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The Dollhouse is a location that appears as an optional level in every Shadow Hearts game. In each game it is a different house but is always a house haunted by a doll. The reward is usually the ultimate weapon for a party member: Alice in Shadow Hearts, Gepetto in Shadow Hearts: Covenant and Ricardo in Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

In Shadow Hearts

How to unlock The Dollhouse in Shadow Hearts

To unlock the Dollhouse in Shadow Hearts, you must wait until The Float has risen. After this, go to the pub in Prague making sure that Alice is in your party. Speak to Ewan. Once you have spoken to him with Alice in your party you should be able to access the Dollhouse from the world map.


The Dollhouse is a house in Poland. In this house, there lived a family with two children, Ewan and Lillith. Lillith had a doll named Laura.

The events of the Dollhouse are unclear. However, it ended with Lillith’s death and Ewan feeling the house. At some stage, Laura either became possessed by a spirit or gained sentience of her own. This meant she was able to turn into a terrible monster. This resulted in Laura being locked in a room below the house, behind a steel door to which the entry was flooded.

It is implied that Laura killed Lillith and that Ewan is the one who locked Laura in the room – but it is not clear whether Lillith was locked in the room with Laura or not. Laura spends her time trying to seek another human to have as a toy after Lillith died. Ewan came back a few times after fleeing, but couldn’t come back any more. Ewan becomes a ghost that haunts Prague.

Ewan begs Alice to exorcise his house and rid it of Laura. Alice goes to the Dollhouse and is able to find her way to where Laura is being kept locked up. Laura tries to take Alice as her toy, but is defeated.

Shadow Hearts Dollhouse Walkthrough Strategy Guide

  • Speak to Ewan in Prague to unlock the Dollhouse
  • Go into the front door
  • Party can save here
  • Investigate the Grandfather clock to find Crank
  • Go through the door to the right
  • Go through the living room to the back
  • Investigate the fountain to find Storeroom Key
  • Go outside the front door, and turn left to find the Storeroom. Use the Storeroom key to access the Storeroom
  • To the left, there is a generator. Use the Crank to turn it on
  • Go down the steps into the basement
  • Investigate the table in the basement to find Slide
  • Go back to the main house and go up the stairs into the room
  • Use the Slide in the projector and make a note of the date: 24/12
  • Go downstairs into the living room and across to the deer’s head on the wall. You should see a console to put in a password: 2412
  • Go back to the basement
  • Go through the door in the basement, and open the heavy iron door.
  • In the child’s bedroom, investigate all items in the room including the Doll on the rocking horse
  • Attempt to leave
  • Boss: Orb Chaos
  • Enemies Encountered

  • Ghouler
  • Spanky
  • Orb Chaos (Boss)
  • Dollhouse Items

  • Lottery Ticket – On table in Living Room
  • Oracle Earrings – Outside near Storeroom door
  • In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    In Shadow Hearts: From the New World