Japanese Imperial Army

The Japanese army are an enemy group in Shadow Hearts that encountered in the Asia segment of the game. They appear again in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Notable Members

  • Lt. Col. Kawashima
  • Sgt. (Later Special Agent) Kato
  • Col. Hyuga (Black Ops)
  • Maj. Kutsugi
  • Lt. Suketani
  • Other Members of the Japanese Army

    Throughout Shadow Hearts there are a number of other members of the Japanese Army. These characters are not directly important to the plot, and are often only encountered once. Here is a list of the other members along with where they are encountered.

  • Pvt. Mishima (Trans-Siberian Express)
  • Pvt. Jujii (Trans-Siberian Express)
  • Pvt. Takeuchi (Fengtian)
  • Pvt. Ogawa (Fengtian)
  • Pvt. Tamura (Fengtian)
  • Pvt. Tokizawa (Fengtian)
  • Pvt. Koizumi (Fengtian)
  • Pvt. Sonoda (Fengtian)
  • Pvt. Yokoyama (Fengtian)
  • Maj. Tsuji (mentioned) – gave the order to escort Alice
  • Pvt. Matsuura – sent to kill Lt. Col. Kawashima
  • In Shadow Hearts

    Before the beginning of the game, the Japanese Army kidnap Alice Elliot while she is being held as a hostage by Albert Simon. They attempt to bring her to Fengtian via the Trans-Siberian Express where they can then deport her to Japan. They are foiled by Yuri who rescues her from their grasp.

    As well as Alice, the Japanese army are concerned with apprehending Margarete, who they only know as “Malkovitch” since she is a known spy and terrorist. Margarete and Alice both fit the description of “blonde caucasion female” which makes them stand out from the crowd in urban China. For the majority of the game, Alice and Margarete travel with the party which causes the Japanese army to follow them all over China.

    After this, it is primarily Lt. Col. Kawashima and Sgt. Kato that pursue the party. They encounter them in Dalian where they are pretending to be smugglers. They offer the party a boat ride to Shanghai. However they choose not to contain the party, due to the incident with Li Li they are able to see that the true villain is Dehuai and let the party go to Shanghai unhindered.

    In the Japanese embassy in Shanghai, Lt. Col. Kawashima is telling Lt. Suketani that Alice has arrived in Shanghai. t is made explicit that the Japanese Army know of Dehuai’s plans for valorization and all that he requires is Alice and to seal the White Tiger. The White Tiger God is in Wuhan – this becomes the Japanese Army’s next location.

    Lt. Col. Kawashima lures the party to Wuhan by telling them that the Japanese Army and Dehuai’s forces will be there.

    However, it is revealed by Xiaofang that many Japanese soilders died before being able to reach Xifa. This is possibly why you can encounter Puppet Guards as enemies in Wuhan Temple Ruins.

    Kato and Kawashima wait at the Temple Ruins to rendezvous with Suketani and his men. Suketani stations his men around the grounds, and Kawashima gives permission for them to be sent in. They rescue Yuri, Margarete and Zhuzhen from the crumbling ruins.

    After this incident, Major Kutsugi takes over the Shanghai division of the Japanese Army and leads the invasion of Shanghai – increasing the number of troops in Shanghai. Kawashima and Kato also want to take over Shanghai, but would rather do it by overthrowing Dehuai. Kutsugi discovers that Suketani hasn’t been reporting back to him on Kawashima’s whereabouts, and has him killed. Before he dies, Kato finds him and is told to look out for Kawashima. Kutsugi tries to have his men kill Kawashima in her hotel room but she is rescued by the party.

    When the party storm Kuihai Tower the Japanese Army follow and secure the premises once the majority of the monsters have been cleared.

    During the next year, Shanghai is completely under the control of the Japanese Army. However, many Chinese factions are rising against them. During this time, Sgt. Kato has been told to return to Tokyo, but he has remained by the side of Kawashima who is overseeing the rule and stabilisation of Shanghai. Kawashima is aware that they will send someone from Tokyo to take over her duties soon. However, they send two men to Shanghai with the pretences of taking Kawashima back to Japan. They take her downstairs and shoot her. Kato runs after them and kills them, only to reach Kawashima too late to save her.

    After the events of Shadow Hearts, Kato gets promoted to Special Agent and is set across the world to the likes of London and New York as a Japanese diplomat.

    As Enemies

    Members of the Japanese Army are often fought as enemies in Shadow Hearts. Here is a list of enemies based on members of the Japanese Army.

  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Elite Guard
  • Puppet Guard
  • In Shadow Hearts: Covenant