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Ancient Ruins

The Ancient Ruins are an optional Level in Shadow Hearts. They can be accessed by finding the Book of Rituals.

How to Unlock the Ancient Ruins in Shadow Hearts

To unlock the Ancient Ruins, you must wait until The Float has risen. After this occurs, make sure that Alice and Zhuzhen are in the party. Go to the top of Nemeton Monastery. There, Zhuzhen will find the Book of Rituals, which will allow the player to find the Ancient Ruins on the world map.


The origins and history of the Ancient Ruins are a mystery. They are where Seraphim has been sleeping for a long time.

Enemies Encountered

Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: Ancient Ruins

To complete the Ancient Ruins it must first be unlocked by finding the Book of Rituals. The Book of Rituals can be found by going to the top of Nemeton Monastery with Alice and Zhuzhen in your party once The Float has risen.

There are three routes through the Ancient Ruins. The second cannot be completed until after the first. The third needs the Pulse Tract to be completed and cannot be obtained without having completed the first two.

Each Route within the Ancient Ruins leads to a different item being obtained. To complete eahc route you must go through 7 doors in the correct order. Each door has a light above it.

Ancient Ruins: First Route (Gold Thread Coat)

To find the Gold Thread Coat (Alice’s Ultimate Armour) you must go through the doors in the order of the Rainbow. If you read the Book of Rituals it states “Cross the Rainbow, then follow the Drops of Blood to the Royal Garden”.

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue (Light Blue)
  6. Indigo (Dark Blue)
  7. Violet (Pink)

This will cause the water to go down in the central room. Going down here allows you to find the Gold Thread Coat.

Ancient Ruins: Second Route (Seraphim & Volt Snipe)

Once the first route has been completed and the Gold Thread Coat obtained, leave the Ancient Ruins and come back. The Book of Rituals will now read “Controller of the Rainbow. Go backwards like a devil. Follow the Royal Garden to the Drops of Blood.”. You must go through the doors in the opposite order to before.

  1. Violet (Pink)
  2. Indigo (Dark Blue)
  3. Blue (Light Blue)
  4. Green
  5. Yellow
  6. Orange
  7. Red

This time the water will empty and the path downwards will lead to a boss battle with Seraphim. Once defeated, you will receive Halley‘s Ultimate Weapon: Volt Snipe.

Ancient Ruins: Third Route (Stone of Rebirth)

To access the third route, you must have picked up the Erotic Book from Kuihai Tower and completed the first two routes of the Ancient Ruins.

Once these are complete, go to Nemeton Monastery and speak to Roger. He will exchange the Erotic Book for the Pulse Tract.

The Pulse Tract will have the following instructions: “The Rainbow’s Treasure is Golden Moon, Burning Sun, Old Forest, Royal Garden, Ocean’s Colour, Drops of Blood and from Sky to Rebirth”. This requires you go through the doors in the following order:

  1. Yellow
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Violet (Pink)
  5. Indigo (Dark Blue)
  6. Red
  7. Blue (Light Blue)

After which the secret room will hold the Stone of Rebirth which is necessary to fuse Seraphic Radiance.

Ancient Ruins Items

  • Angel Earrings
  • Lottery Ticket
  • Gold Thread Coat
  • Volt Snipe
  • Key Item: Stone of Rebirth

Origin & Trivia

  • The Ancient Ruins look as if they are located in Yugoslavia (today they would be located in either Slovenia or Croatia)