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Goreme Valley

Goreme Valley is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Roger Bacon takes the party there in hopes of finding Jovis Abraham.

Plot Significance

The party travel to Goreme Valley after fleeing Petrograd. They are searching for Bishop Jovis. When arriving in Goreme Valley, they are treated with hostility until Thomas Edward Lawrence appears and vouches for them. He reveals that he is a spy working for the British government, who was sent to look for Bishop Jovis as he had gone missing. He arranges a meeting between the party and Jovis.

The party meet Sarah who claims she can sense the potential to inherit the soul of Solomon within Yuri. She offers to test him via Pit Fights.

The party then go to meet Bishop Jovis. He is blind, and is able to sense the soul of Amon within Yuri. The party ask him if he knows anything about Rasputin. Jovis tells them his history with Rasputin. Jovis and Albert Simon took Rasputin as a disciple when they were both in Sapientes Gladio. They taught Rasptuin the skills required for him to form a soul pact with the demon Asmodeus, although they didn’t know it at the time. Rasptuin’s soul has been taken over by Asmodeus, and he is now seeking to inflict pain on the world.

Jovis tells Yuri that the only way to stop Asmodeus is with Amon or with Astaroth. Jovis is aware that Amon’s power is currently blocked by the Holy Mistletoe. He has a ritual to send Mirror Castle where Amon resides. Karin insists on going with him.

The ritual takes it toll on Bishop Jovis, and he collapses. The people of Goreme valley flock to see him, and he awakens.

Enemies Encountered

See Pit Fights

Origin & Trivia

  • Goreme is a real town in Turkey, renowned for its scenery an cave formations.

Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Goreme Valley

Previous Level: Petrograd

  1. Party can save here
  2. Run towards the entrance and speak with Sarah
  3. Go through to the door with the Sapientes Gladio crest on it
  4. Speak to Lawrence and make your way through to speak to Jovis
  5. Once you have spoken to Jovis go into the other room to do the ritual he spoke of

Next Level: Mirror Castle

Goreme Valley Items

  • Marax Crest
  • Seal of Aura
  • Seere Crest
  • Lottery Ticket
  • Blue Cape
  • Evasion Down 2
  • Attack Boost

Goreme Valley Shop

The Magimel shop in Goreme Valley is found at the entrance.

Thera Leaf50
Thera Seed120
Mana Leaf100
Mana Seed120
Pure Leaf230
Pure Seed510
Soul Benediction150
Phoenix Tail90
Talisman of luck480
Phantom Claw2160
Piano Wire2300
Whetstone Plus1960
Steel Rasp2940
Blessed Sabre2090
Red Mailbox2230
Earthern Pipe3340
Golden Fan2030
Saturn Fan3040
Desert Cloak1890
Long Robes2030
Blue Cape2840
Face Guard1700
Studded Belt600
Western Belt1700
Shell Bracelet2700
Bhodi Bracelet3000
Feather Bracelet3050
Bell Bracelet3120
Silver Bracelet3180
Mirror Bracelet3240
Pocket Watch5200
Replacement Man/td>

Coral Lariat5050
Coral Pendant5500

Goreme Valley Lottery