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Petrograd is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is the home of Anastasia who is trying to protect it from Rasputin.

Plot Significance

Rasputin came to Petrograd as a healer to the Empress Alexandra and Tsar Nicholas II‘s son Alexei. He grew a huge amount of influence over the royal family. Russia enters into war, and the citizens are unhappy with how the royal family and the government are acting – they have large parties and balls every night, as if nothing is happening.

Princess Anastasia wants to save Russia from downfall, so takes it upon herself to investigate what is happening by following Rasputin as she believes he is up to no good. She speaks to Edgar to get a camera so she can take photos of what Rasputin is doing. She finds Rasputin along the riverbank, talking to someone about planning an execution for the Tsar’s victory celebration. She photographs this but is spotted by Rasputin who sends a demon after her to try and kill her.

She is rescued by Yuri and Karin who kill the monster and take her back to Edgar’s shop for safety. She and Edgar explain to the party who she is and what she’s doing. The party are also looking for Rasputin and decide to team up to stop him.

Meanwhile, Nicolai is in talks with Kato who has just arrived in Petrograd for the first time. He gives him the Émigré Manuscript in exchange for co-operative between the Japanese Government and Sapientes Gladio.

The party return Anastasia to the palace – her mother, Empress Alexandra is unhappy with her disappearance, but grateful that she is okay. Rasputin, now back at Alexandra’s side convinces Alexandra to allow the party to stay with Anastasia, although she is hesitant, she agrees. Yuri and Rasputin meet and Rasputin declines a fight at the present time and leaves.

Later that evening, Alexei has gone missing and Empress Alexandra is frantically looking for him. A sleeping spell has been put over the Winter Palace by Veronica and as soon as Alexandra reaches Anastasia’s room, she is possessed by Rasputin who taunts Anastasia that he has taken Alexei.

The party travel to the Lion Shrine to find it locked, but are able to find and defeat Victor who holds the key. In the Lion Shrine they find Veronica holding Alexei at knifepoint, as well as Rasputin. Rasputin declares that his plan to overtake Russia and eventually Europe and the World. Yuri attempts to attack him, but is unable to penetrate his shield. Anastasia rushes at Rasputin, angry at his plans for Russia. Veronica holds her back, and Rasputin is able to attack Yuri by using the power of the Holy Mistletoe. This leaves him unable to attack while Rasputin casts a spell over Anastasia. He forces her to hold a knife over Alexei, while Empress Alexandra enters the room. Alexandra sees Anastasia with a knife over her brother and Rapsutin tells her that it was the party who cast a spell over her. Alexandra calls for the party to be killed, but they escape with Anastasia in tow.

Later at Edgar’s they meet up with Roger, who suggests they go to Goreme Valley.

With Anastasia missing, Rasputin rounds up Edgar and tortures him for information. He is told that one of the party was of German nobility. When the Tsar returns from his tour abroad, he is concerned about Anastasia’s disappearance. Rasputin tells him Edgar’s information and he suspects Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany may be involved. Rasputin encourages the Tsar and Empress to attend the ball tonight.

While the couple are preparing for the ball, the party arrive back in Petrograd, are told to meet with Prince Yusupov who will show them a secret passage to the winter palace through the Gallery of the Dead and Grand Duke Dmitri meets them on the other side.

The party is able to infiltrate the ball just as Victor attempts to assassinate the Tsar. Yuri manages to stop this and Anastasia is able to show the Tsar the photo show caught of Rasputin talking with Victor. Rasputin takes Alexandra and Veronica causes a distraction while he escapes.

Enemies Encounterd

Origin & Trivia

  • Petrograd is a real city, now called St. Petersburg
  • The Winter Palace where Anastasia lives is also a real place

Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Petrograd

Previous Level: Nemeton Monastery

  1. Start play as Anastasia
  2. Can save in the first room in the hallway
  3. Go to the third room down the hallway and speak with Ewan
  4. Go back to Anastasia’s room and rest
  5. Once rested, leave the hallway and wait for the guards to leave
  6. Leave the Palace
  7. Go to Edgar’s to get Anastasia’s camera and weapon
  8. After leaving Edgar’s take the road directly opposite the shop
  9. Wait for Rasputin to walk past
  10. Follow Rasputin to the riverbank, go down the steps to where he is
  11. Anastasia will be joined by Yuri, Karin and Blanca to battle the Pendulum.
  12. Leave Edgar’s and take the left-hand road back to the square
  13. Cross the square to the Winter Palace and enter
  14. Go upstairs and find the Eastern hallway
  15. Go through the northern door of the Eastern hallway
  16. Take the central door to the great hallway
  17. Return to Anastasia’s room in the western hallway
  18. Party can save in Anastasia’s room

Next Level: Goreme Valley

Previous Level: Goreme Valley

  1. Start in Winter Palace Courtyard
  2. Exit Courtyar
  3. Follow the road down to where the bridge is where Anastasia took the photo of Rasputin and Victor
  4. Complete Gallery of the Dead
  5. Inside Winter Palace, travel to the main hall

Next Level:

Petrograd Items

  • Seal of Life – Chest beside bed
  • P. Attack Down – Chest behind pillar
  • The Empress – Sofa in bedroom
  • Mana Root – Chest beside bed
  • Chest outside Edgar’s
  • Hit Area Expand – Chest in city square
  • Strike Expand – Pillar near bridge
  • Lottery Ticket – Behind Counter at Edgar’s
  • P-Def Down 2 – Chest near river
  • Nibelung Scene 2 – Speak to person on street near Edgar’s
  • Lottery Ticket – Hidden in plant in Winter Palace
  • Espada – Chest in guest room
  • Pure Root
  • Seal of Wisdom
  • Furcas Crest
  • Mana Seed
  • Circlet
  • Eligos Crest
  • Bell Bracelet
  • Halphas Crest
  • Night Oil
  • Key Item: Lion Shrine Key
  • Pirate Earrings

Petrograd Shop

The only shop in Petrograd is Gerard Magimel’s shop which is in the city square.

Thera Leaf50
Thera Seed120
Mana Leaf100
Mana Seed120
Pure Leaf230
Pure Seed510
Soul Benediction150
Phoenix Tail90
Talisman of luck480
Phantom Claw2160
Piano Wire2300
Whetstone Plus1960
Steel Rasp2940
Blessed Sabre2090
Red Mailbox2230
Earthern Pipe3340
Golden Fan2030
Saturn Fan3040
Chainmail Vest1350
Silk Shawl1260
Desert Cloak1890
Long Robes2030
Face Guard1700
Studded Belt600
Western Belt1700
Shell Bracelet2700
Bell Bracelet3120
Pocket Watch5200
Replacement Man/td>

Coral Lariat5050
Coral Pendant5500

Petrograd Lottery

In Petrograd you can encounter Lottery Member #11 inside the Winter Palace.

  • Red Prize:
  • Yellow Prize:
  • Blue Prize:
  • Green Prize: