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Cannes is a level in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. The party go to Cannes so they can travel to St. Marguerite Island.

Plot Significance

When Sapientes Gladio were transporting Roger Bacon to St. Marguerite they used a man from Cannes called Nelson to transport him. The party travel to Cannes to look for Nelson and use his boat to travel to St. Marguerite Island.

Origin & Trivia

  • Cannes is a real city on the South coast of France.
  • The pub is called “vieille horloge” which means “old clock”
  • You can begin the Treasure Hunter sidequest here by speaking to the man next to the pub
  • There is a grocery store called “convenir” (suit/agreement) which sells jambon (ham) and asti and chianti (types of wine)

Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Cannes

Previous Level: Nemeton Monastery

  1. Party can save
  2. Travel through Cannes until you can see a row of shops behind you
  3. Enter the pub (the first one you see)
  4. Speak to one of the patrons about his boat
  5. Key Item Obtained
  6. Exit the pub and continue travelling through Cannes
  7. At the pier, go down, and to the left there is a boat
  8. Take the boat

Next Level: St. Marguerite Island

Cannes Items

  • Seal of Force – near lamppost
  • Daruma Doll – Speak to man on street and exchange for Amateur Film
  • Grass Oil – In Fountain
  • Treasure: Dawn – From man next to pub
  • Lottery Ticket – Near lamppost
  • Mr. Samurai – From man in pub
  • Western Belt – Chest on Pier
  • Key Item: Waterway Key – speak to Nelson

Canne Shop

The only shop in Cannes is Gerard Magimel’s shop.

Thera Leaf50
Thera Seed120
Mana Leaf100
Mana Seed120
Pure Leaf230
Pure Seed510
Soul Benediction150
Phoenix Tail90
Talisman of luck480
Kite String1530
Piano Wire2300
Whetstone Plus1960
Fine Rapier1400
Blessed Sabre2090
Red Mailbox2230
Luna Fan1350
Golden Fan2030
Cotton Shirt560
Cotton Blouse600
Chainmail Vest1350
Silk Shawl1260
Desert Cloak1890
Long Robes2030
Studded Cap600
Face Guard1700
Studded Belt600
Western Belt1700
Shell Bracelet2700
Feather Belt3050
Silver Bracelet3180
Pocket Watch5200
Replacement Man/td>

Coral Lariat5050
Coral Pendant5500

Cannes Lottery

In Cannes you can encounter Lottery Member #13 next to the grocery store.

  • Red Prize: Marchosias
  • Yellow Prize: Face Guard
  • Blue Prize: Hit Area Expand
  • Green Prize: Pure Seed