The Shadow Hearts and Koudelka series is set in a world similar to Earth – most of the locations exist within the real world.

Below is a list of locations within the series, and which games they appear in:

Nemeton MonasteryKoudelka, Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Trans-Siberian ExpressShadow Hearts
PlainsShadow Hearts
Zhaoyang VillageShadow Hearts
FengtianShadow Hearts
DalianShadow Hearts
Smuggler’s BoatShadow Hearts
ShanghaiShadow Hearts
Wuhan Temple RuinsShadow Hearts
Kuihai TowerShadow Hearts
Kowloon FortressShadow Hearts
PragueShadow Hearts
BistritzShadow Hearts
Blue CastleShadow Hearts
RouenShadow Hearts
LondonShadow Hearts
OrphanageShadow Hearts
Calios Mental HospitalShadow Hearts
Cave TempleShadow Hearts
Ancient RuinsShadow Hearts
DollhouseShadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Shadow Hearts: From the New World
The GraveyardShadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts: Covenant
The FloatShadow Hearts
KatsuragiShadow Hearts: Covenant