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Apoina Tower

Apoina Tower is a location in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is a tower located in the Vatican.

Plot Significance

Apoina Tower is also known as the “Tower of Atonement” as it was used as a prison for religious heretics. These prisoners were tortured, and their souls then came back to haunt Apoina Tower.

Apoina Tower is the resting place of the Holy Mistletoe, an item used to exorcise demons. Karin is brought to Apoina Tower by Nicolai to retrieve it in order to slay the Demon they found in Domremy.

Karin and Nicolai travel up the tower together and encounter the Ring Soul who hints that Karin may have a large destiny. The Ring Soul then disappears and the pair travel upwards to the room where the Holy Mistletoe resides. Before entering, Nicolai warns Karin of it being guarded by a Gargoyle which they defeat in order to take the Holy Mistletoe.

Enemies Encountered

Origin & Trivia

  • There are only two tower within Vatician City: Gregorian Tower and St. John’s Tower.
  • Shadow Hearts Covenant Walkthrough: Apoina Tower

    First Level: With Nicolai

    1. Arrive with Nicolai, after a cutscene. Party can save in this room. Will get random encounters and tutorials through the level.
    2. Run up right-hand staircase near entrance.
    3. Follow corridor and stairs around.
    4. Walk into main hallway for another cutscene
    5. Continue to stairs towards the back for cutscene with Ring Soul.
    6. Climb upwards and into Purple Area.
    7. Use Purple Area as a teleport.
    8. Go through Gold Door
    9. BOSS: Gargyole

    Next Level:Domremy

    Apoina Tower Items

    • Talisman of Luck: Up right-hand spiral staircase in main hall
    • Thera Leaf: Up left-hand spiral staircase in main hall
    • Mana Leaf: In left-hand chest
    • Hit Area Expand: In Centre chest
    • Attack Boost: From Ring Soul
    • Pure Leaf: Chest on Third Floor
    • Tent: Corner of top room
    • KEY ITEM: Holy Mistletoe: After Boss Battle


    Nicolai Blessed Light Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Battle in Apoina Tower

    Holy Mistletoe Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The Holy Mistletoe

    Apoina Tower Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Apoina Tower

    Apoina Tower Boss Door Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Boss Door

    Apoina Tower Door

    The entrance to Apoina Tower

    Apoina Tower Teleporter Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The Teleporter

    Apoina Tower tiled hall Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Second Hallway

    Untitled 155

    Apoina Tower Stairs Shadow Hearts Covenant


    Apoina Tower Foyer Shadow Hearts Covenant

    The main hall