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Shadow Hearts: Covenant Items

This page is a list of items found in Shadow Hearts:Covenant.


Key ItemLocationUseDescriptionImage
Holy MistletoeApoina TowerSealing Yuri’s powersSaint’s relic kept in Apoina Tower. Fresh leaves sprout from the metal decorations. Has the power to exorcise demons, but only a few may use it.
PeriaptArdennes ForestIndicator of MaliceA father’s gift, this soul fragment used to be a shining blue stone, but after the Holy Mistletoe curse, it now glows with a sinister crimson.
BatteryArdennes ForestOperates ElevatorIndustrial-Use Battery made by America’s K&A Corporation. Output is weak, but it is efficient and lasts for years. Highly valued at remote work camps.
FuseParis SubwayOperates TrainA safety device that prevents the train from running if it is not installed. High voltages are present – avoid being electrocuted when installing fuse.
Hair ClipWine CellarEnables Joachim to transform into Grand PapillionA hair clip worn by Yuma of the Sea Gull. They say that when darkness grips world, an envoy of peace and justice will appear wearing this ornament.
Solomon’s KeyLe HavreGives access to Solomon Key sidequestMagical Item Created by King Solomon, taking the form of a book or ring. Correctly position the crests to draw out all their power.
Point CardLe HavreGives discount at the Magimel shopA very Convenient Point card, valid at every shop in the world. Get bigger discounts and bonuses the more you purchase.
LanternRhondda MinesTo see in dark locationsPortable oil lantern from abandoned mine. Light your way even in dark places. Dangerous to use where there is gas or heavy dust in the air.
Star KeyManmariana IslandTo open door in Manmariana Island manor.Depicts the first magnitude star arcturus, which appears in the spring. Arcturus means “bear-driver” in Greek. The key opens a villa on the Adriatic.
Toggle SwitchSG Italian HQTo operate machine.An On/Off switch. Because the on and off positions are clearly indicated, it is often used in banks of multiple switches.
Rope LadderNemeton MonasteryTo descend into the monastery.Normal-looking rope ladder from Roger’s house, made from alchemic techniques. It can be unfurled several hundred meters, allowing descent from the highest place.
Émigré ManuscriptNemeton MonasteryTo exchange for Roger and to perform a ritual to bring the dead back to life.Ancient Tome shaped like a skull. A forbidden spell for reviving the dead is recorded within, but all who have tried using it have met with violent ends.
Waterway KeyCannesTo use boat to go to St. Marguerite island.Key needed to enter St. Marguerite held by the man in Cannes. Has an extremely complicated design intended to prevent copying.
Treasure: DawnCannesTo begin the treasure hunt sidequest.In the building with the row of cells, is a thick chain connected to a huge dog. At the end of the chain is hidden an important treasure.
Treasure: LoveCannesPart of the Treasure Hunt sidequesttesnuslufituaebadnasesuohenotssahtahnwotehtfoweivasierehterehwrallipehtdniheb. Hint: Look Back.
Ring of KeysSt. Marguerite IslandTo free the party from prisonKeys to five special cells within the penal island. The guards kept all the keys on one ring, but if it was stolen, all the prisoners could escape.
AdhesiveSt. Marguerite IslandTo create a keyGlue found in the St. Marguerite Store Room. Fast-drying,
useful for quick fixes. Works on all materials. Good for modelling and handicrafts.
Fountain PenSt. Marguerite IslandTo create a keyBrand-name fountain pen made by the Laker Corporation of America. Plain and elegant. The choice for people into customising their own fountain pens.
Bent WireSt. Marguerite IslandTo create a keyBent wire found in the forest. An animal could have possibly hurt itself on it. It seems possible that a skilled locksmith could do something with it.
Handmade KeySt. Marguerite IslandTo free RogerPrisoner-made key. The wire construction looks a little weak, but it should do as a temporary fix. It will open the heavily protected prison door.

Stud Cards

Stud Cards are a kind of valuable item that can be used in exchange for dresses for Cornelia.

Stud CardLocationDescriptionImage
Mr. SommelierParisMarcel, the sommelier in the world. “After 200 pushups, I can taste the full-bodied effort,” says the wine analyst popular with amateur tasters.
Mr. DetectiveSouthamptonAshley, the shrwed detective who can solve any crime. In his spare time, he likes to read books and show off his pecs to the wives of cheating husbands.
Mr. DoctorYokohama
Mr. MatadorFlorenceEnrique, the master matador, also known as the Iberian Red Tornado. With a rose in his teeth and a ripple of his biceps, he tosses bulls to the ground.
Mr. SwanPetrograd
Mr. ChefWine Cellar
Mr. SaxSolomon Trial
Mr. SamuraiCannesOgasawara, the last samurai, still hanging onto his sword. With it stuck in his loincloth, he cuts a dashing figure that no woman or man can resist.
Mr. WrestlerNihonbashi

Nibelung Opera

The Nibelung Opera is a kind of valuable item that can be used to teach Karin new abilities.

Opera PartLocationDescriptionImage
Nibelung PreludeParisManuscript of Wagner’s opera, the Ring of the Nibelung. Mostly instructions for staging war scenes. The prelude depicts the argument with the giant brothers
Nibelung Scene 2PetrogradManuscript of Wagner’s opera, the Ring of the Nibelung. In the second chapter, Siegfried’s father Siegmund cuts down pursuing enemies as he flees.
Nibelung Scene 4FlorenceManuscript of Wagner’s opera, the Ring of the Nibelung. The fourth chapter describes in details the Valkyrie Brunnhile’s magnificent sword dance.
Nibelung Scene 7St. Marguerite IslandManuscript of Wagner’s Opera, the Ring of Nibelung.
In the seventh chapter, Siegfried with the Nuthing in his handslays the dragon Fafnir.

Tarots Cards

Tarot Cards are required for Lucia‘s special ability. Each card has four different effects.

Tarot CardLocationDescriptionImage
High PriestessFlorenceCard showing a priestess. Upright, it denotes wisdom or mystery. Reversed it suggested naivete or selfishness. MP is restored by 50% of the max value.
HierophantFlorenceWhen upright, this card showing a religious leader, means mercy. When reversed, it implies cruelty or intolerance. HP is restored by 50% of max value.
The hermitFlorenceThis card showing a hermit searhcing in vain, signifies prudence. Reversed, it shows thoughtlessness. SP is restores by 50% max value.
The Hanged ManFlorenceThis card shows a poor man being hanged. Upright it signifies growth, sacrifice. Reversed it suggests selfishness. Next turn is skipped.
The MoonFlorenceThis card signifies intuition, dreams or latent powers. Reversed it signifies unforeseeable peril and deception. Max MP in battle is increased by 50%.
JusticeFlorenceUpright this cards indicates balance and justice. Reversed it denotes discord. Lucia will be knocked out, but all unconsious players will regain full HP.

St. Marguerite IslandThis famous image of the archangel, Michael, signifies harmony when upright, and imbalance when reversed, SP reduction is cut in half.
Wheel of Fortune/td>

St. Marguerite IslandThis card, showing a great wheel, signifies a good turn of fate. Reversed it means bad fortune. Luck is multiplied by 128.

Aroma Oils

Aromy Oils are required for Lucia‘s special ability. Oils are combined together for different effects.

Trading Quest Items

These are a kind of valuable item that can be used in exchange for other items as part of a side quest.

Ocean OilFlorenceAn aroma oil containing a variety of flowers, mainly lavender. Expresses the abundance of the sea for a deeply relaxing experience.
Misty OilFlorenceAn aroma oil extract of ginger and black pepper, with just a hint of cardamon. The stimulating aroma is said to release tension.
Grass OilCannesAn aroma oil based on the gentle scent of rosemary with a touch of peppermint and accented with marjoram. Improves endurance.
Trading ItemLocationDescriptionImage
Dried StrawSouthamptonDry, withered wheat straw. Grown through the winter, it’s stronger than it looks. Can be used for weaving sandals or hats, but no one is likely to want to buy it.
Underground FilmFlorenceIndependent amateur film. Full of wacky characters like a cat-eared policewoman and clumsy maid. An underground masterpiece that was ahead of its time.
Daruma DollCannes/td>

Folk doll depicting the founder of zen. Designs vary depending on the region and period, Rarity value drops if the eyes are already painted in.

Magic Crests

Below is a list of Magic Crests in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, grouped by groups.

Crest NameLocationWhere to findCrest GroupDCPSpell 1Spell 1 MPSpell 2Spell 2 MPSpell 3Spell 3 MPSpell 4Spell 4 MP
MalphasForest of WindEnd of path from cliffBastion of Riches5Entrance71Gale Spark32Bright Crime32
AndromaliusGallery of the DeadLower-left of crypt roomBastion of Riches9Bright Light16Bright Crime32Holy Resist32Bright Banish64
BelialApoina TowerTreasure Chest near front doorBastion of Riches9Red Rave16Red Blaze32Heat Resist32Red Cradle64
HaagentiPetrogradDefeat Night QueenBastion of Riches9Hail Beak16Hail Breeze32Aqua Resist32Hail Crash64
ZaganMontmarteAfter 6 Wolf BoutsBastion of Riches9Rock Rot16Rock Storm32Earth Resist32Rock Strike64
ValeforInugami VillageTreasure Chest in Northern VillageBastion of Riches10Cure All32Heal8
CimeiesYokohama Brick WarehousesBuy from Secret Dealer once Immortal Mountain UnlockedBastion of Riches16Earth Resist32Heat Resist32Arc Heal18
DecarabiaWine CellarFinish Lucky Chests 500Bastion of Riches16Aqua Resist32Holy Resist32Cure Plus24
ShaxGoreme ValleyComplete Monk Level 2 Solomon TrialBastion of Riches16Air Resist32Dark Resist32Gathering64
SeereGoreme ValleyBehind 2nd floor pillar (Treasure: Love Quest)Bastion of Riches
FocalorArdennes ForestFrom GepettoEnchanting Sea3Hail Beak16Hail Breeze32
CrocellGepetto’s ApartmentTreasure ChestEnchanting Sea5Cure6Aqua Edge8Raise Up24
UvallSG Italian Branch HQBehind PianoEnchanting Sea5Arc Cure16Heal8
ForneusWalesTreasure Chest inside Roger’s HouseEnchanting Sea6Surge12Barrier12Mirage12Aqua Edge8
VeparFlorenceBehind FountainEnchanting Sea6Hail Beak16Bright Light16Gale Spin16
BifronsSt. Marguerite IslandCubby at left of main hallwayEternal Boneyard5Arc Cure16Cure All32
FurcasPetrogradOutside Winter PalaceEternal Boneyard6Red Blaze32Rage12
MurmurRhondda MineDefeat GrimlockEternal Boneyard7Raise Up24Resurrection40
GlasyalabolasForeigner’s CemeteryDefeat GaranEternal Boneyard11Surge12Evil Summoning64Arc Surge36
BuneYokohama Brick WarehousesBuy from Secret Dealer once Immortal Mountain UnlockedEternal Boneyard15Resurrection40Heal8Arc Cure16
SamiginaLiving MountainTreasure chest near teleportEternal Boneyard15Cure6Resurrection40Cure Plus24
AmyParis SubwayTreasure Chest at end of tunnelsFlame Desert2Heat Edge8Entrance71
HauresChamp ElyseesTreasure Chest inside hotelFlame Desert3Red rave16Red Blaze32
BathinLe HavreLotteryFlame Desert5Heal8Holy Edge8Cure6
AimFlorenceFrom LuciaFlame Desert6Rage12Shield12Gale12Heat Edge8
BelethManmariana IslandDefeat AndreFlame Desert6Rock Rot16Red Rave16Evil Ray16
AndrasArdennes ForestFrom GepettoForest of Passion2Mirage12Hail Beak16
GremoryLe HavreFrom JoachimForest of Passion2Barrier12Bright Light16
SallosWine CellarDefeat MeursaultForest of Passion2Gale12Gale Spin16
SitriParis SubwayDefeat Castor and PolluxForest of Passion2Rage12Red Rave16
VassagoArdennes ForestDefeat ArachneForest of Passion2Surge12Evil Ray16
ZeparParis SubwayDefeat Castor and PolluxForest of Passion2Shield12Rock Rot16
FurfurArdennes ForestDefeat Castor and PolluxForest of Passion3Gale Spin16Cure6
BarbatosArdennes ForestTreasure Chest in Centre of ForestForsaken Hill2Air Edge8Earth Edge8
PursonFlorenceFrom CarlaForsaken Hill3Bright Light16Dark Edge8
AgaresLe HavreFrom JoachimForsaken Hill5Earth Edge8Rock Rot16Rock storm32
RaumWine CellarTreasure Chest in far eastForsaken Hill5Dark Edge8Evil Ray16Evil Born32
CamioSt. Marguerite IslandNear Zac, the Peddlar WolfForsaken Hill6Rock Storm32Shield12
MarchosiasCannesLotteryForsaken Hill6Gale Spark32Gale12
PhenexNemeton MonasteryTreasure Chest near save pointForsaken Hill7Raise Up24Holy Edge8
PaimonApoina TowerTreasure Chest inside cageForsaken Hill9Evil Ray16Evil Born32Dark Resist32Evil Summoning64
SolomonIDKIDKIDK32Melt Crest160
AmonTiffauges CastleDefeat Neo AmonPalace of Transgressions20Heat Resist32Red Crest80Hail Crest80
AsmodeusPetrogradBuy from Elio Tippler near Gallery of the Dead entrancePalace of Transgressions20Dark Resist32Evil Crest80Bright Crest80
AstarothLiving MountainDefeat AstarothPalace of Transgressions20Holy Resist32Bright Crest80Evil Crest80
BaalDoll HouseDefeat BaalPalace of Transgressions20Air Resist32Gale Crest80Rock Crest80
GaapBlack ForestDefeat GaapPalace of Transgressions20Earth Resist32Rock Crest80Gale Crest80
OrobasNemeton MonasteryDefeat OrobasPalace of Transgressions20Aqua Resist32Hail Crest80Red Crest80
AndrealphusPetrogradFrom AnastasiaSpring of Wisdom4Aqua Edge8Heat Edge8Entrance71
BotisPetrogradFrom AnastasiaSpring of Wisdom4Earth Edge8Air Edge8Gathering64
MaraxGoreme ValleyTreasure Chest near Magimel BrothersSpring of Wisdom6Cure Plus24Arc Heal18
BuerNihonbashiTreasure chest to right of Great Gama RingSpring of Wisdom7Arc Heal18Cure All32
ForasBattleship MikasaCaptain Kaneda’s QuizSpring of Wisdom10Cure All32Raise Up24
AmdusiasYokohama StreetsTreasure chest beside NomuraSpring of Wisdom11Shield12Rock Strike64Arc Shield36
NaberiusYokohama Brick WarehousesTreasure chest at northSpring of Wisdom11Gale12Gale Spike64Arc Gale36
ValakForeigner’s CemeteryDefeat TsukiyomiSpring of Wisdom11Barrier12Bright Banish64Arc Barrier36
VapulaBattleship MikasaTreasure Chest under stairs outside shipSpring of Wisdom11Rage12Red Cradle64Arc Rage36
VineBattleship MikasaTreasure Chest near Captain’s roomSpring of Wisdom11Mirage12Hail Crash64Arc Mirage36
StolasNihonbashiDefeat EleanorSpring of Wisdom13Cure Plus24Arc Heal18Arc Cure16
MarbasForest of WindDefeat Yama GaranSpring of Wisdom18Gale Spike64Evil Summoning64Air Edge8Dark Edge8
OriasLiving MountainFirst = Yellow. 2nd = Red.Spring of Wisdom18Rock Strike64Red Cradle64Earth Edge8Heat Edge8
RonoveTiffauges CastleTreasure Chest in 1st main hallwaySpring of Wisdom18Hail Crash64Bright Banish64Aqua Edge8Holy Edge8
GusionQueen’s GardenBehind altar of boss roomSpring of Wisdom20Holy Edge8Dark Edge8Gathering64Resurrection40
HalphasPetrogradDefeat VictorWilderness of War5Entrance71Air Edge8
AllocesGepetto’s ApartmentLotteryWilderness of War6Arc Surge36Evil Born32
BalamPetrogradFrom AnastasiaWilderness of War6Arc Mirage36Hail Breeze32
BerithNemeton MonasteryChest in moving stair block puzzleWilderness of War6Evil Born32Surge12
Wilderness of War6Arc Barrier36Bright Crime32
EligosPetrogradRoom connecting to Gallery of the DeadWilderness of War6Bright Crime32Barrier12
IposPetrogradLower-left of Palace CourtyardWilderness of War6Arc Gale36Gale Spark32
LerajeGallery of the DeadDead end on path north of NecrosWilderness of War6Arc Rage36Red Blaze32
OseNemeton MonasteryDefeat Grail GazerWilderness of War6Hail Breeze32Mirage12
SabnockGoreme ValleyComplete Beginner Level 1 of Solomon TrialWilderness of War6Arc Shield36Rock Storm32


Below is a list of weapons by character.

Yuri’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Yuri uses brass knuckles to attack enemies with. Here are a list of Karin’s brass knuckles:

A mechanised glove created during the industrial revolution. The blades can be vibrated during use to cause viciously deep wounds. Must be oiled frequently.

119640320A knuckle-mounted weapon. The rusty spikes make the wounds it inflicts all the more painful.Paris, Le Havre
Stinger2218960480A common weapon for hand-to-hand combat in the Middle Ages. Forged from incredibly durable darksteel.Paris, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Florence
Bear Claw33281440720Created by a famed bear-fighter for hand to hand combat against the beasts. The spikes penetrate human skull just as easily as bear-hide.Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St.
Gauntlet474021601080Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Phantom Claw645532401620Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Hell Fang857448602430Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Tigerclaw1119872903645Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory
Tortoise Claw143128109405470Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Phoenix Fang18216582004100Inugami Village
Chimera Claw209188N/AIDKCalls for the power of Tyr, Norse God of War. Capable of obliterating an entire planet. Fearful of its power, Roger hid it on the moon.IDK

Karin’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Karin uses swords to attack enemies with. Here are a list of Karin’s swords:

Officer’s Sabre119620310A Ceremonial sword worn by German officers. Similar to a Japanese katana, it allows for both thrusting and slashing attacks.Paris, Le Havre
FleuretA fencing foil with a rouned tip to prevent injury. Low Attack Power, but light and easy to use.
Fine Rapier32301400700A superior European rapier with a wider-than-normal blade. Designed for a good balance between offense and defense.Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite
Blessed Sabre454320901045Ceremonial swords used during seances. Said to be enchanted by a sylph spirit. Gives the user lightning fast attack speed.Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Espada615931401570A legendary bullfighting sword. Used by the famed “butcher of the bulls” to rack up an astounding 352 victories in the ring.Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Harque Foil817947102355Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Galahad’s Sword106104N/aIDKA sword from the days of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. A consecrated, closely-guarded treasure. Only the chosen few may handle it.Apoina Tower
Dragonsword137135105905295Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Forest Sabre174172158907945Inugami Village
Flamberge186185N/AIDKQueen’s Garden
Durandal199197N/AIDKSword of the French hero Rolan. This enchanted blade slices rock as though it were paper.IDK

Gepetto’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Gepetto uses Thread to attack enemies with.

Here are a list of Gepetto’s Threads:

911680340Cotton thread used for marionettes. Roughly spun and easily broken. Used by apprentice puppeteers to brush up their skills.Paris, Le Havre
Silk Twine18221020510Silken puppet-thread imported via the famed silk road. Allows for very smooth puppet motion. Unsuited for masculine performances.Paris, Le Havre, Southampton, Florence
Kite String18221530765Legendary in the Asian world of competitive kite-flying. Strong enough to withstand a storm, yet supple enough for fine control.Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite
Piano Wire384923001150Became a standard among puppeteers after being introduced in the 1700s. Sturdy and perfect for travelling performers.Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Filament536634401720Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Copper Filament728751602580Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Silver Thread9611377503875Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory
Halo Thread126145116205810Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Rainbow Thread163184174308715Inugami Village
Crimson Thread186211N/AIDKLegend says this thread links the fate of a star-crossed couple. Said to make the owner’s deepest wishes a reality.Doll House

Anastasia’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Anastasia uses Mechanical Eggs to attack enemies with. Here are a list of Anastasia’s Mechanical Eggs.

White Swan566335401770A beautiful Ukrainian Easter Egg, modified into a superb defensive weapon. Sprouts wings and takes flight to protect the owner during combat.Petrograd, Idar Flamme
Blue Serpant758453202660Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Red Peacock9911079703985Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory
Snow Flower12914259802990Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Glow-Egg16618189704485Inugami Village
Steel Egg178194N/AIDKIDK
Gold Angel190207N/AIDKThe ultimate egg created from cursed gold and enchanted stones. A priceless treasure that is steeped in the memories of Edgar and his father.IDK

Blanca’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Blanca uses Dog Accessories to attack enemies with. Here are a list of Blanca’s Dog Accessories:

Tusk Brush911580290Animal brush made from boar-hair. Used to clean and polish fangs and tusks to their ultimate hardness.Paris, Le Havre
Glass Paper1921870435Versatile sandpaper for woodworking. Can be used for both rough and fine sanding. Can be used on dog claws as well.Paris, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Florence
Whetstone30321300650A standard whetstone, made in Britain. Used by hunters to sharpen the teeth of their hunting dogs. Improves dogs’ ability to catch prey.Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite
Whetstone Plus43451960980Winner of Last Year’s “Whetstone of the Year” award. The manufacturer plans to make an even better one this year.Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Steel Rasp596129401470Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Sharp Rasp798144002200Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
SilverRasp10410666103305Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory
Adamantine Rasp13513799104955Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Lion’s Polish172174148607430Inugami Village
Dog Bone185186N/AIDKIDK
Beast Medal197199N/AIDKCreated by Ernest after decades of animal research. A powerful tool that allows the user total control over animals.IDK

Joachim’s Weapons

Joachim uses bludgeons to attack enemies with. Here is a list of Joachim’s bludgeons:

Timber2416990495Five people had a hard time lifting this huge piece of timber. It would take unimaginable strength to wield it as a weapon.Rhonda Mine, Florence
LockerA locker unlucky enough to have been placed in the men’s rather than the women’s locker room at the wrestling ring.Southampton
Red Mailbox493822301115A mailbox filled with letter between men on the battlefield and the loved ones they left behind. A hit with this much emotion hurts more than any sword.Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of
Earthen Pipe665333401670An old, discarde sewer pipe. Once used for sweage, then a shelter from the rain and elements. Now begins its new life as a bludgeon.St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Frozen Tuna877250102505Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Giant Pillar1139675203760Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Emcee’s Desk145126112805640Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Clay Idol184163169208460Inugami Village
Dark Tower198174N/AIDKIDK
Nautilus212185N/AIDKA timeless vessel that continues it journey through the sea of the stars. A gentlemen’s agreement prevents its powerful weapons from being used.IDK

Lucia’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Lucia uses fans to attack enemies with. Here are a list of Lucia’s fans:

Luna Fan28331350675A popular fan among fortune tellers, it features an image of the full moon. Its sharp spines also allow it to be used as a weapon.Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite
Golden Fan404720301015Combat fan woven with golden thread, and featuring gilt spines. It flashes like lightning to cut through the darkness.Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Saturn Fan556430401520Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Jupiter Fan748545602280Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Venus Fan9811168303415Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory
Goddess Fan128143102505125Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Poseidon Fan165182153407670Inugami Village
Hades Fan176196N/AIDKSaid to have been used by Hades himself. Decorated with bizarre anatomical motifs. Plucks the victims souls from the wheel of reincarnation forevermore.Immortal Mountain
Nemesis Fan187210500000250000IDK

Kurando’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Kurando uses katana to attack enemies with. Here are a list of Kurando’s katana.

Inoue956454702735Yokohama, Otherworld
Awataguchi1218882004100Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory
Dojikiri153118123006150Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Yoto192155184509225Inugami Village
Kogara-Maru206166N/AIDKImmortal Mountain
Mumeiro219178N/AIDKWhen a traveller ambushed in the night, a blind wolf transformed into a sword to aid him. The grateful traveller founded a village to venerate the sword.IDK


Below is a list of armour found throughout Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Paladin’s Robe810N/AFormal, public attire for holy sages. Made of mere cloth, the blessings of generations of archbishops have imbued it with spiritual protection.Nicholai
Officer’s Coat108N/AIDKCoat for a female officer of the German military. Devoid of rank or insignia and dyed a plain dark camouflage it is clearly meant for the battlefieldKarin
Cotton Shirt99560280A strong, thick, comfortable shirt. Its absorbent material is good in hot weather. The simple design requires a tasteful touch to make it elegant.Yuri, Joachim, Gepetto, KurandoParis, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines
Cotton Blouse99600300Karin, Lucia, AnastasiaParis, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines
Cloak of Rags810540270Stitched togetherfrom old rags, this is not a stylish cloak. Though it protects well enough against the elements, the wearer must bear many a pitying stare.Blanca, JoachimParis
Leather Cloak1917840420Sleeveless overcoat fashioned from deer-skin. Treated with elm bark smoke, it is resistant to insects and mold. A good cloak for travellers.Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimLe Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines, Florence, Nemeton Monastery


1719900450Pure sheep’s wool coat, warm in winter but hot in summer. A normal coat, but the thick material from which it is made offers quite good protection.Blanca, Gepetto, Lucia, AnastasiaLe Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines, Florence, Nemeton Monastery
Chainmail Vest30261350675Copper and steel mesh hauberk. Very heavy and not for the weak. Though poorly ventilated, it affords reliable protection if you don’t mind sweating.Yuri, Gepetto, JoachimWales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd
Silk Shawl26301260630Woven from the silk of wild silkworms, the fine lustrous thread is very strong. Affords warmth in winter and protection from UV rays in summer.Karin, Blanca, Lucia, AnastasiaWales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd
Desert Cloak42381890945Specially-fashioned from camelhide, andworn in deserts and other harsh environments. The cloakoffers some protection due to the fur that helps deflectblows.Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimCannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Long Robes374320301015Robe based on those worn by the druids,
ancient priests of the forest. Though plain, it gives spiritual protection to those undergoing harsh ascetic study.
Karin, Lucia, Anastasia, GepettoCannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Plastron565230401520Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimGoreme Valley, Gallery of theDead, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Blue Cape505828401420A cape dyed with the indigo petals of the aizenka. A favourite of female adventurers, it cloaks the body and offers steadfast protection from injury.Karin, Blanca, Lucia, Anastasia, GepettoGoreme Valley, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Combat Suit766842502125Yuri, Karin, JoachimPetrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Baptism Stole697545602280Blanca, Gepetto, AnastasiaPetrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Wisteria Tunic9792N/AIDKKurando
Dandy’s Kimono999068303415Yuri, Blanca, Gepetto, Joachim, KurandoYokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Forest of Wind
Hakama Pants929763803190Karin, Lucia, AnastasiaYokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Forest of Wind
Kendo Armour12711895704785Oak kendo armour, washed in the blood of countless fallen enemies. Ghosts form an invisible shield against which a weak-willed adversary will quake in terror.Yuri, Karin, Joachim, KurandoImperial Capital, Forest of Wind, Inugami Village
Ascetic’s Stole120125102505125Blanca, Gepetto, Lucia, AnastasiaImperial Capital, Forest of Wind, Inugami Village
Power Suit156155N/AIDKAllInugami Village
Ninja Gi160151153807690Multipurpose clothes derived from secret ninja arts handed down since the Heian period. Only ninja may wear them. The soft material can absorb blows.Yuri, Karin, Blanca, Joachim, KurandoInugami Village
Fountain Robe150161143507175Karin, Blanca, Gepetto, Lucia, Anastasia
Bike Jacket176160N/AIDKYuri
Puppeteer’s Cape158178N/AIDKGepetto
Charm Pouch166170N/AIDKBlanca
Micro Skirt170160N/AIDKKarin
Rose Bondage178158N/AIDKJoachim
Dancer’s Stars160176N/AIDKLuciaAsuka Ishibutai
Prayer Robe163173N/AIDKAnastasia
Devil Loincloth173163N/AIDKKurandoAsuka Ishibutai


Below is a list of Accessories that can be found in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Leather CapPhysical Defense Upn/an/a2n/a320160Ardennes Forest, Paris, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mine,
Made by members of a horse-riding tribe. When their trusted steed died, in its honor they would make this hat from its hide. Lasts for years, in all weather.
Studded CapPhysical Defense Upn/an/a4n/a600300Southampton, Rhondda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St MargueriteSteel-plated combat headgear affording good protection. Easier to wear than a helmet, with better angle of vision. Very popular among certain youths.
Face GuardPhysical Defense Upn/an/a6n/a1700850Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of WindArmour developed in medieval Europe. Worn by the assassin Penny Blood, it was banned for some time. Eerily-shaped armour of some notoriety.
Head GuardPhysical Defense Upn/an/a8n/a27001350Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Forest of WindGuard’s Helmet. Made of special alloys and shock absorbent padding. Can stop bullets, but its heavy weight means only men can wear it.
CircletPhysical and Special Defense Upn/an/a3830001500Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Leather BeltPhysical Attack Up2n/an/an/a320160Paris, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton
Standard belt made from New Zealand sheep’s leather. Provides some support to the abdominal muscles, thus increasing Attack Power.
Studded BeltPhysical Attack Up4n/an/an/a600300Rhondda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of WindBased on the belts worn by a legendary rock act – a band so hot it could burn the fog off London. The heavy-metal spirit ups the wearers attack power.
Western BeltPhysical Attack Up6n/an/an/a1700850Cannes, St Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Forest of WindCowhide belt made by cowboys during the opening of the West. Stylish and rugged. The wearer, infused with frontier spirit gains increased attack power.
Chainmail BeltPhysical Attack Up8n/an/an/a27001350Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Ultra BeltPhysical and Special Attack Up106n/an/an/aIDKAsuka Ishibutai
Shell BraceletDefends against poisonn/an/an/an/a27001350Paris, Southampton, Rhondda Mine, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindMade from shellfish used as an antitoxin in Chinese medicine. The magic designs stimulate the shells to protect the wearer from poison attacks.
Bhodi BraceletDefends against paralysisn/an/an/an/a30001500Le Havre, Wine Cellar, Southampton, Rhondda Mine, Goreme Valley, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindBracelet made from the bark of the bhodi tree of holy Behem. The magical power of the tree and the faith of the pilgrims help prevent paralysis in the wearer.
Feather BraceletDefends against panicn/an/a2n/a30501525Florence, Cannes, St Marguerite, Goreme Valley, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindArmband worn by fearsome members of the west coast Nucha tribe during times of mass war. It guides the wearer when in the midst of a confused melee.
Bell BraceletDefends against sealn/an/an/an/a30501525Florence, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindProtects from Seal attacks. Adorned with a bell, it’s the antithesis of silence. As long as it rings, the wearers magic and skills cannot be sealed.
Silver BraceletDefends against mental breakn/an/an/an/a31801590Le Havre, Wine Cellar, Cannes, St Marguerite, Goreme Valley, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindDecorated with a silver disk polished to a mirror shine. Looking into the mirror calms the soul, and enables the wearer to fight with full mental strength.
Mirror BraceletDefends against petrifyn/an/an/an/a32401620Florence, Cannes, St Marguerite, Goreme Valley, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindBracelet of three copper mirrors, with a motif based on the Perseus myth. As Perseus avoided Medusa’s gaze, so the wearer is guarded from petrification.
Zodiac BraceletDefends against paralysis and petrifyn/an/an/an/a10300051500Inugami Village
Cosmic BraceletDefends against poison, seal, panic and mental breakn/an/an/an/a115005750Idar Flamme, Inugami Village
Pocket WatchDefends against ring abnormalitiesn/an/an/an/an/aIDKParis, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindThe maker and mechanism are unknown. It has told perfect time since olden times right to the present day. Stops all abnormalities of the Judgement Ring.
Will PowerDefends against SP Downn/an/a2n/a6000300Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of Wind
Leonardo’s BearDefends against instant deathn/a1n/an/a33001650Southampton, Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Goreme Valley, Gallery of the Dead, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindMain character in the “Forest Friends” series, made by the unlucky Leonardo. All owners have lived full live. They say that this toy can keep death away.
Star BroochCan flee with ring success when all characters are berserkn/an/an/an/an/aIDKLe HavreBrooch carved from metal lighter than a feather, set with Achilles’ guardstone. When worn, the entire party can flee, even if berserk.
Blood JewelWhen berserk, SP healed with ring successn/a1n/an/an/aIDKIDK
Replacement ManWhen unconsious, will recover next turn.n/an/an/a352002600Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindA meek little corporate warrior, noticed by no-one. If the holder falls unconscious, this figurine will disappear instead, with a sad smile of relief.
SpikesDuring battle, always in “resist” defense moden/an/an/a121801090Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of Wind
Coral LariatSlows indicator speed by 25%n/a1n/a150502525Paris, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindLariat strung with thousand year old red coral and jade from Qinghai. The wearer feels time pass more slowly, and he Judgment ring’s indicator is slowed.
Coral PendantSlows indicator speed by 50%n/a1n/a155002750Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village, Forest of WindA pendant of blood-red coral that no human hand could have wrought. Sometimes called “God’s Whimsy.” Has the power to half the ring’s indicator speed.
Mind’s EyeP-ATKx2, hit areas are invisible5n/a5n/a1700850Imperial Capital
Bandit EarringsVictory money increases 20%, chance of victory item down 20%1n/an/an/a27001350St. Marguerite
Pirate EarringsChance of victory item increases 20%, victory money down 20%1n/an/an/a50002500Petrograd
Warlock EarringsSP-ATK increases 20%, SP-DEF decreases 20%n/a5n/a-550002500Idar Flamme
Silver ChairAllies protect Gepetto2222100005000IDK
Prism BandIncreases Joachim’s chances of becoming invisible2222n/aIDKIDK
Panoramic LensSnapshot area includes all enemies2222n/aIDKIDK
Gold NecklaceEnemy encounter chance doubledn/an/a1n/an/aIDKIDK
PedometerCounts number of steps for prizesn/an/an/an/an/aIDKFlorenceMeasures how far you have walked, step by step. Some people give prizes depending on how far you have walked. Walking in safe places doesn’t count.
Step DoublerWhen pedometer is equipped, number of steps is doubledn/an/an/an/an/aIDKIDK
Kendo MaskPhysical and Special Defense Upn/an/a8358002900Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Meteor MaskPhysical and Special Defense Upn/an/a106n/aIDKIDK
Seven-Eyed MaskPhysical and Special Defense Upn/an/a910n/aIDKIDK
Loin GuardPhysical and Special Attack Up83n/an/a30001500Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Frilly ApronPhysical and Special AttackUp38n/an/a58002900Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Thor’s BeltPhysical and Special Attack Up910n/an/an/aIDKIDKSaid to have been worn by the Norse God of the thunder. Infused with divine power, the wearer’s attack power greatly increases – but divine retribution follows.
CrucifixProtects against ring and status abnormalitiesn/an/an/an/a52.5Asuka Ishibutai
Huge JugLoss of SP cut in half-10-10-10-10n/aIDKImmortal Mountain
Small JugLoss of SP doubled10101010n/aIDKYokohama, Immortal Mountain
Ashra’s EarringsMax HP increased by 20%n/an/a2n/an/aIDKImperial Capital
Oracle EarringsMax MP increased by 20%n/an/an/a2n/aIDKOtherworld, Inugami Village
Dark AngelMax SP increased by 20%2n/an/an/an/aIDKIDK
Priest EarringsMP consumption decreased 20%n/a2n/an/an/aIDKImperial Capital
White UnderpantsHalves physical attack damage takenn/an/a10n/an/aIDKIDK
Black Silk PantiesHalves special attack damage takenn/an/an/a10n/aIDKIDK
Flare BroochHalves SP consumption during fusion/demon morph2222n/aIDKImmortal Mountain
Colourful CombSpeeds up turns for Blanca2222n/aIDKYokohama
Anne’s CrossProtects against ring and status abnormalities, and recovers HP for Karin2222n/aIDKIDK
Gold BandIncreases Joachim’s chances of becoming Golden Bat2222n/aIDKIDK
Electro BandIncreases Joachim’s chances of becoming Grand Papillon2222n/aIDKIDK
The Seven StarsGuarantees Special Tarot Card effects for Lucia2222n/aIDKIDK
Demon WardHalves Chances of Enemy Encountern/an/an/a1n/aIDKIDK
Warning DeviceAvoid being surrounded by enemiesn/an/an/an/an/aIDKIDK
Step TriplerWhen pedometer is equipped, number of steps is tripledn/an/an/an/an/aIDKImperial Capital
Dating OutfitKarin’s alternate outfitn/an/an/an/an/aIDKIDK
Bride’s DressLucia’s Alternate Outfitn/an/an/an/an/aIDKIDK
Autumn KimonoAnastasia’ alternate outfitn/an/an/an/an/aIDKIDK

Battle Items

Thera LeafRestores 75HPA natural herb found throughout Eurasia. The leaves can be boiled in water to make an invigorating drink or mashed and applied to wounds to ease pain.
Thera SeedRestores 150HPFreshly sprouted Thera seeds. Though the timing of harvest is difficult, the seeds are more efficacious than leaves due to the concentrated nutrients.
Thera RootRestores 300HP
Thera ExtractRestores all HPLiquid extracted from pounded Thera Root. Refining it is difficult as it is easily contaminated. Upon ingestion it restores all the patient’s health.
Mana LeafRestores 50MPFamed heard often mentioned in witches’ legends. It sis said the leaves are dark red because of the animal blood the herb consumes. Restores mystical strength.
Mana SeedRestores 100MPMana seeds only appear once every two years, on nights of a full moon. Within the hard shell is the power of the moon itself. Restores Mystical Strength.
Mana RootRestores 200MP
Mana ExtractRestores all MP
Pure LeafRestores 3SPPlant containing narcotic chemicals. Brought from the Americans in the Age of Discovery, it became popular for relieving stress on long ship voyages.
Pure SeedRestores 6SPThe soft-shelled seed can be rolled around the tongue like hard candy, but is very bitter when bitten into. It acts as a sedative to calm nerves.
Pure RootRestores 10SP
Pure ExtractRestores all SP
Soul BenedictionRestores all status effectsA carving found by the painter Lowell whole lost in the spirit world (a story told in his book, “The Queen and I”).
Phoenix TailRestores all ring abnormalitiesA mysterious feather that brings about strange fortune. It can be found at every major upheaval in the world. Restores judgment ring to normal.
Daphne FruitRestores all ring and status abnormalities
Talisman of LuckRestores 30% HP to unconscious characterAn ancient phoenix drawn on papyrus made from a plant grown in an unknown place. It revives fallen adventurers and restores a little of their health.
Talisman of MercyRestores 50% HP to unconscious character
Seal of LifeIncreases maximum HP by 3-5 pointsOn this plain metal charm fringed with gold is drawn a writhing heart. It acts directly on the internal organs increasing the holder’s life force.
Seal of AuraIncreases maximum MP bt 3-5 pointsThis magical gold talisman depicts the relief of a wandering spirit. It is said this object can cleanse the soul and increase the users mystical strength.
Seal of the SoulIncreases maximum SP by 1-2 pointsOne of three gold carvings dedicated to the goddess of Lakia temple. The six-pointed star of reincarnation gives the bearer increased mental strength.
Seal of the UrnIncreases DPC by 1-3 points
Seal of StrengthIncreases Strength by 1-3 pointsA silver carving, imbued with enigmatic magic and depicting a roaring lion. It summons the blood of sleeping warriors and lends its bearer greater strength.
Seal of VitalityIncreases Vitality by 1-3 pointsThis pure silver object depicts Heracles with huge chest and abdominal muscles. It helps the bearer to resist physical attacks
Seal of SpeedIncreases Agility by 1-3 pointsOne of seven silver sculptures dedicated to the god of Lakia Templke. Granted the power of the holy griffin, the user becomes better at aiming and dodging.
Seal of WisdomIncreases intelligence by 1-3 pointsOne of seven silver carvings imbued with the protection of the Indian God Krishna. The bearers magic energy is stimulated, increasing its power.
Seal of ForceIncreases Power by 1-3 pointsCarefully drawn with special paint on on a base of silver is the image of a young angel. The blessing of the angel grants resistance to special attacks.
Seal of LuckIncreases Luck by 1-3 pointsA silver carving in the form of a lilac flower of good fortune. The bearer who is pure of heart will better dodge blows and enjoy higher Cause Critical Rate.
Third KeyCan spin judgment ring up to 3 times with successful action
Fifth KeyCan spin judgment ring up to 5 times with successful actionUsed by the angel guardians in their battle against the fallen devils. As long as the action is successful, the ring can be spun five times.
Seventh KeyCan spin judgment ring up to 7 times with successful action
Eternal KeyCan keep judgment ring spinning as long as action is successful
TentFull recovery for all party members. Can only be used at save points or on world map.An easy-to-carry tent. Use overnight at a Save Point to recover all party members physical and mystical strength. Disposable but fully biodegradable.
Bat’s GoldJoachim Only: Can transform into Golden BatTHe rumored vampire Duke Devio, also known as the Killer Prince, concocted this potion. It causes a vampire to transform into its animal form.
StrongoidsJoachim Only: Can become invisibleAn old muscle-enhancer. Because it also increases female hormones, its use was controversial. Taken by a vampire, it bizarrely turns the flesh transparent.
Getitup!Joachim Only: Can transform into Grand Papillon
Soul DropYuri only: Move from grade 2 to grade 3 fusions
Silver AngelUsed for Anastasia’s ultimate weapon sidequest
Lottery TicketUsed to play the lotteryLottery Ticket issued by the World Lottery Society. Holders are invited by members throughout the world to play for prizes with luck and skill. Have fun!
TissuesUsed in SidequestEight-tissue packet, a consolation prize in the lottery. Good for nose-wiping and cleaning spills. Ladies and gentlemen are always careful to have some on hand.
Valuable Gem
Azure Orb

Judgment Ring Items

Evasion Down 1Adds Evasion down on-hit (low chance)Embodies the hunting tenacity of the baby-eating spider. Adds to the Judgment Ring a weak effect that lowers the enemy’s Evasion Rate
Attack BoostAdds another attack hit area to user’s Judgment RingThis Ring Item embodies the war spirit of the god Shankar, ruler of creation and desctruction. Increases number of attacks on the Judgment Ring.
Hit Area expandIncreases size of users hit area on Judgment RingRing Item hols the prayer Will Tell uttered when he drew his bow and shot the apple from his son’s head. Expands the hit Area on the Judgment Ring.
Strike expandIncreases size of users strike area on Judgment RingRing Item embodies the blessed spirit of a mythical horse that is said to bring good fortune to humankind. Expands the Strike Area on the Judgment Ring.
Poison 1Adds low chance of poisoning enemy on hit.Embodies the malice of the viper, whose victims die from its poison hours after being bitten. Adds weak Poison effect to the Judgment Ring.
P-Defend Down 1Adds low chance of P-Defense down on enemy on hit.Embodies the ironic regret of the slime consumed by its own acids. Adds to the Judgment Ring a weak effect that lowers enemy Physical Attack Defense.
Sp-Defend Down 1Adds low chance of Sp-Defense down on enemy on hit.Embodies the cruelty of the Valkyrie of Scandinavia. Adds to the Judgment Ring a weak effect that lowers enemy Special Attack Defense.
P-ATK Down 1Adds P-ATK down on-hit (low chance)
SP-ATK Down 1Adds SP-ATK down on-hit (low chance)Embodies the troubles of Merlin, the infallible sorcerer. Adds to the Judgment Ring a weak effect that lowers enemy special defense.
Seal 1Adds low chance of sealing enemy on hit.Embodies the scorn of the bewitching Sirens, whose songs lure sailors to their deaths. Adds a weak Seal effect to the Judgment Ring.
Paralysis 1Adds low chance of paralysing enemy on hit.Embodies the menance of the Adonis weed which glares at any human who dates to pick or eat it. Adds a weak paralysis effect to the Judgment Ring.
Petrify 1Adds low chance of petrifying enemy on hit.Embodies the rage of the demon, Gorgon whose head was cut off by a human.Adds a weak petrify effect to the Judgment Ring.
Delay 1Adds low chance of delaying an enemy’s turn.Embodies the ill will of the pixies who love to play wicked tricks. Adds to the Judgment Ring, a weak slowing effect that delays an enemy’s turn.