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Calios Mental Hospital

Calios Mental Hospital is a location in the Europe half of Shadow Hearts. It is one of the bases of operation of the Friar Knights of the Inquistion and where Koudelka is being held captive.

Plot Significance

Some time before the beginning of Shadow Hearts, Koudelka is captured by Albert Simon and Arcane Olga and brought to Calios Mental Hospital. There she is kept captive and tortured by the Friar Knights of the Inquisition until she agrees to allow Simon to use her Black Magic.

Calios Mental Hospital is supposed to be impossible to break into as it is heavily guarded by the Inquisition. Supposedly no one has ever left alive. Halley has tried to break in several times before to rescue Koudelka, but is not successful until he teams up with Yuri during the events of Shadow Hearts.

Before Halley and Yuri arrive, Albert Simon plots with Viscount Rausan to use Koudelka as bait to lure Yuri – and hopefully Alice to Calios Mental Institution. When Yuri and halley arrive, they are assaulted by several guards of the inquisition but fight them to make their way to Koudelka.

Yuri and Halley find Koudelka locked in a dungeon. Before they can reach her they are attacked by Viscount Rausan and are forced to kill him. Halley manages to find a way into the dungeon through the wall, but Yuri is unable to follow so goes off in search for a key.

Inside the dungeon, Halley finds his mother in a straightjacket and unable to speak due to torture. He attempts to soothe her, but is stopped by Albert Simon and Arcane Olga who teleport into the dungeon where Koudelka is being held. Halley begins to get angry causing his powers to surface. Albert Simon takes an interest in this – and beings to torture him.

Soon, Yuri arrives and tries to attack Simon, only to have his efforts rebuked. Simon tells Yuri and Halley why he has taken Koudelka and tortured her – he wants to use her black magic to act as a beckon to summon an evil God. He will use arcane magic to rid the worth of any unworthy beings and begin a new era.

Koudelka tries to wiggle her way over to Halley to prevent him from being tortured. Simon stops her by stepping on her. Koudelka summons the last of her magical strength to speak: she claims that Albert Simon is not Roger Bacon and urges Yuri and Halley to meet a man in Wales. She agrees to go with Simon if he allows Halley to go. Simon disappears with Koudelka, but leaves Olga who battles with Yuri and Halley. She is unsuccessful and dies in her duty to Simon.

Enemies Encountered

  • Specter
  • Buggs
  • Doom
  • Meat Eater
  • Rausan (boss)
  • Olga (boss)
  • Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: Calios Mental Hospital

  • Previous Level: London (after completing Orphanage
  • (Cutscene)
  • Go towards the entrance, you will be stopped by the guards and forced to battle them.
  • After battling the guards, go to the entrance and through the doors.
  • Inside, make your way down the corridor. You will be forced to battle more guards.
  • Key Item: Bronze Coin (Shimmering on the floor at the end of this corridor
  • Continue around the corner to the next corridor, you will battle more guards
  • Continue down the corridor to the next room with the torture chair
  • (Cutscene)
  • Continue into the next room where you will fight some guards
  • Key Item: Heart Key – dropped by guards after fighting
  • Player can save here
  • Key Item: Silver Coin – shimmering beside the top left table
  • Investigate rooms with Hearts on the door as you can open them now to get Key Item: Club Key inside a chest in one of the rooms
  • Investigate rooms with Clubs on the door to get Key Item: Diamond Key inside a chest and Key Item: Gold Coin shimmering on the floor near the table.
  • Investigate rooms with Diamonds on the door to get Key Item: Platinum coin shimmering on the floor near a table
  • Return to the room with the save point and drop the 4 coins into the fountains as such: Top Right – Bronze. Bottom Right – Platinum. Bottom Left – Gold Coin. Top Left – Silver Coin.
  • Go down the secret staircase and into the next room.
  • (Cutscene)
  • Boss Fight: Rausan
  • Key Item: Spade Key will drop after the boss battle
  • (Cutscene)
  • Halley will leave your party now.
  • Open the door with the spade design on it and receive Key Item: Dungeon Key from the chest
  • Go back to the dungeon and open the door
  • (Cutscene)
  • Boss: Olga
  • (Cutscene)
  • Previous Level: London
  • The doors are laid out as such:

    First Corridor

    The only doors that open here are 2 on the right-hand side of the screen closest to the entrance of the Mental Hospital. They are both heart doors.

    Second Corridor

    The doors from L-R are:

    – Club
    – Spade
    – Club
    – Diamond

    Calios Mental Hospital Items

  • Laurel Slingshot – Inside Guardhouse
  • Demon Ward Necklace – In chest outside entrance
  • Lottery Ticket – In second Corridor
  • Fruit of Yggdrasil – In Heart Room Chest
  • Key to Success – In Heart Room Chest
  • Deathblade, Jiru – In Koudelka’s Dungeon
  • Fire Gravestone – Glittering inside a chest inside a room, oncce the Float has been opened
  • Calios Mental Hospital Lottery

    Lottery Member #4 appears in Calios after the level has been beaten for the first time. It is an invisible person or a ghost sitting in the torture chair.

  • Red Prize: Eternity Card
  • Yellow Prize: Seal of Force
  • Blue Prize: Mana Extract
  • Green Prize: Mana Root
  • Origin and Trivia

  • Calios Mental Hospital is most likely based on Bethlam (AKA Bedlam) Royal Hospital. Bethlam was Europe’s first hospital to specialise in the treatment of mental illness.
  • According to the map, Calios Mental Hospital is in Norfolk county – about 130 miles from London. This is a 3+ day walk.