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Nemeton Monastery

Nemeton Monastery is the location in which Koudelka takes place. It is also a very important level in both Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant.


Nemeton Monastery is located in Aberystwyth – a small town on the coast of Wales. The Monastery was originally used as a prison for political prisoners serving life sentences. Once that was phased out, it became abandoned and it was bought by Patrick Heyworth who moved in to live with his wife Elaine and their two servants: Bessy and Ogden. Unknown to Patrick, the monastery was already inhabited by a man named Roger Bacon – however he was asleep in a coffin during this time.

Not long after moving in, the Monastery was invaded by bandits who managed to kill Elaine. This drove Patrick mad and he attempted to revive her with dark magic, only turning her into a monster.

In Koudelka

In 1899, Nemeton Monastery is explored by a young woman named Koudelka. There she meets a man named Edward and a friend of Patrick’s – James. Together they find out the truth about what happened to Patrick and Elaine. They work to stop the now monstrous Elaine from leaving the monastery, but the monastery is destroyed in the aftermath.

In Shadow Hearts

In Shadow Hearts Albert Simon manages to kidnap Koudelka and bring her back to Nemeton Monastery which is now in ruins. He is soon followed by Yuri and Alice who are coming to investigate based on Koudelka’s warning that Albert Simon (who they had previously known as Roger Bacon) may not be what he seems.

When they arrive in Nemeton, they explore the area and find a gravestone that marks the death of Father James O’Flaherty. They are eventually approached by Roger Bacon who now has a house outside the grounds of the monastery. They explain to him that Koudelka sent them in this direction and he agrees to help them. Roger tells them the events of the monastery from 14 years ago. They explain that very recently Jack had, tried to revive his mother in much the same manner as Patrick had to revive Elaine – by using a book called the Emigré Manuscript which he received from Albert Simon. Roger tells them of his connection with Simon – he Roger taught Simon a long time ago, but since, Albert Simon turned to dark magic.

Roger agrees to lead Yuri and Alice to underneath the ruins of Nemeton Monastery where he believes Albert Simon is waiting. The entrance to the ruins is blocked by a door with the symbol of the Judgment Ring on it. Roger Bacon unlocks the door in order to allow the party to explore the ruins.

Inside the ruins the party are able to find Albert Simon and Koudelka at the top of a large staircase. Now they have been found Albert Simon explains his plan – to raise A Float to act as a beacon to summon an ancient God that will destroy humanity. As he attempts to summon the God, Koudelka uses her power to try and stop him and weakens him for a time. However, Simon is able to fuse his spirit with Amon and attacks Yuri and Alice. Although the battle weakens Simon, it unleashed enough energy for him to raise the float.

The party return to Roger Bacon’s house to devise a plan of action. Roger has created a teleporter that will allow the party to teleport to the moon should they have the correct coordinates.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

After the death of Meta-God, Roger and Yuri agree to hide the 3 holy texts to prevent them from being used.

Near the beginning of the game, Roger Bacon is taken from his home by Lenny. Yuri and the party decide to travel to Nemeton as they want to find out more about Sapeintes Galdio from Roger. However a landslide has prevented them from coming directly from Southampton, so they have to come via the Rhondda Mine.

Upon arrival they find that Roger is no longer there, but Lenny is waiting for them as he has been instructed to kill Yuri. Yuri tricks Lenny into telling him Roger’s location (Florence) and then they fight, Lenny is defeated. Once Lenny leaves, the party are approached by Thomas who saw the exchange between them and Lenny. He knows a little about Sapientes Gladio and directs them to Florence to find a woman named Carla who may know more.

Later, Yuri returns to the monastery to retrieve the Émigré Manuscript for Nicolaiwho is holding Roger hostage. The party travel down into the crater that has been created since the fight with Meta-God and Yuri leads them to the hiding place of the Émigré Manuscript. On the way, Karin hears the voices of spirits saying that her grandmother is in danger. Yuri urges her to fight the urge to listen to the spirits as they are trying to steal her soul. He promises to go back to her homeland of Munich after the war is over. Once Karin is feeling well, they continue.

The Émigré Manuscript is guarded by sentinels set up by Roger. They are otherworldly creaures: Star Gazers and a Grail Gazer. Yuri and the party are able to defeat it with difficulty and take the Manuscript. However, this causes Yuri to paint.

Enemies Encountered

Enemies Encountered in Koudelka

See Koudelka Monsters

Enemies Encountered in Shadow Hearts

Guinea Pig
Albert Simon/Amon (Boss)

Enemies Encountered in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Lenny (BOSS)
Clawed Commander
Calamity Orb
Star Gazer (BOSS)
Grail Gazer (BOSS)

Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: Nemeton Monastery

  • Previous Level: London (after completing Rouen for a 2nd time)
  • [Cutscene]
  • Go up the hill and enter the ruins
  • [Cutscene]
  • Attempt to explore the ruins
  • [Cutscene]
  • Go back down the hill and into Roger’s House
  • [Cutscene]
  • Go back to the ruins and explore the ruins until you find the entrance to the underground.
  • [Cutscene]
  • Enter the Underground (Party can Save here and will get attacked by random encounters)
  • [Cutscene]
  • Go through the door that Roger opened
  • Note: The quickest way to complete Nemeton Monastery is to go straight to the boss and ignore the Stone of Destruction Sidequest. Both ways are detailed below.

    Completing Nemeton Monastery without the Stone of Destruction

  • Follow the passage to the left
  • Continue left across the bridge
  • Take the lower left passage
  • Go all the way around the pit and to the passage on the right
  • Party can save here
  • Enter the door and go up the stairs
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Albert
  • [Cutscene]
  • In Roger’s House, execute the Judgement Ring task to power the teleporter
  • Completing Nemeton Monastery whilst doing the Stone of Destruction Sidequest

    To receive the Stone of Destruction, you must obtain all the treasures before opening the door.

    The chests are opened by lighting the appropriate flames. Flames are lit by pressing the buttons throughout the monastery.

  • Purple Chest = Blue + Red Button
  • Yellow Chest = Red + Green Buttons
  • Blue Chest = Blue Button
  • The locations of these are as follows:

  • Purple Chest: In the room with the stone bridge leading across water
  • Red Button: In the room with the stone bridge leading across water
  • Yellow Chest: Just before the room with the save point
  • Green Button: Take the passage to the left of the Yellow Chest
  • Blue Button: Hidden by mist in a room down some steps
  • Blue Chest: In a room North of the Blue chest
  • It is probably easiest to get the chests in the following order: Blue, Purple, Yellow.

  • To reveal the blue button, all three chests must be opened. To do this – open the solo chest on the island (entrance is south of the main room entrance) then go to the main section of the room with the blue button. Open the bottom chest. Now open the Top chest. The Blue button should be able to be pressed now.
  • Press the blue button and go to the room north of this room to retrieve the Mind’s Eye from the Blue Chest.
  • Now return to the room with the Purple chest and press the red button. Retrieve the Holy Book of Martyrs from the Purple Chest
  • Return to the blue button and turn the blue button off
  • Make your way to the green button and turn it on
  • Go out to the Yellow chest, open it and get the Seal of Vitality
  • Go to the large glowing pit and receive Key Item: Stone of Destruction
  • Now progress to the boss arena
  • Next Level: London
  • Shadow Hearts: Covenant Walkthrough

    After Rhondda Mine

    Previous Level: Rhondda Mine

    1. Walk South
    2. Enter Roger’s house
    3. Party can save on the bottom floor
    4. Go upstairs, come back down and exit
    5. Boss Fight: Lenny
    6. Go South and leave Wales

    Next Level: Florence

    After Sapientes Gladio Hideout

    Previous Level: SG Italian HQ

    1. Enter Roger’s house
    2. Party can save on the bottom floor
    3. In chest, retrive Key Item: Rope Ladder
    4. Exit Roger’s House and head North to the cliff face
    5. Use the Rope Ladder to descend
    6. Enter the first room, party can save here
    7. Go through the door and come to a room with floating platforms
    8. Take the Northern block
    9. Take the blue block
    10. Take the Southern blue block
    11. Take the far Northern block
    12. Take the red block and descend
    13. Press the large blue diamond near the entrance
    14. Take the block to the floating bridge
    15. Go North and press the diamond
    16. Take the southern blue block
    17. Take the western yellow block
    18. Press the button
    19. Go to the southwest ledge
    20. Take the red block and descend
    21. Take the eastern blue bridge
    22. Press the button
    23. Travel north-west and press another button
    24. Travel the light bridge to the south to the floating platform
    25. Press the first button again
    26. Move to the second button and press until a path to the southwest ledge is revealed
    27. Take the red block downwards
    28. Party can save here
    29. Travel on the blue block
    30. Travel downward on the next blue block
    31. Press the yellow button
    32. Return up with the blue block
    33. Take the next blue block past the yellow blocks that have disappeared
    34. Go north and press the other yellow button
    35. Return South and take the blue block upwards
    36. Go north and press the yellow button
    37. Take the Southwest block
    38. Take the red block downwards
    39. Go directly through the passage
    40. Press the buttons in the order: blue, green, blue
    41. In the next passageway press the buttons in order: Yellow, Green, Green
    42. Bonus: How to get Berith Crest: There is another staircase in this room just to the left of the first. Press the buttons in order blue, blue, blue, yellow, yellow, red
    43. Go up the main staircase
    44. Party can save here
    45. Go up the stairs
    46. Memorise the light-tile puzzle and proceed across the room by staying where the lights have lit up
    47. Party can save here
    48. Boss: Grail Gazer and Star Gazerx2

    Next Level: Cannes

    Nemeton Monastery Items & Shop

    Items and Shop in Shadow Hearts

  • Light Gravestone – Inside Roger’s House
  • Talisman of Power – Ruins (Above Ground)
  • Holy Book of Martyrs – Purple Chest
  • Seal of Vitality – Yellow Chest
  • Mind’s Eye – Blue Chest
  • Punk Jacket – Chest in save room
  • Seal of Strength – Chest in save room
  • Coat of the sage – In room with Blue Chest
  • Mauser Prototype – Hidden in corner (room west of room with Purple Chest)
  • Codex of Lurie – Boss Fight Arena
  • Nightbird Claw – Speak to Roger once the Float has been opened and he will give Yuri the task of running on the treadmill again. After 10 successive Judgment Ring spins he will give Yuri the Nightbird Claw
  • Nemeton Monastery has a shop inside Roger’s House – it takes the form of a futuristic vending machine.

    Silver Talon16000
    12 Gauge15800
    Steel Slingshot14800
    Grand Bible17400
    Four God’s Staff1570
    Stygian Robe14800
    Snow White Robe15600
    Charming Pareo5500
    Loin Guard5200
    Cosmic Bracelet10300
    Zodiac Bracelet11500
    Pocket Watch5200
    Will Power5200
    Coral Lariat5050
    Talisman of Wisdom1280
    Talisman of Purity1760
    Soul Benediction500
    Mirror Bracelet3240
    Leonardo’s Bear3330
    Jade Lariat5050
    Thera Root300
    Mana Root1000
    Pure Root500
    Talisman of Mercy820
    Voodoo Doll5200
    Bell Bracelet3120
    Rosewood Bracelet3000
    Bronze Arrowhead100
    Bronze Dagger200
    Silver Hourglass100
    Gold Hourglass200
    Shell Bracelet2770
    Bone Bracelet2960

    Items and Shop in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    Items that can be found in Nemeton Monastery in Shadow Hearts: Covenant are

    • Seal of Life – In treasure chest, near cliff
    • Hit Area Expand – In treasure chest outside Roger’s House
    • Bearclaw – In treasure chest near support post of Roger’s house
    • Forneus Crest – Near sun symbol in Roger’s house
    • Lottery Ticket – On desk inside Roger’s house
    • Paralysis 1 – Defeat Lenny

    Here are the items that are sold in the shop

    Thera Leaf50
    Thera Seed120
    Mana Leaf100
    Mana Seed120
    Pure Leaf230
    Pure Seed510
    Soul Benediction150
    Phoenix Tail90
    Talisman of luck480
    Kite String1530
    Piano Wire1530
    Whetstone Plus1960
    Fine Rapier1400
    Blessed Saber2090
    Luna Fan1350
    Golden Fan2030
    Chainmail Vest1350
    Silk Shawl1260
    Studded Cap600
    Face Guard1700
    Leather Belt320
    Studded Belt600
    Pocket Watch5200
    Coral Lariat5050
    Coral Pendant5500
    Leonardo’s Bear3330
    Replacement Man5200

    Origin and Trivia

  • Although Aberystwyth is a real town in Wales, Nemeton Monastery is not a real location within it. However there is a Monastery in the Swondinia mountains North of Aberysthwyth called Carmelite Monastery. Although it was only founded in 1929 it may have been the inspiration for Nemeton Monastery.
  • There are currently ruins in Aberystwyth, but they are for a castle rather than a monastery or abbey.
  • There are known cases of political prisoners being held in Abbeys and Monasteries in the UK
  • The word “Nemeton” comes from a term from Celtic myth and religion. A Nemeton is a sacred outdoor space used for rituals.
  • What makes Nemeton Monastery so magically powerful is it lies on a point where several ley lines intersect. Ley lines supposedly exist between ancient monuments and geographical interest areas – an d the intersection between them is supposed to infuse the land with magical power.
  • Nemeton Monastery is supposedly imbued with similar magics as the lost city of Atlantis (A Greek myth), Easter Island (which although real has a lot of myth surrounding it) and the Lost Continent of Mu (A potential lost or sunken continent – not thought to be real).