Kuihai Tower

Kuihai Tower is a level in Shadow Hearts. It is where Dehuai resides and is the final level of the Asia half of Shadow Hearts. The party visits Kuihai Tower after getting the Yawang Gate Key.

Plot Significance

15 years before the start of Shadow Hearts, Dehuai attempts to bring about the Valorization. He destroys all the gates into Kuihai Tower except the Yawang Gate. Dehuai’s plans are stopped by Zhuzhen, Col. Hyuga and Mr. Zhen. This battle cripples Dehuai and kills Col. Hyuga.

Throughout the first half of Shadow Hearts, Kuihai Tower is where Dehuai makes his plans to bring about the Valorization. When he eventually kidnaps Alice, he straps her to the Spirit Machine, which is used to channel her magic powers for the Demon’s Gate Invocation – the ritual that brings about the Valorization.

Once the party have found the Yawang Gate Key, they are able to enter Kuihai Tower. Yawang Gate is guarded by Yamaraja: Stone. Once defeated, the party progress up the tower to find Dehuai with Alice still attached to the Spirit Machine. Zhuzhen threatens to kill Dehuai like he should have 15 years ago, and Dehuai threatens to do the same to him and Yuri. He summons Badger Devil to buy himself some time while Alice’s life force continues to drain. Once it is defeated, Dehuai battles the party himself.

Temporarily defeated, Dehuai retreats to the roof to continue his ritual. Alice, almost dying, is given strength back by the voice in Yuri’s head. While the party prepare to confront Dehuai for the final time, the Japanese Army arrive, headed by Lt. Col. Kawashima and Sgt. Kato. They plan to let the party fight Dehuai, and then they shall take Kuihai Tower as a Japanese stronghold in Shanghai.

On the roof, Dehuai has drawn the Mandala of Hell, and has pointed the vessels of the four Gods towards the sky. He reveals that he never planned to use the Demon’s Gate Invocation to summon an Earth Spirit to cause a calamity in Shanghai. Instead he wants to use the Reverse Demon’s Gate Invocation to summon the Seraphic Radiance. To prevent any further intervention on the party’s behalf, Dehuai transforms into Yamaraja: Calamity and attacks them. However, they defeat him once again. He tries to use the last of his strength to summon the Seraphic Radiance, but dies doing so.

Even so the ritual was a failure, Albert Simon is impressed by Dehuai’s efforts, and appears in order to finish the ritual. He successfully summons the Seraphic Radiance – this is the highest order of Taoist Black Magic that Dehuai was trying to achieve. Once the Seraphic Radiance appears, Yuri attempts to fuse with it, despite Alice, Zhuzhen and Margarete‘s attempts to sway him. He fails and his soul is absorbed with that of the monster. The Seraphic Radiance attacks Shanghai with fire, effectively razing the city.

Before escape, Alice is able to save Yuri’s Pendant.

Enemies Encountered

  • Yamaraja: Stone (boss)
  • Vengeance Demon
  • Rage Demon
  • Mournful Demon
  • Man-Snake
  • Water Tiger
  • Shadow
  • Badger Devil (boss)
  • Dehuai (boss)
  • Yamaraja: Calamity
  • Shadow Hearts Walkthrough: Kuihai Tower

  • Previous Level: Shanghai
  • [Cutscene]
  • Approach the Yawang Gate
  • [Cutscene]
  • BOSS: Yamaraja: Stone
  • [Cutscene]
  • Key Item: Black Tortoise Votive Picture
  • Go inside Kuihai Tower. Party can save here, monsters can now be encountered randomly.
  • Go up the right-hand set of stairs.
  • At the altar, place the Black Tortoise Votive Picture.
  • The door to the right has now opened. Go outside and climb the stairs. Open the chest at the top.
  • Key Item: Blue Dragon Votive Picture
  • Return to the lobby. Enter the door behind the altar.
  • Investigate the left-hand side if you want to find Key Item: Erotic Book (NOTE: This cannot be found again later! It is not necessary to finish the game but is necessary for an optional fusion monster!)
  • At the altar, remove the Key Item: Red Phoenix Votive Picture and replace it with the Blue Dragon Votive Picture.
  • Go back to the lobby and up the left-hand staircase.
  • At the altar, place the Red Phoenix Votive Picture.
  • Go into the central room that has now unlocked and find Key Item: White Tiger Votive Picture
  • Return to the room behind the altar. Swap Key Item: Blue Dragon Votive Picture with the White Tiger Votive Picture.
  • Return to the lobby and place the Blue Dragon Votive Picture at the altar.
  • Return to the central room (party can save here) where the White Tiger Votive Picture was found, and progress up the stairs from here
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Badger Devil
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Dehuai
  • [Cutscene]
  • Follow Dehuai to the roof
  • [Cutscene]
  • Boss: Yamaraja: Calamity
  • [Cutscene]
  • Next Level: Prague
  • Kuihai Tower Items

  • Third Key (Chest near Yawang Gate)
  • Seal of Life (Chest near Yawang Gate)
  • Lottery Ticket (Lobby – behind save point)
  • Pure Extract (taking the right-hand set of stairs, go to the wall in the far left)
  • Talisman of Wisdow (after fighting Badger Devil, go down the small set of stairs nearby. There is a chest)
  • Kuihai Tower Shop

    Once the Japanese Army arrive, one of them will sell you essential items.

    Steel Claw2800
    Pilgrim’s Staff2700
    Nanbu Pistol2900
    Tome of the Moon3000
    Studded Harness2500
    Studded Bustier2700
    Faerie’s Sigh85
    Talisman of Mercy820
    Thera Seed120
    Mana Seed230
    Pure Seed510
    Voodoo Doll5200
    Bell Bracelet3120
    Leather Cap600
    Studded Cap1700
    Casual Belt600
    Western Cap1700
    Angel Feather80
    Bronze Arrowhead100
    Bronze Dagger200
    Silver Hourglass100
    Gold Hourglass200
    Thera Leaf50
    Mana Leaf100
    Pure Leaf230
    Talisman of Luck480
    Mermaid’s Tear70
    Holy Mother Bust75
    Phoenix Tail90
    Leonardo’s Bear3330

    Kuihai Tower Lottery

    Lottery Member #9 is available to speak to once the Japanese Army appear. They are in the same place as the shop owner.

  • Red Prize: SP restoring Brooch
  • Yellow Prize: Silver Bell
  • Blue Prize: Soul Benediction
  • Green Prize: Pure Seed
  • Origin & Trivia

  • Kuihai Tower is one of the locations in Shadow Hearts that is not based on a real place
  • However Qihai is the of a Chinese dialect local to an island of Shanghai among other places. Although the game never states as much – it can be assumed that Kuihai Tower is on this island.
  • Kuihai means “Sea Air” which goes to support the idea that it’s based on an island
  • Yawang means “Asian Network”
  • Screenshots

    Dehuai Tower Shadow Hearts

    Dehuai at Kuihai Tower entrance

    Dehuai Tower Albert Simon Shadow Hearts

    Dehuai and Albert Simon in Kuihai Tower

    Wugui Dehuai Shadow Hearts

    Wugui and Dehuai at the Spirit Machine

    Kuihai Tower Map Shadow Hearts

    Kuihai Tower on the map

    Kuihai Tower Map Shadow Hearts

    Battling at Yawang Gate

    Kuihai Tower Lobby Battle Shadow Hearts

    Kuihai Tower battle (lobby)

    Kuihai Tower Lobby Battle Shadow Hearts

    One of the four altars

    Kuihai Tower Shadow Hearts

    Overgrowth in the interior

    Kuihai Tower Battle Exterior

    Exterior Battleground

    Kuihai Tower Exterior Shadow Hearts

    Climbing the Exterior of Kuihai Tower

    Kuihai Tower Altar of Red Phoenix

    The Altar of the Red Phoenix

    Kuihai Tower Laboratory

    The laboratory that connects the vessels of the four Gods to the roof.

    Kuihai Tower Spirit Machine Alice Battle

    The battleground at the Spirit Machine with Alice in the background

    Kuihai Tower Shop Lottery Shadow Hearts

    The shop and lottery member

    Kuihai Tower Roof Shadow Hearts

    The roof, with the Mandala of hell and Vessels for the Gods

    Kuihai Tower Roof Shadow Hearts

    The Mandala of Hell

    Kuihai Tower God Vessel Shadow Hearts

    The vessels the Gods have been sealed into

    Kuihai Tower Roof Battle Shadow Hearts

    The battle with Yamaraja: Calamity on the Roof

    Kuihai Tower Statue Shadow Hearts

    A Statue outside of Kuihai Tower

    Seraphic Radiance Kuihai Tower Shadow Hearts

    The Seraphic Radiance summoned

    Seraphic Radiance Shanghai Shadow Hearts

    The Seraphic Radiance on top of Kuihai Tower