to Keith and Zhuzhen, the man in black is able to abduct Chris, Joshua and Sharon and take them to the orphanage.

When Halley discovers that the other kids have been taken he gets angry and this makes the walls and floor shake. When he calms down he explains that this is his power and the reason his mother abandoned him. Yuri agrees to help Halley find the other kids and sends one of the girls back to tell Keith and Zhuzhen where they have gone.

After travelling to the orphanage, Halley and Yuri go to Calios Mental Hospital to find Halley’s mother. They return to London unsuccessful, she has been taken by Albert Simon to Nemeton Monastery. Yuri and Alice travel there and are able to take her from Albert Simon.

Koudelka and Halley return to the London Rats’ hideout where she is able to catch up on much rest. After resting for a little while, Halley is able to speak with his mother properly for the first time in 3 years. She tells him that he is beginning to look a lot like his father and she is very proud of him. Halley asks Koudelka if he can continue to travel with Yuri – as he wants to see this quest through to the end. She says yes – on one condition – he promises to come back. Halley promises to come back and tells Koudelka that when they come back, they can to together with the London Rats to America to seek Halley’s father.

Alice and Yuri come up to speak with Koudelka, where she thanks them both for saving her. Yuri is impressed that the voice in his head turned out to be such a beautiful woman, but asks why he must always get headaches. Koudelka tells him that is is because he is a Harmonixer – all the souls of all the monsters became afraid when they heard her voice, resulting in Yuri having a headache.

She tells Alice that she is proud of her, that due to all the danger she faces – the curse she is under – that she still persists. Alice says she couldn’t have done it without her companions. Koudelka wishes them the best of luck in the final encounter with Albert Simon and thanks them for coming to talk to her.

Enemies Encountered

Pit Fight Monsters

Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: London

After Rouen

  • Previous Level: Rouen
  • [Cutscene]
  • Party can save in the inn to the right
  • Go up to the top of the street to the next screen
  • Make to cross the bridge
  • [Cutscene]
  • Go to the pub and speak to the bartender
  • [Cutscene]
  • Go back to the inn and speak to Zhuzhen
  • [Cutscene]
  • Go back to the bridge and cross
  • Approach the abandoned house
  • Examine the wood on the ground that looks like a trap door and complete the Judgment Ring
  • Descend the ladder
  • Party can save in this room
  • Make your way along the walkway and to the ladder leading upwards.
  • Climb the ladder
  • Climb the stairs
  • [Cutscene]
  • Go back outside and to the house next door (to the right)
  • [Cutscene]
  • Next Level: Orphanage
  • After Orphanage

  • Previous Level: Orphange
  • Go to the inn and speak to Zhuzhen
  • [Cutscene]
  • Speak to all the poeple in the town
  • Go to the London Rats hideout (to the attic where you spoke to the kids before)
  • [Cutscene]
  • Next Level: Orphanage
  • After Orphanage (after killing Jack)

  • Previous Level: Orphanage
  • [Cutscene]
  • Exit London and go to Calios Mental Hospital
  • Calios Mental Hospital
  • After Mental Hospital

  • Previous Level: Calios Mental Hospital
  • Leave the London Rats’ Hideout and go to the bridge to find Halley
  • [Cutscene]
  • Exit London and go to Rouen
  • Next Level: Rouen
  • After Rouen (when Alice revists)

  • Previous Level: Rouen
  • [Cutscene]
  • Exit London and go to Nemeton Monastery
  • Next Level: Nemeton Monastery
  • After Nemeton Monastery

  • Previous Level: Nemeton Monastery
  • Go to the London Rats’ Hideout and climb the stairs to the attic
  • [Cutscene]
  • Exit London and go to Nemeton Monastery
  • Next Level: Nemeton Monastery
  • London Items

  • Discount Card – Can be bought off man stood outside the hotel
  • Lottery Ticket – On street, behind the hotel entrance
  • Mana Extract – Behind the bar at the pub
  • Oak Slingshot – Behind wall, near left-hand house on the north side of the river
  • Thera Extract – Near crumbed wall at abandoned house
  • Demon Earrings – In London Rats Hideout, to the left of entry ladder
  • Lottery Ticket – In London Rats Hideout in corner on entrance rug
  • Soul Benediction – Behind crate, upstairs at London Rats hideout
  • Talisman of Purity – Near Fireplace, London Rats Hideout
  • Warning Device – In Attic, in London Rats Hideout
  • Seal of Force – Bench in Old Carl’s
  • Lottery Ticket – Bookcase at Old Carl’s
  • Kirin Scale – Bookcase at Old Carl’s
  • London Shop

    Inside the Pub, the Silent Peddlar appears selling items and Pedometer services.

    Oracle’s Staff8600
    Jasper Cape9200
    Charming Pareo5500
    Loin Guard5200
    Cosmic Bracelet11500
    Pocket Watch5200
    Will Power5200
    Coral Lariat5050
    Talisman of Wisdom1280
    Talisman of Purity1760
    Soul Benediction500
    Mirror Bracelet3240
    Leonardo’s Bear3330
    Jade Lariat5050
    Thera Root300
    Mana Root500
    Talisman of Mercy820
    Thera Seed120
    Mana Seed230
    Pure Seed510
    Voodoo Doll5200
    Bell Bracelet3120
    Rosewood Bracelet3000
    Bronze Arrowhead100
    Bronze Dagger200
    Silver Hourglass100
    Gold Hourglass200
    Shell Bracelet2770
    Bone Bracelet2960
    Pure Leaf230
    Talisman of Luck480

    London Lottery

    Lottery Member #5 appears in London is the drunk man outside the hotel.

  • Red Prize: Priest Earrings
  • Yellow Prize: Seal of Speed
  • Blue Prize: Thera Extract
  • Green Prize: Thera Root
  • Origin and Trivia

  • London is the capital of England.
  • Old Castle Street is a real place in London, in the Whitechapel district – most famous for the Jack the Ripper murders in the 1880s.
  • Old Castle Street was probably chosen as the location of the London Rats Hideout due to the fact Whitechapel is where Fagin (a character from Oliver Twist who lead a criminal organisation of orphans) had one of his dens.
  • Old Castle Street does not cross the Thames or any other river.
  • After completing Nemeton Monastery, if you go to Old Carl’s house you can use the phone and get hints as to how to find the Gravestones
  • If You give the Slingshot to Joshua, he will upgrade it to the Improved Slingshot
  • In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Kato is on his way to London, but a storm prevents him from going further than Southampton