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The Graveyard is an important location that appears in both Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is an alternate dimension that exists in Yuri‘s subconsious. Some other characters such as Alice are also aware of its existence.

In Shadow Hearts

In Shadow Hearts, Yuri can access the Graveyard from any save point. Although he mostly enters the Graveyard of his own accord, he can also enter without choosing to. When Yuri enters the Graveyard he appears to be unconscious.

It appears as a small Graveyard with few Gravestones. There is also a tree on a hill.

During his visits to the graveyard, Yuri can either enter into Fusion battles (provided he has enough souls and the correct items) and gain new Fusion Souls or battle a malice monster to clear his malice.

In the Graveyard, Yuri also meets the The Four Masks who are the Graveyard’s caretakers.

Later in the game, Yuri tries to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance. The monster is too powerful for him and he retreats to the darkest part of his mind – beyond the Gate of Self.

Six months pass with Yuri in this state and Alice arrives at the Graveyard after having done battle with him in this state. Before finding his soul in the Graveyard she encounters the Four Masks. The masks will not let her speak to Yuri unless she is will to sacrifice her life, body and heart to them. She agrees – believing she can save him, and is allowed to pass through the Gate of Self to see him.

She finds Yuri on the top of a hill with a tree. He is digging beneath the tree – convinced that he is a boy again. Alice can see that he is digging his own grave – the masks told her he was ready to find tranquility in death. She pleads with him to stop but is interrupted by Fox Face.

Fox Face declares that Yuri chose to dig his own grave. Trying to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance almost destroyed his soul, and he is ready to find peace in death. Fox Face explains that if Yuri lives, the Seraphic Radiance will take over him and he will go on a killing spree. Yuri would rather die than that happen. He feels as if he is bringing misery to everyone.

Alice sees through this and know that Yuri still has hope and courage inside of him. Fox Face, angry at Alice trying to help Yuri, attacks her. Yuri believes that Alice is his mother and that Fox Face is his father and tries to stop Fox Face from hurting Alice. Alice encourages Yuri to keep fighting – she thinks that Fox Face is a part of himself that he must overcome and accept.

Yuri and Fox Face do battle, Yuri is victorious. He sees the mask fall from Fox Face and is surprised to learn that it is not his father’s face beneath the mask but his own.

Yuri is able to turn to face Alice – he apologises for bringing her to this place and explains that he really thought that fusing with the Seraphic Radiance might save Shanghai, but instead it brought him to the darkest part of his mind. Any time he tried to ask for help, Fox Face would appear. Yuri believed that Fox Face was a God of Death and that he must die soon. In fact Fox Face represented Yuri’s own weaknesses and he had to learn to accept that. He is no longer afraid of being weak, and is able to accept Fox Face and move out of the Graveyard.

Later, after arriving in Rouen, Yuri is summoned to the Graveyard by the Four Masks. They are very surprised by the fact he is still alive and didn’t succumb to suicide. They explain to him that Alice has surrendered her soul to them, and that because of that if he accrues enough Malice, they will come after him instead of Fox Face. Yuri then leaves.

Once the party are preparing to go to The Float, Alice takes a rest and is summoned to the Graveyard by the Four Masks. They tell her that her time has come and they are ready to take her soul as promised. They send her through the Door to the Depths of the Evil Dimension. There she makes ready to meet the Executioner of Spirit Sacrifice – Atman. He is keen to take her unsullied soul in the place of Yuri’s. Atman asks her if she regrets her choice, Alice states that she does not. Her attacks her, taking her soul.

Shadow Hearts Good Ending

If the Four Masks are defeated before the Float is raised, and both Alice and Yuri have read the inscriptions upon all Gravestones, the Good Ending will be activated. In this situation, when Alice goes to meet the Four Masks, she reads each Gravestone and learns that although Yuri originally resented having to take care of her, throughout their journey together he has grown fond of her. She also sees that there is a Gravestone in the Graveyard with her name upon it. When she meets Atman and he attempts to take her soul, he is stopped by Yuri. Yuri fought his way past the masks and into the Evil Dimension, where he could save Alice from Atman. This initiates a battle with Atman, and once he is defeated, his name is carved onto the gravestone which originally had Alice’s name.

However, the Good Ending is not the canon ending as Alice is dead in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Colonel Hyuga and the Seraphic Radiance

If the player finds the Stone of Rebirth (Found in Temple Ruins via a lengthy sidequest) they can come to the Graveyard, and the door to the hill with the tree will be open.

If Yuri comes to this room with the Stone of Rebirth, he will encounter his father. Col. Hyuga explains to Yuri that he has been with him ever since he died. He has tried to help him in any way possible. He was finally able to help Yuri by absorbing the soul of the Seraphic Radiance within him, so that it did not entirely consume Yuri.

Yuri is given the option to fight Col. Hyuga. Doing so releases the Seraphic Radiance and it becomes absorbed into Yuri as a fusion monster. Col. Hyuga tells Yuri how proud he is of him and how much he has grown. He disappears from the Graveyard for the time being, his job in protecting Yuri is done.

After the battle with Col. Hyuga, Yuri can examine behind the tree to find Father’s Coat – his ultimate armour.

Enemies Encountered

The enemies that Yuri can fight in the Graveyard to clear his malice depend on the current colour of the pendant. They do not drop Exp, Cash or Souls.

Evil One (Blue Malice, Asia)
Evil Two (Green Malice, Asia)
Evil Three (Yellow Malice, Asia)
Evil Four (Red/Orange Malice, Asia)
Gust Ein (Blue Malice, Europe)
Gust Zwei (Green Malice, Europe)
Gust Dreu (Yellow Malice, Europe)
Gust Vier (Red/Orange Malice, Europe)
All Fusion monsters (except Amon)
Colonel Hyuga (Optional Boss leading to Seraphic Radiance)

There are two mandatory battles in the Graveyard:

  • Fox Face
  • Atman
  • In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    The Graveyard appears again in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. This time it has a large tree in the centre and many different segments. After Yuri collapses in Ardennes Forest, he awakens in the Graveyard where he finds it has changed a lot, due to the curse of the Holy Mistletoe. There is a large tree growing in the centre, and out of that tree, a version of Yuri is growing. Yuri explores and finds the Graveyard now has many doors, behind which are all the elemental gravestones from which he is able to awaken his fusions. He tries touching one stone and is able to power it up, and although his fusion abilities are not what they were before, he can now use the power of fusion again.

    Later, Yuri returns to the Graveyard and meets Jeanne, who is passing through on her way to the afterlife. She has come in search of something, but isn’t telling Yuri until she finds it. She asks him if he is afraid of his future, of being alone forever. Before leaving, she says that it’s not avoidable.

    Later, after touching the Émigré Manuscript, Yuri finds himself in the graveyard, crawling along the floor towards the book. He recalls that it has the ability to bring the dead back to life. Yuri sees a vision of Alice, who died to save him. He is then awakened by Karin.

    Once Yuri learns of Rasputin making a soul pact with Asmodeus, having learned from Jovis that Asmodeus wants to inflict pain upon the world. In Goreme Valley, Jovis devises a ritual that will allow him to summon Amon. Amon is one of the only demons that can destroy Asmodeus. The ritual takes him and Karin to the Graveyard where they meet Jeanne again. Karin tries to apologise to Jeanne for the events of Domremy. Jeanne understands that Karin is trying to move forward from her past and continues to look for Yuri’s happiness.

    Yuri and Karin then travel through a door that leads to Mirror Castle.

    Origin & Trivia

  • Graveyards are plots of land where the dead are to be buried. They are common settings within the horror genre as they can give rise to spirits of the dead such as ghosts and zombies.
  • If Yuri comes back to the Graveyard after defeating Atman and speaks to the Four Masks, he will receive the Seven-Eyed Mask
  • If Yuri examines behind the tree after defeating the Seraphic Radiance he will receive his ultimate armour – his Father’s Coat.