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Shadow Hearts Items

This page is a list of items found in Shadow Hearts. Some items may only be found by doing Sidequests.


Here is a list of Valuable items found in Shadow Hearts – these are usually required in order to progress in the game. They cannot be bought or sold.

TalismanGlowing stone. A Memento form Father. When the hero awakens as a Harmonixer, the light changes from blue to yellow to red and displays current Malice levelAble to display current malice level in menuFrom beginning of Shadow Hearts
PendantThis Pendant was given by Father Elliot. In the train it emits a Powerful Mystic light that rescues our hero.Able to repel evilFrom beginning of Shadow Hearts
Sluice Gate HandleOnce part of a sluice gate, it is now completely rusted over. After the locals were killed in war,the gate was left untended for agesTo open the Sluice Gate in the PlainsPlains, on same screen as Sluice Gate
Anti-Cat PowderThis incredible foul smelling medicine contains catnip. It smells foul but is a sure cure for cat troubles.To draw out Granny Mayor in Zhaoyang VillageGiven to you by Zhuzhen in Zhaoyang Village
TorchDried twigs that have been bundled together for easy use. Useful as an outdoor light source.Used to light a fire in Zhaoyang VillageNear the gate in Zhaoyang Village
Metal BowlMeasuring bowl used by a pathologist in Zhaoyang Village. Bits of putrid rotten flesh cling to the bottom.Used to hold a fire in Zhaoyang VillageNear the market stalls in Zhaoyang Village
JewelCalled the “Sealing Stone”, it is a glowing blue gem used as a tool in the art of dark geomancy to create and strengthen barriers.Used to unlock the man-hole in Fengtian’s sewersAfter wall collapses, in back wall across the “bridge”
Salt-Dried FishSalt-Dried Mackerel. Bred in deep ocean currents, its meat is firm yet tender. A quack oracle ate 5 of them at Sea Turtle Restaurant. Everyone was disgusted.NoneExamine the fish-racks in Dalian.
Wood TokenAncient token displaying one of the 5 Yin and Yang elements, wood. Used in opening mystical seals or barriers.Used to progress in the Trials at WuhanIn chest in Ni Wan Palace
Yawang Gate KeyKey to “Yawang Gate” the only entrance to Dehuai’s fortress, Kuihai Tower. Obtained by Lieutenant Suketani at the cost of many of his follower’s lives.Need to enter Kuihai TowerHidden in Smuggler’s Boat in Shanghai after the trials and speaking with Yawashima and Kato
Blue Dragon Votive PictureMystic Tool with the power of the Blue Dragon, one of the 4 Gods of Directions. In the hands of a wicked person it alone could lay waste to an entire nation.Needed to progress up Kuihai TowerChest at top of stairs in Kuihai Tower
White Tiger Votive PictureMystic Tool containing the power of the White Tiger. It has the power to lay waste to an entire nation. Taken from Kuihai Tower 15 years ago by Col. HyugaNeeded to progress up Kuihai TowerCentral Room of Kuihai Tower
Black Tortoise Votive PictureMystic Tool containing the power of the Black Tortoise, one of the Gods of Directions. In the hands of a wicked person it alone could lay waste to an entire nation.Needed to progress up Kuihai TowerFound after boss fight with Yamaraja: Stone
Red Phoenix Votive PictureMystic Tool containing the power of the Black Tortoise, one of the 4 Gods of Directions. In the hands of a wicked person it alone could lay waste to an entire nation.Needed to progress up Kuihai TowerIn an altar Kuihai Tower
East Gate KeyKey to Bistritz Town Gate. If the gate is for protection from animals, why is there a carving of the sun on the gate and garlic on the key?Needed to access Blue CastleGiven to you by Nina in Bistritz
Kid’s Room KeyKey found in a rather questionable orphanage. It opens the orphans’ room. (They called it the Key Room, those jerks.)Needed progress in the OrphangeGot upon defeating Night Stalker
Guestroom KeyPure Gold key from Joshua.Needed to progress in the OrphangeGive to you by Joshua when you rescue him
Heart KeyKey to Calios Mental Hospital. More prison than hospital, there is a dark side to its grand history.Needed to unlock Heart Doors in Calios Mental HospitalReceived After defeating Guards in the room with the save point
Club KeyKey to the prison-like mental hospital. It is worn from the hands of the many cruel torturers who held it.Needed to unlock Club doors in Calios Mental HospitalInside a door with a Heart design on it
Diamond KeyThis is for the sole purpose of locking unwanted people away from the rest of society in a prison euphemistically called a hospital.Needed to open Diamond doors in Calios Mental HospitalInside a room with a Club design on the door
Spade KeyKey jealously guarded by the hospital director, Director Rausan. It seems to have been polished almost obsessively and is without even a single scratch.Needed to open Spade doors in Calios Mental HospitalDropped after battling Rausan
Bronze CoinBronze coin with a crab spider symbol etched on it. Probably for some purpose other than money. Deeply scratched from use.Needed to find secret passage in Calios Mental HospitalIn first corridor of Calios Mental Hospital
Silver CoinSilver coin inscribed with the symbol of the magical bird Lopuros. Ancient and scarred from years of use.Needed to Open Secret Door in Calios Mental HospitalBeside top-left table in room with save point in Calios Mental Hospital
Gold CoinAncient Gold Coin inscribed with a demonic crest. Thick and heavy. It shines out even in a dark hospital roomNeeded to open secret door in Calios Mental HospitalIn Room with Club Design on Door – Calios Mental Hospital
Platinum CoinPlatinum coin inscribed with the symbol of a dragon. It’s impossible to tell whether it’s new or old and it rings out with a lovely tone when plunked.Needed tooppen secret door in Calios Mental HospitalIn room with Diamond design on Door – Calios Mental Hospital
Dungeon KeyApparently a key to some huge door. It is stamped with the image of some God-like entity. Whether it is good or evil is impossible to tell.Needed to access Dungeon in Calios Mental HospitalIn room with Spade design on Door – Calios Mental Hospital
Oath GrailDeath, drunk on souls told the Overlord how to beat the four masks. “Grail weakens Gold: Gold, Staff : Staff, Sword : and Sword, Drink. My oath is to the Grail”.Needed to weaken the Grail mask.From Joshua after the Mental Hospital
CrankCrank for starting some kind of machine. Judging by the size of the handle, it must be a machine of terrific dimensions.Needed to turn the electric on in the DollhouseDollhouse, on floor near Grandfather Clock
Storeroom KeyExtremely rusty key that doesn’t look as if it has been well looked after.Needed to open the Dollhouse StoreroomIn the fountain behind the Dollhouse
SlideSlide found in dollhouse. The upper half of a young girl can be seen faintly. If only I had a projector.Needed to find the password for the console in the DollhouseIn the basement of the Storeroom of the Dollhouse
Snake CardCard from the Wholesale Items Guild (WIC). Gives various benefits. But if you lose on discount 5 times in a row with insufficient funds it becomes inactive.Get 10% Discount in StoresSpeak to a man in Zhoayang Village
Sun CardGuild card found in Bistritz. This one has a moon picture on it. Those guild folks must be astrology fans.Gets 10% Discount in StoresFind in Michelle’s shop
Moon CardGuild card with a picture of the sun on it. I wonder why that person had it..? London is a strange city. All that fog and everything…Gets 10% Discount in StoresPay a man in London to recieve this
Water GravestoneStrangly glowing stone. It emits the same cold feeling that I get in the GraveyardAllows Yuri to battle and fuse EgilPay a man in Rouen for this
Earth GravestoneOddly glowing stone. It gives off exactly the same wavelength as the one in the GraveyardAllows Yuri to battle and fuse LoboSpeak to Nina after the Float has been raiseed
Air GravestoneStrangely glowing stone. It gives off the same airy feeling that I get in the GraveyardAllows Yuri to battle and fuse SeraviGive tissues to the man in the men’s bathroom in Prague
Fire GravestoneStrangly glowing stone. It gives off the same hot feeling that I get in the GraveyardAllows Yuri to battle and fuse ForronIn a Chest in Calios Mental Hospital after the Float has been raised
Darkness GravestoneStrangly glowing stone. It seems to have the same evil spirit as the one in the Graveyard.Allows Yuri to battle and fuse CzernobogAfter the Float has been raised it is at the top of the tower in Blue Castle
Light GravestoneStrangly glowing stone. It seems to have the same evil spirit as the one in the Graveyard.Needed to fuse SandalphonInside Roger’s House, Nemeton Monastery
Stone of DestructionOddly shaped stone. It emits a strange power the likes of which cannot be felt anywhere else on Earth or Above.Allows Yuri to fuse with AmonAppears in the glowing pit in Nemeton Monastery after collecting all items from chests
Stone of RebirthMade of a substance which seems to be somewhere between stone and metal. Is it light, heavy, hard or soft? Even touching it, it is impossible to tell.Allows to fuse Seraphic RadianceVisit Ancient Ruins for 3rd Time
Codex of LurieGreatly sought after, this ancient tome is rumoured to be an ancient guide to summoning the “Other Gods”.UnknownAt the top of the altar in Nemeton Monastery
Book of RitualsOld book engraved with an image from Mt. Olympus. It says “Controller of the Rainbow, Go backwards like a devil. Follow the royal garden to the drops of blood.Unlocks Ancient RuinsBring Alice and Zhuzhen to Nemeton Monastery
Emigre ManuscriptManuscript written on a skull. On it is scribbled “Stone Temple … Take the path of the right dragon”. The smell of violets has been replaced by tiger lilies.Unlocks Cave TempleSpeak to child in pot at Orphanage
Pulse TractBacon’s Manuscript: “The Rainbow’s Treasure is a Golden Moon, Burning Sun, Old Forest, Royal Garden, Ocean’s Colour, Drops of Blood and from the Sky to Rebirth”Allows to find Stone of RebirthExchange Erotic Book with Roger
Erotic BookWh, what this? The famous literary journal and pin-up magazine “Shanghai Angels”! Why would that be such a valuable item? Maybe I’ll find out in the future.Allows to find Pulse TractKuihai Tower
Lottery TicketIssued by the World Lottery Foundation. Secret Members all over the world ask you to participate in lotteries. Get wonderful prizes through luck and skill!Used to play the lotteryVarious


Here is a list of weapons found in Shadow Hearts – each character has a different weapon specialty. Weapons are used to boost attack and special attack. Most weapons can be bought, but several need to be found or involve side quests to receive them.

Yuri’s Weapons

Yuri wields Brass Knuckles in Shadow Hearts. Here is a list of the weapons he can obtain:

Weapon LevelKnucklesLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
1Leather GlovesStarting KnucklesIDK640320
2Knuckle BladeFengtianThis handheld weapon has sharp blade affixed to it allowing for slashing as well. It is made of a powerful black steel and is easily carried1200600
3Steel ClawTemple RuinsA favoured weapon among Eastern assassins. Its unusually long blade and frightening appearance make it a weapon to be feared.28001400
4Hand NeedleKowloon FortressAn ancient weapon, the middle finger passes through a ring and it is clutched in the fist. When mastered it can be used to block an enemy’s sword.n/a2000
5Brass KnuckleEuropeThe dream of any rough and tumble brawler, they are made of hand-forged brass and can raise the user’s punching power immensely.n/a5000
6Silver TalonNemetonSilver Claws gripped between the fingers. Easy to use and accurate due to their light weight. An excellent weapon for the powerful fighter-type. Very valuable.160008000
8Nightbird ClawNemeton MonasteryThis weapon was said to have been used in ancient days by the god of war and that its wielder can summon the power of Ashura. Its true origin is a mystery.n/a25000
  • To obtain the Hand Needle, you must visit the optional level Kowloon Fortress. It is in a hidden chest in the room next to the operating theatre.
  • To obtain the Nightbird Claw you must speak to Roger after the Float has been raised and the party have visited it. He will ask Yuri to run on the treadmill to power the machine again. the player must completge 10 spins of the Judgment Ring to receive this weapon.
  • Alice’s Weapons

    Alice wields Books in Shadow Hearts. Here is a list of the weapons she can obtain:

    Weapon LevelBookLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
    1Small BibleStarting BookIDK720360
    2Tome of the Shooting StarZhaoyang Village, Fengtian, Smuggler’s Boat, DalianAncient book about a fabled continent that sank into the sea beneath a falling star. Lovingly transcribed from the original and very valuable.1420710
    3Tome of the MoonTemple RuinsAncient Book of Magic encased in a Black Velvet cover. It is written with eligant calligraphy and embossed in gold leaf.30001500
    4Tome of the SunBistritzAncient Book of Curse Removal and magic-blocking. Extremely difficult to read, but legends say if done so with a pure heart it can redeem an entire nation.60203010
    5Ever-BibleRouenAncient, holy book, embedded with shining blue crystals. Necessary for performing an exorcism on a possessed woman.98004900
    6Grand BibleNemeton MonasteryOnly the greatest of the holy leaders may possess this book of prophesy. The book itself carries great mystical power.174008700
    7Holy Book of the MartyrsNemeton MonasteryHoly book stained with the blood of martyrs who labored for countless years in service against the fources of evil. Strong spiritual power.n/a15780
    8Holy Book of FleshIDKIDKn/a21600
  • The Holy book of Martyrs can be found inside the Purple Chest in Nemeton Monastery
  • Zhuzhen’s Weapons

    Zhuzhen wields Staves in Shadow Hearts. Here is a list of the weapons he can obtain:

    Weapon LevelStaffLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
    1Oak StaffStarting StaffStaff made from the limb of an ancient oak. It raises a magic wielder’s abilties and is a necessary step on the way to becoming an Adept in the Taoist arts.580290
    2Hexagonal StaffDalian, Smuggler’s BoatMetal Rod. Heavy and Destructive, it is perfect for the adventuring clergyman. The accumulated experience of many a Holy Man lies within the staff itself.1100550
    3Pilgrim’s StaffShanghaiStaff carved from a sacred tree. Given its light weight and strength it is an ideal weapon for older adventurers.27001350
    4Hermit’s StaffIDKStaff of the hermit who explored the wild regions of the continent. Its scarlet colour is said to be the hermit’s own blood. A valuable and powerful weapon.59802990
    5Oracle StaffRouen, LondonThis staff can only be held by the most dedicated of Oracles. It is said to bring calamity upon those unworthy to wield it. Tremendous attack power.86004300
    6Four Gods StaffNemeton MonasteryStaff blessed by the spirit of Mitama. In the hands of a master, the staff itself is said to become sentient. Very few can tap into its true power.159707985
    8Holy Peak StaffCave TempleLegendary holy staff. It is claimed that whoever wields it will have the power to control Heaven and Earth.n/a22780

    Margarete’s Weapons

    Margarete wields Firearms in Shadow Hearts. Here is a list of the weapons she can obtain:

    Weapon LevelFirearmLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
    1Mini-MauserStarting FirearmEasy to carry, semi-automatic pistol. Not very powerful or accurate but a good weapon in the right hands.n/a340
    2Type 94 PistolFengtian, Dalian, Smuggler’s Boat8 millimeter radius, 8-shot automatic. Extremely well balanced and easy to use, but must be used with caution due to its light trigger. Also causes confusion.1300650
    3Nanbu PistolTemple RuinsAutomatic handgun with unique rounded trigger guard. Improved version of the Type 94 with small recoil and very high accuracy.29001450
    4ZeruelAfter RouenThe most perfectly balanced of all 9mm portable machineguns. Extremely reliable with a low malfunction rate.n/a3010
    5DrazeOrphanageThis machinegun, manufactured by a well-respected gun maker is unrivalled in terms of its lightweight design. Very expensive but well worth the price.n/a3010
    612 GaugeNemeton MonasterySawed off 13 Gauge Riot Gun with unsurpassed stopping power. Its intimidating appearance and powerful report strike fear into enemies158007900
    7Mauser PrototypeNemeton MonasteryRapid Firing, Machinegun prototype. Uses 9mm parabellum bullets. Its unique wooden stock can be fixed to the ground as a base. Heavy but incredibly powerful.n/a14400
    810 GaugeIDKIDKn/a23060
  • The Type 94 Pistol has a 20% chance of causing confusion
  • Keith’s Weapons

    Keith wields Swords in Shadow Hearts. Here is a list of the weapons he can obtain:

    Weapon LevelSwordLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
    1Antique RapierStarting SwordThis sword has been stained with the blood of many swordsmen. Its blade is a unique combination of flexibility and durability. It can cause instant death.n/a2300
    2Royal EstocBistritzA long sword favoured by nobles for jousting. Its narrow tip was map for piercing armour. Somewhat heavy to be carried, it is a weapon to be feared in battle.62303115
    3Silver Crescent SwordRouenCrescent Sword forged from blessed silver. Shorter than the other swords but its appearance has a tendancy to make enemies falter.83004150
    5Executioner’s SwordNemeton MonasteryMassive sword used for beheading. Its blade is so sharp that is could easily slice a horse in two. Enormous strength is needed to wield it in battle.180309015
    6Deathblade, JiruCalios Mental HospitalCursed after shedding the blood of countless witches, this razor-like blade gives off a ghostly essence and can cause Instant Death.n/a10010
    8Demon Sword, TyrvingBlue CastleLegendary Demon Sword that can only be wielded by the highest ranking member of the Darkness Clan. It is rumored to have the power to even slay the Undead.n/a24300
  • The Antique Rapier has a 25% chance of inflicting instant death
  • The Executioner’s Sword has a 100% chance of inflicting instant death
  • To obtain Demon Sword, Tyrving, Keith must defeat Golden Bat in Blue Castle. This can be unlocked by speaking to Nina with Keith in the party after the Float has risen.
  • Halley’s Weapons

    Halley wields Slingshots in Shadow Hearts. Here is a list of the weapons he can obtain:

    Weapon LevelSlingshotLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
    1SlingshotStarting SlingshotPowerful slingshot which hurls steel balls with great force. Somewhat inaccurate it requires much training before it becomes truly effective.n/a2200
    2Oak SlingshotLondonMade from Oak Wood, it hurls metal balls with incredible force. Also Causes Poisonn/a2250
    3Laurel SlingshotCalios Mental HospitalMade from the wood of an ancient, holy laurel tree, it has power to cause Silence. It doesn’t look like much but it is a very powerful weapon in battlen/a2230
    4Steel SlingshotNemeton MonasteryDue to its powerful pull, it requires great hand strength and causes tremendous damage even against enemies with strong defense. May cause paralysis.148007400
    5Improved SlingshotLondonA slingshot was used to creat this twisted weapon. It causes great damage and even Petrification. It contains the tortured soul of a small child.n/a10000
    6High Alloy SlingshotIDKThis super high alloy slingshot is as unique as it is powerful. Superbly engraved on it is the slogan “Sic Semper Tyrannis”.192009600
    8Volt SnipeAncient RuinsA weapon invented by an alchemist called Skin of Teeth. Its shape and power are very unique. It strikes fear into enemies.n/a20410
  • The Oak Slingshot has a 20% chance of inflicting poison
  • The Laurel Slingshot has a 20% chance of inflicting silence
  • The Steel Slingshot has a 20% chance of inflicting paralysis
  • The Improved Slingshot has a 20% chance of inflicting petrify
  • “Sic Semper Tyrannis” which in engraved on the High Alloy Slingshotis Latin and means “Thus Always to Tyrants”
  • Armour

    Below is a list of the armour available in Shadow Hearts. Armour is used to increase defense and special defense. Most armour is available to buy in shops but some most be found through side-quests. Male and female characters equip different sets of armour, and some armour is unique to specific characters.

    Male Armour

    The list of the male armour available in Shadow Hearts is below. Male armour can be equipped by Yuri, Zhuzhen, Keith and Halley.

    ArmourLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
    Cotton ShirtBeginning of gameA manly cotton shirt. Easy to move around in but very rugged. Real adventurers look great in simple designs560280
    Leather VestIDKA vest made from the carefully tanned hide from the Southern Steer. Perfect for the male adventurer who swears by leather for battle. Don’t get it wet.1000500
    Studded HarnessKuihai Tower, ShanghaiA harness sold off by the special airbourne troops of a certain country. A wonderful bargain. Too heavy and big for women, but dangerously attractive when worn on bare skin by men.25001250
    Chainmail VestPrague, BistritzA chainmail vest for men. With its powerful defensive properties it doesn’t allow blades or bullets through. It may be plain but one day you’ll be glad you wore one.55002750
    Red Leather JacketRouenThree times more expensive than the mass produced kind, these jackets are all custom made. They are lined with rubber to absorb impact.88004400
    Stygian RobeNemeton MonasteryA spiritual robe worn by warlocks when confronting evil. A bit costly, but offers excellent protection. Woven from superfine silk thread. It’s light and has a unique sheen.148007400

    Female Armour

    The list of the female armour available in Shadow Hearts is below. Female armour can be equipped by Alice and Margarete.

    ArmourLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
    Cotton BlouseBeginning of gameA plain white blouse, the image of female purity. Young ladies look quite sharp in them. Older women appear quite authoritative.600300
    Leather skirtTemple Ruins, Kowloon Fortress, Prague, Shanghai, Smuggler’s Boat, Fengtian, DalianA pocketless leather mini-skirt made from Southern cowhide. It’s easy to move around in, provides strong defense and looks great! A friend to fighting women everywhere.1200600
    Studded BustierKuihai Tower, ShanghaiChic, studded bustier designed for defense as well as good looks. Although lightweight, it is still somewhat cumbersome to move around in.27001350
    Silk BoleroPrague, BistritzA bolero for the rich, active young lady. Made of the finest silk that has undergone a mystical process. Changes colours depending on how the light hits it.59402970
    Jasper CapeRouenA tough cape of blue cloth it reduces the chance of serious injury. Similar to the battle gear worn by women of the Rose Croix on their journey to Rome.92004600
    Snow-White RobeNemeton MonasteryHoly Robe worn by white witches during ceremonies to ward off evil, it is a powerful defense against envoys from the demonic world and is proof of the high rank as a psychic medium.156007800

    Character specific armour

    Some characters have armour that only they can wear. You cannot buy this armour, it must all be obtained through sidequests.

    ArmourCharacterLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
    Coat of the SageZhuzhenNemeton MonasteryA sage’s short coat, worn only by the highest-level Taoist Adepts. Those without spiritual power cannot touch it. Cuts Fire damage in half.n/aIDK
    Punk JacketHalleyNemeton MonasteryA leather jacket typically worn by street punks. The sharp meta spikes express their young rage. Reinforced with steel plates. Perfect for fighting. Cuts wind damage in half.n/aIDK
    Coat of the AdeptZhuzhenRouenA short coat woven by Qiuhua, with the soul of a young girl. “Sniff sniff … Oh, it smells like Shanghai”. The wearer is filled with energy. Cuts fire and Water damage in half.n/aIDK
    Father’s CoatYuriGraveyardCoat of the legendary import in the Imperial Army. Worn by Colonel Ben Hyuga, known as “the God of Secret Intelligence”. Cuts Darkness/Light damage in Halfn/aIDK
    Mantle of ShiveringKeithCave TempleA hunting mantle worn by the Darkness Clan. The tears and blood of the young virgins that were their prey have made a complex pattern in the lining. Cuts Earth/Wind damage in half.n/aIDK
    Gold Threaded CoatAliceAncient RuinsA long robe filled with the memories of martyrs past. The wearer feels as if he is wrapped in a warm light. Embroidered with ancient symbols, it cuts Light/Darkness damage in half.n/aIDK


    Each character in Shadow Hearts has 3 accessory slots. Accessories boost various stats. Generally they can be bought in shops but may also be found on side-quests. Some accessories can only be equipped by specific characters.

    AccessoryFunctionLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellNotesImage
    Leather BeltP-ATK +1Beginning, Smuggler’s Boat, Dalian, Fengtian, Plains, Zhaoyang VillageA belt made from the hide of a young lion and tanned with the mystical Sensai Stone. It raises attack power when worn.320160
    Shell BraceletProtection from poison. SP-DEF+1Zhaoyang Village, Prague, Kowloon Fortress, Temple Ruins, Shanghai, Fengtian, Smuggler’s Boat, DalianA bracelet carved out of a large, red, pearl oyster shell that was used by a medicine man in the Dark Ages. Raises resistance to poison when worn.27701385
    BandannaP-DEF+2Temple Ruins, Kowloon Fortress, Shanghai, Dalain, Smuggler’s Boat, Fengtian, Zhaoyang VillageA bandanna made by the hands of 100 virgins, using mystical dye and silk thread. It raises defense power.320160
    PedometerCounts Steps, P-AVD+5Pedometer SalesmanA device that counts steps. True adventurers are very serious and responsible about each step they take. Can’t do without one.n/a2500Counting steps allows you to buy other items from the Pedometer salesman
    Jade LariatWidens Hit area, P-DEF+1PragueA lariat necklace set with jade and pearls. Favourite item of undefeated gambler Bronco Billy. Widens the success area of the Judgment Ring.50502525
    Star BroochAble to escape with berserk allies. P-DEF+1, SP-DEF+1IDKA finely-crafted brooch set with the guardian stone of the God Achilles. When worn can escape from an enemy even when all allies are berserk.n/a10
    Western BeltP-ATK+3IDKThe favourite belt of frontier hero Billy, it raises attack power. The red stones set into the buckle are said to have a strong mystical power.1700850
    Bone BraceletPrevents Confusion. SP-DEF+1Kowloon Fortress, Prague, Temple Ruins, Shanghai, Fengtian, Smuggler’s Boat, Zhaoyang Village, DalianA bracelet carved out of the backbone of a priest who had attained Buddhahood. Each peice has the text of a sutra. It renders the effects of confusion ineffectual.29601480
    Studded CapP-DEF+6Temple Ruins, Kuihai Tower, Shanghai, Prague, Kowloon FortressA cap made of thin metal with rivets. The rivets are placed with accordance with the principles of Feng Shui. Raises Defense Power1700850
    Rosewood BraceletProtects against paralysis. SP-DEF+1Fengtian, Smuggler’s Boat, Prague, Temple Ruins, Kowloon Fortress, Dalian, ShanghaiA bracelet made from Rosewood from the Holy land of Behem. Prayed over by many monks, it renders paralysis ineffectual. A mandala is drawn on the back.30001500
    Bell BraceletProtects against silence. SP-DEF+1Kowloon Fortress, Kuihai Tower, Temple Ruins, Prague, ShanghaiA strung bell, made by placing the ear bones of a baby who died from an illness into a bronze ball. Sounds like a baby laughing. Renders Silence ineffectual.31601560
    Voodoo DollWhen wearer loses all HP they do not become unconscious (once). SP-DEF+3Temple Ruins, Kuihai Tower, Prague, Smuggler’s Boat, ShanghaiUsed in Voodoo rites in Haiti during ceremonies to bring souls back from the dead. Smiles when you talk to it. Becomes Unconscious in the players stead once.52002600
    Weird BottleAfter falling unconsious, party member can attack at double strength. P-ATK+3IDKA bottle of dangerous looking crystalline medicine. It allows the holder to make a 3-hit attack at double strength on the next turn after being unconscious.180009000
    Brigand EarringsTrophy money increases by 20% but battle prize chance decreases by 20%. P-HIT+5, P-ATK+1Prague, Kowloon Fortress, Shanghai, Temple RuinsIn the shape of the trademark of Greenhoe, the heroic, chivalrous bandit. Chances of getting trophy money are raised, but chances of getting items are lowered.50002500
    Pirate EarringsTrophy money decreases by 20% but battle prize chance increases by 20%. P-HIT+5, P-ATK+1Prague, Kowloon Fortress, Shanghai, Temple RuinsThe favourite earrings of captain mulligan who terrorized the seven seas. Chances of getting items are raised, but chances of getting trophy money are lowered.50002500
    Flare BroochP-HIT+5, P-ATK+2, P-DEF+2, SP-ATK+2, SP-DEF+2DalianEngraved with the crest of the flame goddess Regina. In resonance with Harmonixer’s waves, it releases a red light. Decreases the SP consumed during Fusion.010If equipped by Yuri, halves the SP needed for Fusion
    Leather CapP-DEF+4Temple Ruins, Prague, Shanghai, Kowloon Fortress, Kuihai TowerA cap made from the hide of Kubhai Khan’s favourite horse, Shooting Star. The horse was siad to have become a dragon after its death. Raises defense power.600300
    Casual BeltP-ATK+4Temple Ruins, Kowloon Fortress, Prague, Shanghai, Kuihai TowerA thin leather belt dyed in the secret potion of a holy man. It does raise Attack Power of the weaer but isn’t very useful as a belt.600300
    Leonardo’s BearProtects against Instant Death. SP-DEF+1Temple Ruins, Prague, Kuihai Tower, Kowloon Fortress, ShanghaiA small teddy bear left behind in a cabin of the ghost ship St Mary. It renders instant death ineffectual. Makes a sad face if you squeeze it.33301665
    SpikesProtects against Knockback. SP-DEF+1Kowloon Fortress, Prague, Kuihai Tower, Temple Ruins, Shanghai, Dalian, Smuggler’s Boat, FengtianThe Spikes of the base-stealing King: Quick-Shoe Joey. Made from water buffalo leather and set with silver spikes they render knock-back ineffectual.28101405
    Coral LariatSlows the Judgment Ring by 20%. P-Def+1FengtianA lariat necklace made of coral beads strung on sea snake hide. A sacred object of the ocean tribes, it slows down the sweep of the indicator on the Judgment Ring.50502525
    Face GuardP-DEF+8Prague, Kowloon Fortress,A face guard made from human bones covered with lizard leather. You need courage to wear it but it increases defense. Extremely distracting to the enemy.30001500
    Metal BeltP-ATK+8IDKA heavy metal belt. Raises attack power extensively but you get a lot of odd looks when you wear it. Being a heavy metal fan helps.30001500
    Iron ClogsAGL-20%, Judgment Ring speed halves. P-ATK+2, SP-ATK+2Smuggler’s BoatBlack iron clogs worn by the hero of Herculean strength, Yuhuang Shan. They slow down your reaction time but the ring indicator sweeps half as fast too.n/a750
    Flash BadgeAGL+20%, Judgment Ring speed doubles. P-ATK+2, SP-ATK+2IDKThe badge of the lightning-fast Lalar. Extremely small but improves agility dramatically when worn. However, the sweep of the Ring indicator doubles in speed.n/a750
    HeadgearP-DEF+9, SP-DEF+2Smuggler’s Boat, DalianProtective Headgear worn by the cavalry division out routing evil. Strong defense against blows and other physical attacks. Raises defense power.54002700
    Monk EarringsExp+20%, SP-20%Earrings used by monks in their rigorous ascetic training. Made of gold plated clay. The wearer can get 20% more experience but mental strength suggers.
    Berserker EarringsSTR increasesPrague LotteryReplicas of earrings stolen (and never found again) from a demon statue at Shaolin temple. when worn they stri up the blood and increase physical strength.Shaolin in a kind of monk trained in martial arts.
    AcceleratorStepsx2Rouen LotteryA device that double pedometer counts. Can’t raise an electric rat though. Good for gadget lovers.It is unclear what is meant by “raise an electric rat”.
    Pocket WatchPrevents Ring AbnormalitiesBlue Castle, London, Dalain Lottery, Rouen, BistritzThe favourite watch of British Warlock McNabb, who performed many magic experiments converning time. It cancels out effects on the Judgment Ring.52002600
    Small JugIncreased luck, but decreases SP by double each turnThe chinaware bottle of Xioasha, follower of the great drunken master, Jackie. SP decreases 2 points each turn but something good could happen.“Drunken Master Jackie” is a reference to the film “Drunken Master” starring Jackie Chan.
    Zodiac BraceletPrevents Paraylsis and PetrificationKowloon Fortress, Prague, OrphanageA magic tool made by Hungarian Warlock Esca. It shows both the usual and the magic 12 signs of the zodiac. Renders Paralysis and Petrification ineffectual.103005150The Zodiac is referring to the 12 signs that represent either the month or year a person was born.
    Anne’s CrossAllows wearing to escape berserkShanghai pit fightThe silver cross Main Character’s mother Anne always used to wear, it’s filled with a love from her family. Restores the wearer from Berserk if successful on the Ring.Yuri’s mother’s cross.
    Priest Earrings1/2 MP CostLondon LotterySemi-Precious stone earrings always worn by the Ganbriel brothers, known for their odd missionary work. The reduce the consumption rate of Mystical Strength.
    Cosmic BraceletPrevents poison, silence and confusionKowloon Fortress, London, RouenA bracelet representing the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, used in Ying and Yang Fortune Telling. Renders poison, silence and confusion ineffectual.115005750The Chinese Zodiac animals are representations of the different years in the Chinese calender.
    Demon EarringsRaise damage given and received.London Rats HideoutEarring still filled with the rage of demonically fierce warrior Muzou. They raise the physical damage inflicted but also raise the physical damage takenWhen attack is high but defense is poor that is known as “glass cannon” status.
    CrucifixPrevents Status AbnormalitiesFrom JoshuaA replica of the crucifix on the chest of the giant God statue excavated from the ruins of Zafral. Renders all status abnormalities ineffectual.A crucifix is a symbol of the Christian faith.
    Warning DevicePrevents Back and Cross AttacksLondon Rats HideoutUrgently invented by the world’s most cowardly alchemist, Minimi. It helps the bearer avoid surprise or trap attacks. Looks mechanical but is made from soft materials.
    Demon Ward NecklanceHalves Random EncountersCalios Mental HospitalA necklace worn by the Queen of the graveyard, Analamy. No matter how dangerous the location, it uts chances of encounting enemies in half.n/a2500The necklace appears to have garlic – a reference to the fact that in folklore, vampires are driven away by garlic.
    Charming PareoRaises AttackRouen, London, Nemeton MonasteryA pareo like the one in the picture of the Micronesian Goddess Akurol. Raises attack power but makes the wearer so irresistable it attracts a lot more attention.55002750Although Micronesia has its own mythlogy there does not seem to be a Godess called Akurol.
    Warlock EarringsIncrease Special Damage Taken and GivenBamboo Earrings, Divination tools passed down through the Oh family, royal warlocks. They raise speical attack power but increase special damage taken too.2500Oh is a relatively common surname in china, Japan and Korea.
    Huge JugReuces SP consumption rateRouenThe beloved gourd wine bottle of Jackie, the great drunken master. Holds at least 50 liters. It reduces the consumption rate of SP. Must be carried on the back.1000The “drunken master Jackie” refers to Jackie Chan.
    Will PowerPrevents SP LoweringLondon, Nemeton MonasteryThe pendant of Saint Eleph, it renders SP Lowering ineffectual. It has grown stronger as it has passed through the hands of many adventurers.60003000Eleph is a Biblical location
    Loin GuardRaises Attack PowerRouen, London, Nemeton MonasteryThe Loin Guard raises Attack Power by binding the wearer tightly. A symbol of the hot-blooded spirit of men throughout the ages.52002600The Loin Guard is most likely a Japanese Fundoshi – a traditional Loin Cloth.
    CircletRaises DefenseRouen, London, Nemeton MonasteryThe Loin Guard raises Attack Power by binding the wearer tightly. A symbol of the hot-blooded spirit of men throughout the ages.52002600The Loin Guard is most likely a Japanese Fundoshi – a traditional Loin Cloth.
    Amber Ring1/2 Earth DamageAfter Defeating Grail MaskA ring entirely made of amber, carved from a large amber stone found in an ancient layer of the western canyon. cuts damage from Eath attacks in half500
    Carnelian Ring1/2 Fire DamageAfter Defeating Gold MaskA ring with carnelian unearthered from the centre of Mt. Jianhuo in China. When held up to the light it seems to have a flame inside. Cuts Fire damage in half.500
    Lazurite Ring1/2 Wind DamageAfter Defeating Staff MaskA ring set with a lazurite dug up from Ibara Desert. The base is made fom silver dust. It cuts damage from Wind attacks in half.500
    Obsidian Ring1/2 Darkness DamageAfter Defeating Sword MaskThe only accessory the tragic queen Escabete wear wearing when she went to the guillotine. The obsidian is said to cry every night. Cuts Darkness damage in half.500
    Mind’s EyePYS_ATKx2, blind Judgment RingNemeton MonasteryA blindfold made from the skin of a great swordsman with the words “Don’t look, Feel!” on it. The hit area disappears, but physical attack power doubles.1000The words “Don’t look. Feel!” are a reference to the Bruce Lee movie “Enter the Dragon” – the original line being “Don’t Think. Feel!”
    Pearl Ring1/2 Water DamageRouenA ring with a fresh-water pearl on a base of blue coral, worn by the witch Esla. The rainbow-coloured pearl is still growing larger. Cuts water damage in halfIDKThis is a River Esla in Spain
    Moonstone Ring1/2 Light DamageGraveyardA ring made by a shaman with a moonstone dug up in an unexplored desert area. Used as a protective charm for the tribe. Cuts damage from Light attacks in half.IDK
    Belt of PowerRaises ATKPedometer ServicesBelt worn by jujutsu artist Koma, who died in a foreign land after many fierce contests. Soaked with the blood of many strong opponents, it raises Attack PowerIDKThere are several locations within Japan called “Koma”
    Seven-Eyed MaskRaises DEFGraveyardJust like the Comet Mask, a mask excavated in Axtecan lands. However, this one was sealed up deep in the basements of the temple. It raises Defense Power.IDK
    Oracle EarringsRaises MPDollhouseFavoured by Master Xifa, a master oracle of the Yin and Yang Arts, in his younger days. He says they attract women, but, actually, they raise mystical strength.IDK
    Diamond RingHalves damage from all elementsGraveyardA golden ring set with a diamond found deep within the volcano Salei. It cuts damage form all classes of attacks, except non-class attacks, in halfIDK
    Angel EarringsRaise SP-ATKCave TempleEarrings in the shape of Michael’s wings. They are very old, but still brilliant. The have the mysterious power to raise the adventurer’s mental strength.IDKMichael in an arcangel in the Bible.

    Battle Items

    These items are items that can be used within battle. Some (such as healing items) may be used outside of battle as well.

    Bronze ArrowheadLong used for hunting by mountain tribes with mystic powers. It doubles the width of the Judgment Ring hit area, although only for the user.Doubles Hit Area10050Bronze Arrowheads are often found in Roman archeological digs.
    Bronze DaggerA mystical hunting tool with the same origins as the bronze arrowhead. When used it doubles the width of the Judgment Ring hit area for all allies.Doubles Hit Area (Party)200100Bronze Daggers are artifacts often found in the Liaoning (previously Fengtian) area of China.
    Eye of OuroborosA religious artifact of mysterious workmanship, studded with gem beads. Many crude replicas exist, but the original fully restores mystical and mental strength.Fully restores MP and SPn/a2000Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a serpant eating its own tail – it represents self-reflection.
    Faerie’s SighA small relief carving of a girl with wings, it cures silence. In the middle ages reproductions were all the rage among nobelwomen.Cures Silence8543Faeries are small winged creatures that frequently appear in European lore
    Fang of the Black TortoiseA spiritual artifact shaped like the fang of the black tortoise, a God of the four directions. User’s Attack power is doubled, but Ring Sweep speed is also doubled.Attack x2, Double Indicator Speedn/a300The Black Tortoise God is one of the four symbols in Chinese Astrology. It represents the North.
    Fifth KeyA magical weapon Elroy gave a vassal during the 20 Days War of the Gods. If an action is successful, can get up to five sweeps of the indicator on the Judgment Ring.Allows the player up to 5 sweeps of the Judgment Ringn/a10
    Fruit of YggdrasilMusky fruit of the mystical tree whose top reaches into the heavens and whose roots descend into Hell. It restores physical and mystical strength completely.Restores HP and MP Fullyn/a1600Yggdrasil is the Norse “Tree of Life” that connects all the worlds.
    Gold HourglassAn hourglass filled with granules of gold. Slows the speed of the indicators sweep around the Judgment Ring for all allies.Slows Indicator Speec (party)200100
    Holy Mother BustA small statue of the head of a woman. It cures confusion. It is modeled after the figure of his mother a martyred sculptor carved into the stone of his prisonCures Confusion7538The “Holy Mother” refers to Mary, mother of Jesus from Abrahamic religion.
    Horn of the Blue DragonA spiritual artifact shaped like the horn of the blue dragon, a God of the Four Directions. Allies’ Attack powers are doubled, but hit area is cut in half.Attack x2, Half Hit Arean/a300The Blue Dragon is more commonly known as the Azure Dragon. It is the symbol of the East.
    Imp’s FangThought to be a fossil from some ancient creautre. Effective in curing Petrification some mountain tribes even now wear it as a charm from infancy.Cures Petrify9548Imps are small demons in Germanic folklore.
    Key to successA tool of the magic army that appears in the myth of the 20 days war. Attack Power that becomes gradually more effective with each continued successful action.Attack Power rises for each successful actionn/a2000
    Kirin ScaleA scale from the body of the mythical creature, the Kirin. It has an effect on the Judgment Ring, doubling the hit area and halving sweep speed.Hit Areax2, Half Indicator Speedn/a500Kirin is more commonly known as Qilin – a Chinese Chimera. They have the scales of a fish or dragon.
    Mana ExtractA secret medicine made by putting the extract of Mana Roots under a magical process. Gives off a perfume and a blue glow. It fully restores mystical strength.Restores all MP100005000Mana is a Concept from the Pacific Islands – it is a force that lives inside people.
    Mana LeafA mystical, scarlet herb that grows in secret places. When taken by those with psychic or magic abilities consumed mystical strength is then restored.Restores 50 MP10050Mana is a Concept from the Pacific Islands – it is a force that lives inside people.
    Mana RootMain root of the mystical herb Mana Leaf. Taken from the mature plant and exposed to the light of 20 full-moon nights. Powerful Restorer of Mystical Strength.Restores 200 MP500250Mana is a Concept from the Pacific Islands – it is a force that lives inside people.
    Mana SeedThe seed of the mystical mana Leaf born only once ever 2 years and having a hard shell. Dried under moonlight. Restores mystical strength.Restores 100 MP300150Mana is a Concept from the Pacific Islands – it is a force that lives inside people.
    Mermaid’s TearThe number of facets on this gem represent a holy number. This deep blue gem is cut from an ore excavated from undersea ruins. With its mysterious detoxifying properties it is very useful to adventurers traveling unexplored regions.Cures Poison7035Mermaids Tears are a name for small pieces of glass or plastic that wash up on the shore of beaches.
    Phoenix TailA tail feather from the sacred phantom bird. When used it emits a blue flame and cancels out effects on the judgment ring.Cures Judgment Ring ailments6045Phoenixes are mythical birds who are reborn when they die
    Pure LeafA magical herb used by ancient magic users such as shamans when practising their craft. It changes the secretions of the brain, influnencing the mind.Restores 3 SP230115
    Pure RootThe root of the magical Pure Leaf. Made from the most poisonous part, but made safe to ingest. Makes one fearless of death or the enemy in battle.Restores 10 SP1000500
    Pure SeedThe seeds of the magical Pure Leaf , soaked in a special medicinal liquid for 15 years. They have a powerful tranquilizing effect.Restores 6 SP510255
    Seventh KeyA magical key said to be used by Elroy during the 20 days War of the Gods. If an action is successful, can get up to 7 sweeps of indicator on Judgment Ring.Allows the player up to 7 sweeps of the Judgment Ringn/a10
    Silver HandThis magic tool gives off a mysterious blue light under the new moon. It increases the chance of success to the maximum for all user’s actions.Guarantees every action will be succesfuln/a2000
    Soul BenedictionA rare woodblock engraved with an image of the mythic nymph Daphne. Cures all status abnormalities — Poison, Paralysis, Petrification, Confusion and Silence.Cures all status abnormalities500250Benediction is a short prayer or message to a divine being.
    Talisman Of MercyA papyrus talisman with a picture of holy man Hylas on it. Infused with the fragrance of incense it awakens the Unconsious traveller and restores his strength.Revives character and restores 50% HP820410Talismans are objects that are used to protector wearers from evil spirits and bad luck,
    Talisman of PowerA talisman bearing the buried shrine crest made from some unknown material. Fully restores physical, mystical and mental strength and cures unconsiousness.Revives character with full HP, MP & SPn/a250Talismans are objects that are used to protector wearers from evil spirits and bad luck,
    Talisman of PurityGoatskin Talisman cured in Holy Water. Upon it, painted in mineral dyes is a crudely beautiful picture of the sky through a window. Returning the bearer from unconsiousness and restores physical and mental strength.Revives character with 30% HP and 3SP17601500Talismans are objects that are used to protector wearers from evil spirits and bad luck,
    Talisman of WisdomA talisman bearing a portrait of the Theologian and Philosopher Somel. Awakens one from unconsiousness and restores physical and mystical strength.Revives character and restores 30% HP and 50 MP1280640Talismans are objects that are used to protector wearers from evil spirits and bad luck,
    TalismanOfLuckA cloth talisman embroidered in silk with pictures describing the law of Space. It can return the bearer from Unconsiousness and restore a small amount of strength.Revives character and restores 30% HP480240Talismans are objects that are used to protector wearers from evil spirits and bad luck,
    Talon of the Red PhoenixA spiritual artifact shaped like the talon of the red phoenix, a God of the four directions. Allies’Attack power is doubled, but Ring Sweep speed is also doubled.Attack x2, Double Indicator Speed (Party)n/a300The Phoenix is more commonly known as the Red Phoenix. This represents the South Direction.
    Tea of the HealerTea prepared in the manner originated by the healer Shuju. Brewed from the sacred leaves it restores physical and mystical strength when imbibed with a pure heart.Restores 75 HP and 50 MPn/a200In many cultures, certain types of tea are said to have healing properties
    TentA leather tent used by nomadic tribes. It can be used at a save point to fully restore physical, mystical and mental strength of all allies.Fully restores HP and MP (party)480240Tents are commonly used in Role-Playing games as a way of restoring health.
    Thera ExtractExtract of the Thera Root further refinedand purified. It has excellent restoritive properties for physical strength. Diificult to make and very scarce.Restores All HP50002500Thera is a Greek island now known as Santorini
    Thera RootGathered from the Thera Leaf plant 5 years after the blossoms have appeared. Each plant has only one precious root. It dramatically restores physical strength.Restores 300HP300150Thera is a Greek island now known as Santorini
    Thera SeedThe seeds of the medicinal herb Thera Leaf. Extremely Nourishing. They greatly restore physical strength when ingested. No taste. Easily portable they are valued highly by adventurers.Restores 150 HP12060Thera is a Greek island now known as Santorini
    Seal of AuraA metal sculpture inlaid with a mysterious plant. Evacuated from the holy land of the warlocks, the mountain peak Docia. It raises maximum mystical strength.Permanently raises MP10A seal is an official emblem, and an aura is the energy surrounding a person
    Seal of VitalityAn object of art, a metal engraving of the mysterious rafflesia flower. When used, stamina and defense against Physica Attack is raised.Permanently raises DEF10A seal is an official emblem, and an aura is the energy surrounding a person
    Thera LeafLong used for its medicinal properties, this herb only blooms once each year. Those lucky enough to see the small blossom are said to enjoy good health for the year.Heals 75 HP5025Thera is a Greek island now known as Santorini
    Angel’s FeatherA Shinto artifact made from light blue metal that has undergone a mystical process, it cures paralysis. Although it is metal, it is extremely flexible and light, hence the name “Angel’s Feather”.Cures Paralysis8040Angels and mystical winged guardians. Shinto is a Japanese religion.
    Tea Of The SageA secret Medicine passed down through the generations of the conquering Sou family, it dramatically restores the physical and mystical strength of soldiers.Restores 150 HP and 100 MP400Sou is a Chinese surname. Sages are experts in magical fields.
    Silver HourglassAn hourglass filled with granules of silver. Slows the speed of the indicators sweep around the Judgment Ring by half, but only for the user.Halves Judgment Ring Indicator Speed (User)10050
    Hair of the White TigerA spiritual artifact shaped like the beard of the White Tiger, a God of the Four Directions. User’s Attack Power is Doubled, but hit area is cut in half.Attackx2, Hit Area Halved300The White Tiger represents the West in the Chinese Mythology
    Seal of LifeA small object of art found in the tomb of the great adventurer Almas after his death. It is said to increase the users maximum physical strength.Permanently raises HP10A seal is an official emblem. Almas was a Wild Man of Mongolian Legend.
    TissuesA lottery consolation prize. Used mainly for wiping noses. Handy to have in many situations. Contains 8 tissues.Used as part of a sidequest10
    Seal of the SoulA carving of the feather of the red phoenix, owned by the ancient Indian ruler Muta. It raises the users maximum mental strength.Permanently raises SP10A seal is an official emblem, and the soul is the etheral being of a person
    Seal of StrengthA carving of in the shape of a lion made from the bones of the right arm of the legendary fighter Malbellus. Increases the user’s strength.Permanently raises STR10A seal is an official emblem
    Seal of WisdomA Shinto spiritual artifact depicting the left eye of Cluce, the God of Wisdom and Magic. It increases the effectiveness of magic and special items.Permanently raises MAG10A seal is an official emblem
    Seal of LuckA spiritual artifact instilled with the mystical strength of the guardian deity of gambling, Morgagius. Raises critical hit rates and avoidance of enemy attacks.Permanently raises LUC10A seal is an official emblem
    Third KeyA magical weapon Elroy gave a vassal during the 20 Days Wars of Gods. If an action is successful can get up to 3 sweeps of the indicator of the Judgment Ring.Allows up to 3 attacks (if previous Judgment Ring hits are successful).
    Monkey PawA paw of a white monkey that inhabits the deep forests of the sacred mountains. It triples the users attack power but the speed of the Ring speed becomes irregular.Attackx3 + Irregular RingThis may be a reference to the story “The Monkey’s Paw” by WW Jacobs in which the Monkey’s Paw grants 3 wishes but at a great cost.
    Moon SwallowA magical tool in the image of the mythical bird, the moon swallow. Has the power to make all attacks of all allies critical hits.All allies attacks critical.A swallow represents a safe voyage.
    Pure ExtractConcentrated, distilled liquid of the pure root. It contains fragments of spirit stone. When ingested one feels a great sense of exhilaration. Warriors have long used it before taking on might enemies.Heals all SP
    Seal of ForceA portrait of the White Witch, Reska inlaid with her own hair. It permanently raises defense against magic attack.Permanently raises SP-DEF10A seal is an official emblem
    Seal of SpeedA spiritual artifacy depicting Lapros, a mythic bird that flies faster than lightning. Raises reaction speed, improving hit rates and avoidance of enemy attack.Permanently raises AGL10A seal is an official emblem
    Alchemist’s WaterDistilled water the alchemist Gala, who lived to be 400 years olf, accidentally discovered trying to produce platinum.Restores MP & SP1000Alchemy is the science of trying to change lead into gold.
    Tea of the Holy OneThe secret medicine prepared by Saint Ignatius. Restores physical and mysstical strength. It gives off a red glow under the light of the moon.restores HP & MP1000There are several St. Ignatius.
    Priest’s WineWine made by the miracle-worker priest Rasfarus by adding his own and a few drops of a woman’s blood to muddy water. Restores mystical and mental stregth.restores SP & MP1000


    • There is a recurring mythology in the item lore of Elroy and the 20 days war against the Gods. This seems to be a myth exclusive to Shadow Hearts
    • The description for the Talisman of Mercy mentions Hylas – Hylas was a character in Greek myth. He served under Hercules and was kidnapped by Water Nymphs