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SG Italian HQ

The Sapientes Gladio Italian HQ is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is the Italian base of the mysterious group, Sapientes Gladio in Florence.

Plot Significance

The Sapientes Gladio HQ is a branch of Sapientes Gladio situated in Florence. An ordinary looking building that hides secret rooms. For a time, Roger Bacon was held here. Yuri came looking for him, but was unable to find him, instead was troubled by a Janus. Once he defeats Janus, the wall of the room he is in is blow up by an airship that has Nicolai and Lenny on it. Nicolai reveals that Roger is being held at St. Margerite Island, and he he free him if Yuri brings the Émigré manuscript.

Enemies Encountered

Origin & Trivia

  • Sapientes Gladio’s library includes some interesting books including “Love Hat Trick! Night time is the right time!” “A spy dies at night III” and “It’s a gas! All about farts”.
  • The password is Unagi which is the Japanese word for eel.

Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Sapientes Gladio Italian Headquarters

Previous Level: Florence

  1. Enter the house through the front door
  2. Cross the foyer into a living room
  3. Read the Blue book on the dresser at the far right
  4. Go to the grandfather clock and change the time to nine o’clock
  5. Head left down the hall and examine the painting
  6. In the room with the computer, flip the switch at the left hand side.
  7. Go back towards the grandfather clock but take the first left where a wall has opened revealing a door
  8. Enter the library and examine the cabinent/bookshelf towards the centre to obtain a password
  9. Return to the computer where you pressed the switch and enter the password
  10. Exit the room and run south where a wall has opened.
  11. Go into the other hidden library and flip a switch in the top-right
  12. Go through the wall that opens up and open the chest within to receive Toggle Switch.
  13. Return to the computer room, put the switch in the machine and turn it on
  14. Return to the grandfather clock and go up to the third floor
  15. Go through the billard room into another area
  16. Party can save here
  17. Go through the door above the save point
  18. Explore the room
  19. Boss Battle: Janus

Next Level: Florence

SG Italian HQ Items

  • Delay 1 (Chest behind pillar in first room)
  • Uvall Crest (behind Piano)
  • Thera Root (Chest in hidden room)
  • Lottery Ticket (On bookshelf in hidden room)
  • Hit Area Expand (Chest in hidden room)
  • Key Item: Toggle Switch (chest in hidden room)
  • Seal of the Urn (In barrel in hidden room)
  • Strongoids (Chest near barrels in hidden room)
  • Talisman of Mercy (Jar in billard room)
  • Justice Tarot Card (Defeating Janus)
  • SP-ATK Down 2 (Defeating Janus)