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Gallery of the Dead

Gallery of the Dead e is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is a shortcut from the main city of Petrograd to within the Winter Palace.

Plot Significance

The Gallery of the Dead is a secret tunnel built over 100 years before the events of Shadow Hearts: Covenant. In the past nobles have used it to travel from the palace to city, and sometimes have died in the labyrinth. Both Prince Yusupov and Grand Duke Dmitri know the the existence of the passage to the palace but Rasptuin is unaware of it. The party use the Gallery of the Dead to travel to the palace in secrecy. Anastasia translates the Cyrillic characters within the underground to help them progress.

Enemies Encountered

Origin & Trivia

  • The concept of the “Gallery of the Dead” comes from secret passages commonly built into castles and palaces often to help besieged rulers escape. The closest real example to the Gallery of the Dead is Mikhailovsky Castle with its many defences and secret passages.

Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Gallery of the Dead

Previous Level: Petrograd

This level has a lot of doors marked with Cyrillic characters that are locked and unlocked by pulling levers marked with the corresponding character.

  1. Party can save at the entrance
  2. Go to the gate with the Д (deh) character and open it
  3. turn left at the end of the passage
  4. When the passage splits, take the Northern path
  5. When the passage split again take the left road to the Е (yeh) character and press it.
  6. Return to the main split and turn northwards
  7. In the large open room turn to the East
  8. Optional: Can fight Necros
  9. Turn south and find the К (Kah) level and pull it
  10. Return to where Necros is and continue Northward
  11. Turn Westwards and through where the Kah door would have been
  12. Turn south and then West into a room with lots of crypts
  13. Party can save here
  14. Examine the crypt in the top left that gives a hint about a missing pendant
  15. Go North out of this room and east to the А (ah) lever and pull it
  16. Return to the crypt room
  17. Go South, then West and South again
  18. Continue South and East and find the Р (ehr) lever and pull it
  19. Go back to the split passage, and West to the Б (beh) lever and pull it
  20. Go back the the crossroads room with the Б (beh) door in the East and go through to find the Ь (consonant weakening) lever and pull it.
  21. Go North, East and South to find a Save point
  22. Go South at the first opportunity and find KEY ITEM: Silver Locket
  23. Return to the crypt room and place the locket in the crypt
  24. Go North out of the room and take the exit which is north West

Next Level: Petrograd

Gallery of the Dead Items

  • Key Item: Silver Locket (Held by skeleton)
  • Nibelung Scene 5 (on skeleton near save point)
  • Thera Root (in corner near deh gate)
  • Lottery Ticket
  • Leraje Crest (south of Necros)
  • Attack Boost (north of Lerajie, near waterway)
  • The Magician (near attack boost)
  • Leonardo’s Bear (south of Lerajie)
  • Andromalius Crest (on crypt)
  • Seal 2 (in corner)
  • Talisman of Luck (on skeleton near ehr door)
  • Strongoids (near gate)
  • Plastron (corner near beh lever)