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Domremy is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is a small village in France that has yet to be taken over by Imperial Germany.

Plot Significance

After the death of Alice, Yuri and Gepetto travel together to Domremy, where they meet Jeanne and Blanca. The German Army are keen to capture Domremy in the name of the Empire, although it holds no strategic value, it strongly resists the German Empire’s invasion. Yuri becomes a sort of guardian to the town, killing any soldiers that come near. Yuri becomes friends with Jeanne and Blanca through living in Domremy. He tells Gepetto that he will remain in Domremy until he dies, and Gepetto accuses him of looking for a place to die.

Some time later, Lt. Karin Koenig is sent to Domremy by General Heimann with a small collection of soldiers. Their mission was to capture it in the name of the German Empire. However, they encountered a demon that killed most of their men and were forced to retreat.

Later, Karin returns with Nicolai who wields the Holy Mistletoe in the hope of exorcising the demon. When the approach the town, they have been given a guard – as the population of the town is being protected by a wolf and possessed toys. This does not deter Nicolai. He and Karin return to the church, where they find Yuri, in the form of a demon. Nicolai stabs Yuri with the Holy Mistletoe which seals his powers of fusion. The German army capture all the villagers and take them away.

Yuri and Karin are rescued by Gepetto and Blanca and taken to a nearby cave.

Enemies Encountered

Origin & Trivia

  • Domremy is based on Domr√©my-la-Pucelle, the Birthplace of Joan of Arc.
  • Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Domremy

    Previous Level: Apoina Tower

    1. Progress North-East through the forest to the town (Monsters can appear at random)
    2. Proceed North through the town – the guard at the bridge can heal you.
    3. There is a save point at the church, enter the church

    Next Level: Ardennes Forest

    Domremy Items

    • Mana Leaf – In Forest
    • Thera Leaf – In Forest
    • Hit Area Expand – In Forest
    • Talisman of Luck – In barn near bridge
    • Strike Expand – In chest East of bridge
    • Tent – Chest in Alleyway
    • Thera Seed – Chest near Well
    • Pure Leaf – Path to right of well


    Domremy Overlook Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Overlooking Domremy

    Domremy Church Army Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The German Army at the church

    Domremy Church Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The church the demon hides in

    Domremy House Shadow Hearts Covenant

    A house in Domremy

    Domremy Sign Shadow Hearts Covenant

    A sign for Domremy

    Forest Domremy Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Forest Nearby

    Domremy Forest Battle

    A battle in Domremy forest

    Domremy Entrance Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Domremy Entrance

    Domremy Centre Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The Well