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Paris is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. The party travel to Gepetto‘s apartment in Paris to decide on further actions.

Plot Significance

The party decide to travel to Gepetto’s apartment in Paris as the German Army have taken the villagers of Domremy and may well come for them too. They need to think of a plan. When they reach Paris, Gepetto gives Karin some of Cornelia‘s old clothes, and while she is changing, tries to research Sapientes Gladio and the Holy Mistletoe.

Gepetto is able to find that the Holy Mistletoe is an artefact used to try and guide the soul, but is unsure what kind of effect it would have on Yuri, who seems unconcerned. After Karin has changed, Yuri suggests travelling to Wales to find Roger Bacon. Karin suggests they get a boat from Le Havre, but first they must find a way there.

Before they can make a plan, they are chased out of Gepetto’s apartment by Claw Soldiers. They flee through some train tunnels and into a nearby bar, where Gepetto’s friend Louis works. Louis suggests they find Dr. Gautier if they want to know more about train tunnels that lead out of Paris.

The party travel to the Champ Élyeés where Dr. Gautier is staying. Before going to see them, Gepetto picks up a dress he commissioned from Pierre Magimel for Cornelia. Pierre and his brother Gerard run a travelling item shop.

In the hotel, they meet with Dr. Gautier who agrees to give them information on how to get out of Paris unnoticed. He says that there is an old subway tunnel near the Champs Éyleés station they could use to get to Le Havre. He writes them permission from the engineer working in the area.

The party travel to the tunnel, but they are followed by Lenny. They travel through the tunnel for a while, where Yuri meets The Ring Soul who speaks briefly to him and Karin about destiny before disappearing.

Lenny manages to catch the party in a mine cart, however they are on separate tracks and Lenny is separated from the party, who go on to encounter Veronica, who summons some monsters to battle them. Once the monsters are defeated, she vanishes.

Enemies Encountered

Origin & Trivia

  • Paris is the capital of France
  • It would take around 5 days to walk from Domremy to Paris
  • Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Paris

    Previous Level: Ardennes Forest

    Part One: Getting to the Paris Subway Tunnels

    1. You will be taken into a battle with some Clawed Soldiers
    2. Party can save in Gepetto’s Apartment after this battle.
    3. Exit Gepetto’s apartment and continue walking South until you get to a railing
    4. Turn at the railing to go down the steps to your right.
    5. Lift up the trap door and go down the stairs
    6. Run through the short tunnel and into the Subway Station
    7. Go out of the station and up the steps on Yuri’s right
    8. Up the steps, enter the building on the left
    9. Speak to the barman
    10. Go back down the steps. This will trigger a Wolf Bout with Tetsu
    11. Go into the Subway Station and take the Subway to the Champs Élyseés.
    12. Walk along the Boulevard, and you will speak to Pierre and Gerard Magimel.
    13. Continue into the hotel which is a building on Yuri’s left.
    14. Go into a room up the stairs on the right hand side, and speak with Dr. Gautier
    15. Return to the Subway. You can now enter the Subway Tunnels down some steps toward the left of the screen.

    Part Two: Traversing the Paris Subway Tunnels

    Tip: It is quite easy to get lost here, however, each carriage has a serial number on it. You can use these as reference markers if you’re asking “have I been here before”.

    1. Enter the Subway and continue straight on until Yuri comments on a train that he can’t get past
    2. When you reach a crossroad with 3 branches, take the left branch
    3. Follow this all the way until you reach a crossroad with two branches. Take the right branch.
    4. Turn onto the left and speak to the Ring Soul.
    5. Go left again and then North until you find a save point
    6. Flip the switch near the save point – this will move a train
    7. Go back to the 3-branches crossroad (right, south, right, south and continuing south)
    8. Now take the right-most branch on the 3-branch split)
    9. Go east, then North
    10. Take the second left
    11. Take the first right in the next passage
    12. Continue North to find a set of steps leading out
    13. Outside, go to the shop and get the FUSE
    14. Go back into the Subway tunnels, and go back to the very start – this can be done by going as far South as possible
    15. Go back to the train that was blocking the path before, and use the fuse
    16. There will be a cutscene, after which you can save
    17. BOSS: Castor and Pollux

    Next Level: Le Havre

    Paris Items

    • Nieblung Prelude – From Gepetto
    • Mr. Sommelier – Gepetto’s Apartment
    • Crocell Crest – Chest in Gepetto’s Apartment
    • Thera Leaf – Chest in Gepetto’s Study
    • Hit Area Expand – Outside bar
    • Coral Lariat – Outside Bar
    • Stamp Card – After fighting Tetsu
    • P-Defence Down – Champs Élyseé, behind subway
    • Point Card – from Magimel Brothers
    • Haures Crest – Hotel lobby
    • Thera Leaf – Champ Élyseé near car
    • Tentx2 – Spare hotel room
    • Shell Bracelet – Subway near 3 way split
    • Strike Expand – Subway, near 3 way split
    • Pure Leaf –
    • Attack Boost – from Ring Soul
    • SP-Def Down 1 – Near carriage in Subway
    • Strike Expand –
    • Pocket Watch – Near carriage in Subway
    • Phoenix Tail – Chest in Subway
    • Talisman of luck – Chest in Subway
    • Amy Crest -North after carriage has been moved
    • Lottery Ticket –
    • Zepar Crest – After boss battle
    • Sitri Crest- After boss battle
    • Soul Benediction – Near Junk Shop
    • KEY ITEM: Fuse – Junk Shop

    Paris Shop

    There are two shops in Paris, one run by Gerard Magimel and a junk shop.

    Magimel Shop

    Thera Leaf50
    Mana Leaf100
    Pure Leaf230
    Soul Benediction150
    Phoenix Tail90
    Talisman of luck480
    Rusty Fang640
    Puppet Thread680
    Silk Twine1020
    Tusk Brush580
    Glass Paper870
    Officer’s Saber620
    Cotton Shirt560
    Cotton Blouse600
    Cloak of Rags540
    Leather Cap320
    Leather Belt320
    Shell Bracelet2770

    Junk Shop


    Gepetto Apartment Paris Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Gepetto’s Apartment

    Gepetto apartment Paris Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Gepetto’s Apartment

    Gepetto Study Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Gepetto’s Study

    Paris Eiffel Tower Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The Eiffel Tower

    Paris Streets Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The Streets

    Subway Ladder Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Ladder to subway

    Subway Station Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Subway Station

    Paris Bar Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Bar near Gepetto’s Apartment

    Steps Paris Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Steps near the bar

    Magimel Brothers Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Meeting the Magimel Brothers

    Hotel Paris Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The Hotel

    Hotel Interior Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The Hotel Interior

    Hotel Room Shadow Hearts Covenant

    A Hotel Room

    Paris Subway Entrance Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Subway Entrance

    Subway Tunnels Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The Subway Tunnels

    Carriage Serial Number Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Carriage with serial number

    Paris Subway Switch Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The Switch

    Notre Dame Paris Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Notre Dame

    Junk Shop Paris Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Junk Shop

    Junk Shop Interior Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Inside the Junk Shop

    Mine Cart Chase SCene Paris Subway Shadow Hearts Covenant

    In a mine cart

    Paris Subway Arches Shadow Hearts Covenant

    After fighting Veronica’s demonds