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Le Havre

Le Havre is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is a coastal town that the party travel to in the hopes of getting a boat to the UK without being intercepted by the
German Army. Le Havre is where the party first encounter Joachim Valentine.

Plot Significance

Yuri has suggested travelling to Wales to ask Roger Bacon to seek advice about the cursae of the Holy Mistletoe. Karin suggested travelling to Le Havre to get a boat, as is it not yet overrun with German Soldiers.

In Le Havre, they speak to the boat captain, and he says that they need money in order to sail to Southampton and suggests they speak to The Mayor about joining the brigade of vigilantes that patrols the town at night, as Le Havre has a problem with a bandit at night time.

The party decide that this is the best course of action for now, is to patrol with the vigilantes. They are assigned the South side of town, which is home to a Tavern called Mouette de Mer (French for Seagull), but it is very quiet. They hear shouting coming from the North side of town. The vigilantes are being attacked by the Bandit – Grand Papillon. Grand Papillon claims to be fighting for justice, truth and honour, and attacks the party. They are able to force him to retreat, however he turns into a Golden Bat before doing so. Yuri is convinced they have met before.

After successfully scare Grand Papillon away, the Mayor asks for one further task from the party. They meet him near the tavern in the morning, and the Mayor gives them some money in return for capturing Grand Papillon who is currently outside the tavern, playing with some children. The party take the money, but debate among themselves whether or not to agree to the mayor’s task – if some children are playing with Grand Papillon, is he really a bandit?

Yuri decides to approach him to speak with him. Inside the tavern, the two children are hiding behind Grand Papillon, shouting at Yuri that Joachim (Grand Papillon) isn’t a thief or a bandit. Granny Lot, who owns the tavern, appears and tells Yuri that he has been tricked by the Mayor. Joachim is trying to protect the tavern from the vigilante group, who are trying to overthrow it for some treasure buried underneath. Granny Lot was told recently that there is a treasure buried under the store, but she isn’t sure it even exists. Even so, the Mayor has been bullying her to give up the store.

Gepetto decides that they should return the money to the Mayor, and they attempt to do so. However, the mayor is unhappy with their decision and sends some thugs to attack them. The party dispatches the thugs quickly, and returns to the tavern only to find the children – Yuma and John – have been kidnapped and taken to the Wine Cellar as hostages, in exchange for the deed to the tavern.

Joachim joins the party to help rescue the children.

Enemies Encountered

Origin & Trivia

  • Le Havre is a real location in France, and a core port town. It is a 4 day walk from Paris.
  • You can encounter the Ring Soul at the tree near the tavern.
  • Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Le Havre

    Previous Level: Paris

    1. Walk down the steps to the main town, where Gerard Magimel‘s shop is.
    2. Turn left towards the harbour
    3. Speak to the men beside the boats. Party can save here
    4. Continue around the corner, play the lottery.
    5. Continue past the lottery member, towards the large house
    6. Enter the house
    7. Speak to the Mayor and the Vigilantes
    8. Once agreed to work with the Vigilantes, exit the manor, enter again and speak to Cole (on the left) to say you are ready to patrol
    9. Go back to the centre of town, and head South to where the tavern is.
    10. Make to leave the tavern area
    11. Head to where the save point is
    12. Go up the alley
    13. BOSS: Grand Papillon
    14. Speak with the mayor in his house.
    15. Go down to the tavern
    16. Enter the tavern
    17. Return to the Mayor’s house
    18. Battle the Thugs
    19. Return to the Tavern

    Next Level: Wine Cellar

    Le Havre Items

    • Seal of Force – At lamppost near shop
    • Pure Leaf – Crates behind tavern
    • Thera Seed – Chest in front of tavern
    • Attack Boost – From Ring Soul, near tree
    • Wool Coat – Chest near storage units
    • Tent – Barrels near storage units
    • Hit Area Expand – Manor garden
    • Lottery Ticket – Bearskin rug inside manor
    • Thera Leaf – Mayor’s portrait inside manor
    • Mana Leaf – Behind bar in Tavern
    • Star Brooch – Storage area near Mayor’s house
    • Strike Expand
    • Seal of Vitality – Grand Papillon battle
    • P-ATK Down – Grand Papillon battle
    • Gremory Crest
    • Agares Crest

    Le Havre Shop

    The only shop in Le Havre is Gerard Magimel’s shop.

    Thera Leaf50
    Mana Leaf100
    Pure Leaf230
    Soul Benediction150
    Phoenix Tail90
    Talisman of luck480
    Rusty Fang640
    Puppet Thread680
    Silk Twine1020
    Tusk Brush580
    Glass Paper870
    Officer’s Saber620
    Cotton Shirt560
    Cotton Blouse600
    Cloak of Rags540
    Leather Cloak840
    Wool Coat900
    Leather Cap320
    Leather Belt320
    Bhodi Bracelet3000
    Silver Bracelet3180
    Pocket Watch5200
    Coral Lariat5050
    Coral Pendant5500

    Le Havre Lottery

    Le Havre is the first location that you can play the lottery in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. You are introduced to the lottery by Member 16, Fox.

  • Red Prize: Bathin
  • Yellow Prize: Hit Area Expand
  • Blue Prize: Daphne Fruit
  • Green Prize: Pure Leaf
  • Gallery

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Manor Battle

    Manor Battle

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Tavern Interior

    Inside the Tavern

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Seagull

    The Tavern Entrance

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Tavern

    The Tavern

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Gold Bat

    Grand Papillon turns into a bat

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Battle

    Street Battle

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Grand Papillon

    Grand Papillon Appears

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Night

    Le Havre at Night

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Storage Foyer

    In the Foyer

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Storage Inside Manor

    Inside the Mayor’s House

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Storage Mayors House

    Mayor’s House

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Storage Units

    Storage Units

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Lottery

    Playing the lottery

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant Ring Soul

    Meeting the Ring Soul

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Covenant South

    South of town

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Shop

    Centre of town

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Entrance

    Steps into the town

    Le Havre Shadow Hearts Entrance

    The Entrance