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Rhondda Mine

The Rhondda Mine level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. The party must travel through it to reach Wales.

Plot Significance

Rhondda is a mining town in Wales, but recently the mines have been shut down as a result of a mysterious accident. They are rumoured to have lots of monsters within the mine, and people are avoiding them where they can.

The party decide to travel through the mines as they are not able to travel to Nemeton Monastery via Cardiff, as it is blocked by a landslide. Inside the mine they discover the cause of the accident and of the landslide, a monster called Grimlock. The party defeat it and are able to exit the mine.

Enemies Encountered

Origin & Trivia

  • Rhondda is a real region of Wales, although it is not particularly close to either Southampton or Aberystwyth. However, going to Aberystwyth via Rhondda avoids Cardiff, which was the original route the party were going to take.
  • Rhondda was a large coal mining district.
  • Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Rhondda Mines

    The Rhondda Mine has a lot of twists and turns. A good strategy if you get lost is to always turn to Yuri’s right. If you reach a dead end, turn around and continue this pattern.

    Previous Level: Southampton

    1. Walk towards the save point and save
    2. Continue North
    3. Head West
    4. Head North and follow the bendy tunnel
    5. Continue North
    6. Head West
    7. Take the lift down
    8. Come out of the lift and speak with the Ring Soul
    9. Take the tunnel Westward
    10. Take the first South tunnel
    11. Take the lift downward
    12. Party can save here
    13. Enter the shed to get Key Item: Lantern
    14. Return up the lift
    15. Go West
    16. Go North
    17. Take the South fork in the tunnel
    18. Take the North fork and follow the bendy tunnel
    19. Go West
    20. Take the North exit to find the Magimel store
    21. South of the Magimel store is an elevator
    22. Take the elevator
    23. Party can save here
    24. Boss Battle: Grimlock

    Next Level: Wales

    Rhondda Mine Items

    • Key Item: Lantern (in shed on lowest floor)
    • Lottery Ticket
    • Mana Seed
    • Thera Seed (hidden in dead on on ground floor, and in chest on ground corner)
    • Whetstone (chest on ground floor)
    • Attack Boost (from Ring Soul)
    • Seal of Speed (in shed on middle floor)
    • Fine Rapier (hidden in dead end on middle floor)
    • Pure Seed (hidden before final save point in inlay)
    • Studded Belt (chest near Magimel shop)
    • Murmur Crest (from boss)
    • Seal of Strength

    Rhondda Mine Shop

    Thera Leaf50
    Thera Seed120
    Mana Leaf100
    Pure Leaf230
    Soul Benediction150
    Phoenix Tail90
    Talisman of luck480
    Silk Twine1020
    Kite String1530
    Glass Paper870
    Fine Rapier1400
    Cotton Shirt560
    Cotton Blouse600
    Cloak of Rags540
    Leather Cloak840
    Wool Coat900
    Leather Cap320
    Studded Cap600
    Leather Belt320
    Studded Belt600
    Shell Bracelet320
    Bhodi Bracelet3000
    Pocket Watch5200
    Coral Lariat5050
    Coral Pendant5500

    Rhondda Mines Lottery

    The lottery member #14 can be found in the dark part of the underground floor, beside the underground lake.

    • Red Prize: Third Key
    • Yellow Prize: Hit Area Expand
    • Blue Prize: Daphne Fruit
    • Green Prize: Mana Seed