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Southampton is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is where Kato is encountered for the first time in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Plot Significance

The party travel to Southampton from Le Havre in order to continue on to Wales. However, the road to Cardiff has been blocked by a landslide, due to a large storm. The party take refuge in the Hope and Anchor inn.

In the inn, there is a bar fight, but it is put to a stop by Kato who is also staying nearby. Kato and Yuri are surprised to see each other again, they last spoke over a year ago in Shanghai. Yuri discovers that Kato has been promoted to Special Agent and now works as a diplomat. Kato was on his way to London but was also prevented from continuing due to the storm.

A local tells Yuri and the party a way to reach Wales, and that is through the Rhondda Mine. Karin is concerned that it is haunted and worried about attacks from monsters, however Gepetto argues that it is the quickest want to get to Nemeton Monastery.

Joachim and Blanca retire to bed. Karin and Gepetto stay up drinking together, and fall asleep at the bar. Yuri goes to catch up with Kato.

It has been over a year since they have spoken. Yuri explains about how he lost Alice, and remembers that Kato lost Lt. Col. Kawashima. Yuri tells Kato about his encounter with Sapientes Gladio and the curse of the Holy Mistletoe. Kato appears to know nothing about them, but promises Yuri that he will keep an ear out.

Before leaving for the mines, the next day, the party visit a Wrestling Ring that has been set up by The Great Gama. Joachim greets him with enthusiasm, as the Great Gama is his wrestling teacher. He challenges his teacher to a match, but is defeated quickly, as he has much still to learn.

Enemies Encountered

  • Great Gama
  • Origin & Trivia

  • Southampton is a real town in the south of England, that runs ferries to Le Havre
  • “Hope and Anchor” is a fairly common pub name throughout the UK.
  • Southampton is the beginning of the trading Sidequest
  • You can pick up a free weapon for Joachim here, which is the locker next to the wrestling ring.
  • Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Southampton

    Previous Level: Le Havre

    1. Party can save here
    2. Enter the Inn on the left-hand side of the map
    3. Go upstairs and speak to Kato, in the room furthest from the stairs
    4. In the morning, leave the inn
    5. Head toward the back of the town and to the left
    6. Approach the wrestling ring
    7. Joachim will fight the Great Gama, but will be defeated
      • You can re-challenge the Great Gama with a Leonardo’s Bear equipped to win
    8. Leave town via the south exit

    Next Level: Rhondda Mines

    Southampton Items

    • Strike Expand (near statue at town entrance)
    • Leonardo’s Bear
    • Dried Straw (Up steps)
    • Lottery Ticket (by wall near steps)
    • Hit Area Expand (Chest in inn)
    • Niblung Scene 4
    • Mr. Detective Stud Card (In Joachim’s room)
    • Seal of Aura (Chest behind wrestling ring)
    • Locker

    Southampton Shop

    Thera Leaf50
    Mana Leaf100
    Pure Leaf230
    Soul Benediction150
    Phoenix Tail90
    Talisman of luck480
    Silk Twine1020
    Kite String1530
    Glass Paper870
    Fine Rapier1400
    Cotton Shirt560
    Cotton Blouse600
    Cloak of Rags540
    Leather Cloak840
    Wool Coat900
    Leather Cap320
    Studded Cap600
    Leather Belt320
    Shell Bracelet320
    Bhodi Bracelet3000
    Pocket Watch5200
    Leonardo’s Bear3330
    Coral Lariat5050
    Coral Pendant5500

    Southampton Lottery

    You can Find Lottery Member #15 standing near the Magimel Brothers.

  • Red Prize: Slow 1
  • Yellow Prize: Hit Area Increase
  • Blue Prize: Talisman of Luck
  • Green Prize: Thera Seed
  • Gallery

    Southampton shadow heart night

    Southampton at night

    behind ring shadow hearts covenant

    Behind the wrestling ring

    Southampton wall shadow hearts covenant

    The walls

    Southampton day shadow hearts covenant

    Southampton in daytime

    wrestling ring  southampton shadow hearts

    Gama’s wrestling ring

    hope and anchor inn southampton shadow hearts

    A room

    hope and anchor inn southampton shadow hearts


    hope and anchor inn southampton shadow hearts


    hope and anchor inn southampton shadow hearts

    inn front

    hope and anchor inn southampton shadow hearts

    The inn