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Kowloon Fortress

Kowloon Fortress is an optional level in the Asia half of Shadow Hearts. The player can unlock Kowloon Fortress by answering Dehuai‘s statements with Alice‘s first response. Kowloon Fortress is where Wugui comes from.

Plot Significance

Since Kowloon Fortress is an optional level, it holds no true significance to the plot. It is discovered that upon rescuing Wugui from Wuhan, Albert Simon rented space in Kowloon, and has been using Wugui’s body for experiments in Black Magic and Voodoo – effectively making Wugui into an obedient servant.

Enemies Encountered

  • Red Ogre
  • Blue Ogre
  • Happy Creeper
  • Speckled Creeper
  • Dark Judge
  • Wugui (boss)
  • Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: Kowloon Fortress

    The player must first unlock Kowloon Fortress.

    How to Unlock Kowloon Fortress in Shadow Hearts

    In the torture scene with Alice and Dehuai, Alice must choose the first of each of the possible answers.

    Back in Shanghai, talk to the man on the pier and use the Smuggler’s Boat to travel to Kowloon.

    Inside Kowloon Fortress

  • Progress through the apartment building until you reach a hallway with two sets of steps. Take the first set leading right.
  • Traverse the next screen into the operating theatre
  • Examine the table closest to the camera (there are some books, a lamp and a plant pot) to recieve Wugui’s Room Key
  • Go back to the hallway with two staircases and take the second staircase this time.
  • Travel through the rest of the apartment building – it is a linear path.
  • Save outside Wugui’s Room
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Wugui
  • [Cutscene]
  • Kowloon Fortress Items

  • Lottery Ticket – screen before the save point
  • Face Guard – Climb up the steps in the operating theatre and there is a chest
  • Weapon for Yuri – room before operating table (chest behind set of steps)
  • Kowloon Fortress Shop

    There is a shop in Kowloon Fortress – the Silent Pedometer Salesman appears after Wugui has been defeated.

    Zodiac Bracelet10300
    Cosmic Bracelet11500
    Faerie’s Sigh85
    Talisman of Mercy820
    Thera Seed120
    Mana Seed230
    Pure Seed510
    Brigande Earrings5000
    Pirate Earrings5000
    Voodoo Doll5200
    Bell Bracelet3120
    Leather Cap600
    Studded Cap1700
    Casual Belt600
    Western Belt1700
    Leather Jacket1000
    Leather Skirt1200
    Rosewood Bracelet3000
    Angel Feather80
    Bronze Arrowhead100
    Bronze Dagger200
    Silver Hourglass100
    Gold Hourglass200
    Shell Bracelet2770
    Bone Bracelet2960
    Leather Belt320
    Thera Leaf50
    Mana Leaf100
    Pure Leaf230
    Talisman of Luck480
    Mermaid’s Tear70
    Holy Mother Bust75
    Phoenix Tail90
    Leonardo’s Bear3330

    Kowloon Fortress Lottery

    Lottery Member #10 is available to speak to outside of the main level. Here is a list of prizes available.

  • Red Prize: Mind’s Eye
  • Yellow Prize: Gold Bell
  • Blue Prize: Talisman of Wisdom
  • Green Prize: Pure Seed
  • Origin & Trivia

  • Kowloon Fortress is based on a real location – the walled city of Kowloon, which is an urban district of Hong Kong.
  • Screenshots

    Kowloon Fortress Shadow Hearts Map

    Kowloon Fortress on the world map

    Kowloon Fortress Exterior Shadow Hearts

    The exterior of Kowloon Fortress

    Kowloon Fortress Alleyway Shadow Hearts

    An alleyway leading to Kowloon

    Kowloon Fortress Hallway Shadow Hearts

    The Hallway with two staircases

    Kowloon Fortress Stairs Shadow Hearts

    Stairs between buildings

    Kowloon Fortress Operating Room Shadow Hearts

    The operating room where the key is found

    Kowloon Fortress Shadow Hearts Battle

    Battle in Kowloon Fortress

    Kowloon Fortress Alleyway

    An Alleyway

    Stairs Kowloon Fortress Shadow Hearts


    Kowloon Fortress Apartments Shadow Hearts

    Inside the apartment building

    Kowloon Fortress Dentist Shadow Hearts

    A Dentists surgery

    Staircase Kowloon Fortress

    Another Staircase

    Kowloon Fortress Bridge

    A bridge between apartment buildings

    Kowloon Fortress Save Point Shadow Hearts

    The Save point outside Wugui’s Room

    Wugui's Room Shadow Hearts Kowloon Fortress

    Wugui’s Room

    Kowloon Fortress Boss Battle Shadow Hearts

    The Boss Battle