Koudelka Composer to join Pixel Noir team

Hi guys, bit of a random news story for you today:

Pixel Noir city

Hiroki Kikuta who composed the Koudelka Soundtrack has joined the team for a a new WIP Indie Game Pixel Noir. It is currently being kickstarted over here. He will be working with their current composer Kunal Majmudar to write some songs for the soundtrack.

“When I was first approached by the team at SWDTech Games, I was deeply impressed by the unique world and vision that they shared in creating PIXEL NOIR. My mind immediately began racing as to how PIXEL NOIR might sound, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with their talented team!”
-Hiroki Kikuta

I’m really excited for this project, it’s a JRPG with a detective twist, and it’s made by an indie developement company which is always cool.