Mirror Castle

Mirror Castle is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It exists within the Graveyard of Yuri‘s mind. It is where Amon is held.

Plot Significance

Yuri was cursed by the Holy Mistletoe by Sapientes Gladio. This meant that his power of Fusion had been sealed away. The soul of Amon that lives within him is trapped within mirror Castle. Yuri was told by Jovis that the only way to stop Rasputin is to summon Amon. So Yuri travel with Karin to Mirror Castle to release the curse on Amon.

Journeying through Mirror Castle makes Yuri feel ill. He gets a headache and forgets a lot of his past and who people are. He and Karin journey through Mirror Castle and fight mirror versions of themselves. Eventually they find where Amon is trapped, and fight him. This enables Yuri to be able to create a soul bond with Amon again.

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