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St. Marguerite

St. Marguerite is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is an island prison where Sapientes Gladio are holding Roger Bacon.

Plot Significance

After being kidnapped, Roger is brought to St. Marguerite Island and interrogated and tortured by Nicolai for the location of the Émigré Manuscript.

Once the party learn where Roger is being held, they travel to St. Marguerite Island in an attempt to rescue him. When they arrive, their Waterway Key which opens the fortress is stolen by Stray Wolf and Blanca follows him to retrieve it.

As the party travel through the prison they enter a room that smells strongly of perfume. Lucia correctly identifies the scent as a poison that paralyses you. Blanca is unaffected and runs back to the forest where he met the other wolves. Nicolai takes the Émigre Manuscript from the paralysed Yuri and leaves the party to the mercy of Veronica and Lenny who bring them to some prison cells.

Veronica appeals to the party to have a volunteer to be her “slave”, or she will torture all of them. She takes the volunteer to a torture chamber and electrocutes them until they faint. In the meantime, Lenny is trying to find Blanca, and Nicolai leaves to deliver the Émigre Manuscript to The Master.

Blanca, trying to find a way through the forest and to his friends, is challenged to a battle by Philippe, the alpha of forest wolves. Once Blanca defeats him, Blanca becomes the alpha and Philippe asks him if he is related to a wolf called Lobo who saved him when he was a pup, but Blanca says he doesn’t know his family.

Blanca is allowed through to the main fortress and has to sneak around the fortress to find the prison cells with his friends in them. He has to fight Oscar, Veronica’s guard dog, and then is able to free the party. This sets off an alarm.

To rescue Roger they need a way into his room, and they are able to find a locksmith who is able to make them a key. They make their way to Roger’s room and find him bound to a chair. They are ambushed by Lenny and Veronica, who send many Clawed Admirals to attack them. After all his admirals are defeated, Veronica leaves the rest of the fighting to Lenny, who transforms into Godhand and blows a hole in the wall. After he is defeated he falls through the hole and disappears.

The party finally free Roger, who is disappointed to learn that the Émigre Manuscript has been taken, in spite of his resisting all the torture at the hands of Sapientes Gladio. The party agree that they will travel with Roger back to Wales to come up with a strategy for getting the book back.

Enemies Encountered

Origin & Trivia

  • St. Marguerite is a real location, it is a small island off the south coat of France near Cannes.
  • The real St. Marguerite was also a high security prison, that was especially famous for housing The Man in the Iron Mask, a mysterious prisoner from the late 1600s/early 1700s.

Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: St. Marguerite Island

Previous Level: Cannes

  1. Party can save here
  2. Approach the door, and the Waterway Key will get stolen
  3. As Blanca, go through the small hole to the left
  4. Blanca can save and shop to the left
  5. Go to the right and fight the Stray Wolf to get the Waterway Key back
  6. Return to Yuri
  7. As Yuri, enter the fortress and climb the stairs
  8. Open the door on Yuri’s right
  9. Progress through the room
  10. Go up the corridor and take the door on the right
  11. Cross the room and examine the lock on the door which prompts for a code
  12. Speak to the prisoners to gain the code. The hints are below:
    • All the numbers are even
    • The numbers go in descending order
    • All the numbers are 4 or higher
    • The number 8 is used
  13. Input the code 8-6-4 to unlock the door
  14. The party will be knocked out and awaken in a prison
  15. The choice that you make here determines which character is tortured by Veronica:
    • Ulp..! She’s looking this wayYuri
    • Fine, let her at me!Karin
    • I just might like the kinky stuff…Gepetto
    • Sometimes, a man’s got to stand!Joachim
    • …… (I won’t look at her…) – Lucia
  16. After this you will play as Blanca
  17. Travel through the forest to where you fought the Stray Wolf the last time and continue
  18. Fight Philippe
  19. In the fortress itself, Blanca has the ability to avoid or fight guards. If Blanca is spotted, he will have to fight guards the guards.
  20. Each section explains how to get past the guards, progress through the level by either stealth or battle.
  21. When Blanca is forced to hide in a room, find the Key Item: Ring of Keys in the filing cabinet at the back
  22. Continue through the level until the room where Blanca has to lure two guards out from behind the gate. The next room is a boss room, so before going through the door, heal Blanca.
  23. Boss: Oscar
  24. Continue through the boss room and down the stairs to free the rest of the party
  25. You are now playing as the main party again
  26. Travel up the stairs and through Oscar’s room
  27. Continue to backtrack and someone will call out to the party, claiming that they’re a locksmith. They need three items to make a key so you can free Roger
    • Adhesive – In storeroom near beginning of level
    • Fountain Pen – In Nicolai’s room upstairs
    • Bend Wire – Speak to a wolf in the forest
  28. Once all items have been found, return to the locksmith and gain Key Item: Handmade Key
  29. Go west down main corridor
  30. Go North and you can save
  31. Boss: Godhand

Next Level: Wales

St. Marguerite Island Items

  • Camio Crest – Near save point in forest
  • Waterway Key – From Stray Wolf in forest
  • Lottery Ticket – In corner of room with poker table
  • Face Guard – In chest in room with prison cells
  • Bifrons Crest – Chest in stealth area
  • Ring of Keys – Filing cabinet in office room
  • Temperance – defeating Oscar
  • Poison 2 – defeating Oscar
  • Strike Expand – Chest in Oscar’s boss room
  • Third Key – Chest in prison cell room
  • Sp-Def Down 2 – In prison cell room
  • Wheel of Fortune – At the end of Oscar’s chains (Need to activate Treasure Hunt Sidequest)
  • Tent – chest at the end of corridor
  • Daphne Fruit – chest down stairs
  • Seal of Strength – Torture chamber
  • Earthen Pipe – room where you became paralysed
  • Adhesive – Store Room
  • Fountain Pen – Nicolai’s office
  • Bent Wire – from Friendly Wolf in forest
  • Handmade Key – from locksmith
  • Nibelung Scene 7 – from locksmith
  • Thera Extract – defeating Godhand
  • Bandit Earring – Defeating Godhand
  • Shell bracelet
  • Pure Root

St. Marguerite Island Shop

The only shop in St. Marguerite Island is in the forest.

Thera Leaf50
Thera Seed120
Mana Leaf100
Mana Seed120
Pure Leaf230
Pure Seed510
Soul Benediction150
Phoenix Tail90
Talisman of luck480
Kite String1530
Piano Wire2300
Whetstone Plus1960
Fine Rapier1400
Blessed Sabre2090
Red Mailbox2230
Luna Fan1350
Golden Fan2030
Chainmail Vest1350
Silk Shawl1260
Desert Cloak1890
Long Robes2030
Studded Cap600
Face Guard1700
Studded Belt600
Western Belt1700
Shell Bracelet2700
Feather Belt3050
Silver Bracelet3180
Mirror Bracelet3240
Pocket Watch5200
Replacement Man/td>

Coral Lariat5050
Coral Pendant5500

Cannes Lottery

In Cannes you can encounter Lottery Member #13 next to the grocery store.

  • Red Prize: Slow 2
  • Yellow Prize: Western Belt
  • Blue Prize: Talisman of Mercy
  • Green Prize: Thera Seed