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Cave Temple

Cave Temple is an optional level in Shadow Hearts. Cave Temple can be accessed once in the possession of the Emigré Manuscript.

How to Unlock Cave Temple in Shadow Hearts

To unlock Cave Temple, you must be have the Emigré Manuscript. To get the Emigré Manuscript you go to Orphanage after The Float has risen.

In the Orphanage, go to the room where Jack was trying to resurrect his mother and speak to the boy stood in front of the pot. He will ask you to play a game with him – accept.

The game he wants to play is Hide and Seek. You must find four children and return to him within a minute. The quickest way to do this is:

  1. Run out to the main hall and turn left into the downstairs bedroom. While doing this, take a note whether or not there is a child behind the top left pillar
  2. Find the girl hiding between two beds and run out to the main hallway
  3. Run across to the right-hand staircase. If there is a child behind the top right pillar, speak to him. He may also be in the bottom right corner – if he is, speak to him. If you saw him earlier behind the top-left stairs, ignore him for now and run up the right stairs and into the right bedroom
  4. In the right bedroom, find the child hidden behind the table or near the bed and run back to the main room
  5. Run to the left bedroom and find the child hidden behind the table or near the bed.
  6. Run out to the main room. If the child was hidden behind the top-left pillar, speak to him
  7. Run downstairs and into the pot room, speak to the child standing in front of the pot

The child will now move aside and you can go and investigate the pot to find the Emigré Manuscript – Cave Temple should now appear on your map.


Not much is known about Cave Temple except that it is an old, ruined temple near Bournemouth, UK. Cave Temple is where Cherubim sleeps.

Enemies Encountered

Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: Cave Temple

When you receive the Emigré Manuscript, if you examine it, this is written on the back: “Stone Temple…Take the Path of the Left Dragon…“.

When you arrive at Cave Temple, there is a map on the wall that shows you what this path is – if you deviate from the path, you will be send back to the entrance (with a few exceptions).

Cave Temple: Path of the Left Dragon

The Route you must take to get Keith‘s ultimate armour is the Path of the Left Dragon. You must follow these directions:

  1. Up (↑)
  2. Left (←)
  3. Up (↑)
  4. Left (←)
  5. Down (↓)
  6. Down (↓)
  7. Left (←)
  8. Left (←)
  9. Up (↑)
  10. Left (←) (Player Can Save here)
  11. Up (↑) (To reach the Mantle of Shivering)

You can also find Priest Earrings by going Up (↑) on Step 2.

Cave Temple: Path of the Right Dragon

Once the Mantle of Shivering has been found, the text on the Emigré Manuiscript will change to “Stone Temple…Take the Path of the Right Dragon…“. The path of the Right is the mirror of the path of the Left dragon – so any step where you took a Left, take a Right.

  1. Up (↑)
  2. Right (→)
  3. Up (↑)
  4. Right (→)
  5. Down (↓)
  6. Down (↓)
  7. Right (→)
  8. Right (→)
  9. Up (↑)
  10. Right (→) (Player Can Save here)
  11. Up (↑) (Leads to Cherubim – Boss)

You can also find Angel Earrings by going Up (↑) on Step 2.

Defeating Cherubim unlocks Zhuzhen‘s ultimate weapon, the Holy Peak Staff.

Cave Temple Items

  • Priest Earrings
  • Angel Earrings
  • Mantel of Shivering
  • Holy Peak Staff

Origin & Trivia

  • Cave Temple Appears to be in Bournemouth. There are several ruins in Bournemouth, but they are of castles, rather than temples.