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Emigré Manuscript

The Emigré Manuscript (or Émigré Manuscript) is an important item within the Shadow Hearts Universe. It gives instructions to the user as to how to bring people back from the dead and is often interpreted incorrectly creating monstrous results.

emigre manuscript shadow hearts

The Emigré Manuscript

History of the Emigré Manuscript

The Emigré Manuscript is a part of a trio of books held in the Vatican. The other two books in the collection are the Codex of Lurie, a guide to summoning Gods and the Book of Rituals which gives instruction on black magic rituals. Albert Simon describes the Emigré manuscript as being able to create life from nothing, as well as being able to summon the God of Death.

These three texts were stolen from the Vatican by Albert Simon. He wants to use them to summon an ancient God to bring wrath upon society of Earth. The Vatican sends Father Elliot and Father O’Flaherty to retrieve them, but neither of them are successful.

However, Albert Simon is not looking to revive anyone from the dead – rather than use the Emigré Manuscript himself, he uses it to influence other people. He sells the Emigré Manuscript to Patrick Heyworth who wants to use it to revive his wife Elaine who was murdered by bandits.

The Emigré Manuscript in Koudelka

In Koudelka, Patrick uses the Emigré Manuscript to try to revive Elaine. However, he does not have all the necessary components and she turns into a monster, killing him. Presumably Albert Simon hears of this and retrieves the Emigré manuscript once more.

The Emigré Manuscript in Shadow Hearts

In Shadow Hearts, Albert Simon sells the Emigré Manuscript to Jack who is looking for a way to revive his mother. Jack worked hard to decipher the Greek text within the Emigré Manuscript and tried to use Chris as a vessel for his mothers soul. However, the ritual was interrupted and his mother turned into a monster similar to how Elaine transformed. After Jack’s death, the Emigré Manuscript remains within the pot that he was trying to resurrect his mother with. It is then found by a child who gives it to Yuri – provided he plays hide and seek with him.

How to Find the Emigré Manscuript in Shadow Hearts

To find the Emigré Manuscript, you must first wait for the Float to have risen. Once this occurs, you can return to the Orphanage, and speak to the child in front of the pot. He will challenge you to find four children and return to speak to him in under a minute.

The quickest way to do this is to find the children in this order:

  1. The child in the downstairs bedroom (between two beds)
  2. If the child in the foyer is not behind the top-left pillar, the child in the foyer (in the bottom right corner or the top right pillar)
  3. The child in the top right bedroom (behind the desk or the bed)
  4. The child in the top left bedroom (behind the table or bed)
  5. If the child in the foyer is behind the top left pillar, this child should be found last

And then return to the child that issued the challenge. He will give you access to the pot, and if you examine it you will receive the Emigré Manuscript.

The Émigré Manuscript in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant it is referred to as the Émigré Manuscript (compared with Emigré of Shadow Hearts).

After the events of Shadow Hearts, Roger and Yuri worked together to hide the Émigré Manuscript deep within Nemeton Monastery. This text is greatly desired by Sapientes Gladio who employ Lenny Curtis to kidnap Roger to find its location. Roger being uncooperative, Nicolai holds him hostage and instructs Yuri to bring it to him for Roger’s freedom. Yuri returns to Nemeton Manstery to retrieve it, although it is being guarded by Star Gazers and a Grail Gazer as set up by Roger. The party are able to defeat these guardians with difficulty. Lifting the Émigré Manuscript, he is transported to the Graveyard where he is shown a vision of Alice who died to save his soul.

Yuri then travels to St. Marguerite Island to attempt to rescue Roger, but is paralysed by gas and the Émigre Manuscript is taken off him by Nicolai who takes it to his office to read briefly before leaving St. Marguerite to deliver it to the Master of Sapientes Gladio, Rasputin.

When Nicolai arrives in Petrograd he doesn’t give the Émigré Manuscript to Rasputin but to Kato to ensure support from Japan to Russia and Sapientes Gladio.

The Emigré Manuscript in Shadow Hearts: From The New World

Other Holy Books

The Emigré Manuscript is a part of a series of books that were once held in the Vatican. The other books are:

  • Pulse Tract – Used to summon an The Seraphic Radiance
  • Codex of Lurie (Also called the R’lyeh Text) – Gives instruction on how to summon Meta-God
  • All three books are utilised by Albert Simon for his ritual to summon The Float.