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The pedometer is a recurring item and sidequest in Shadow Hearts. It appears in all 3 games. The pedometer is an accessory that can be equipped by any character. It has no benefits in battle, however it counts all the steps taken by the player within areas with monsters in them. When a certain amount of steps have been reached they can be exchanged for prizes with the Pedometer salesmen.

pedometer shadow hearts

The Pedometer in Shadow Hearts

In every game, multiple pedometers can be bought or sold, however they have little resale value and there is no reason to buy more than one as the effects do not stack.

There are items that can be acquired called “Step Doubler” and “Step Tripler” that double and triple the amount of steps taken.

Pedometer Side-Quest in Shadow Hearts

In Shadow Hearts, the Pedometer Salesman is first encountered in Fengtian.

Pedometer Salesman Shadow Hearts

Meeting the Pedometer Salesman in Fengtian

A Device that counts steps. True adventurers are very serious and responsible about each step they take. Can’t do without one.Library Description

In Shadow Hearts there are only two Pedometer salesmen – one in Fengtian (near the fountain) and one in Prague (near the castle).

You can find the accelerator in Rouen by playing the Lottery.

Pedometer Rewards in Shadow Hearts

Step CountReward
100Thera Extract
300Voodoo Doll
800Weird Bottle
1,500Iron Clogs
2,500Flash Badge
3,500Moon Swallow
5,000Star Swallow
6,500Monkey Paw
7,000Silver Hand
8,000Belt of Power

Pedometer Side-Quest in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, the pedometer sidequest begins when the party tries to leave Florence. They are approached by a woman who wants to encourage people to walk more, so gives them a pedometer to record their steps. To claim prizes they must return to her.

Pedometer Rewards in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Step CountReward

Pedometer Side-Quest in Shadow Hearts: From the New World

There is only one pedometer Salesman in Shadow Hearts: From the New World – the coach at Arkham University.

Pedometer Rewards in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Step CountReward