Fusion is an ability in the Shadow Hearts series that enables a character to fuse with the soul of a monster and transform into that monster. People who possess the ability of Fusion are known as Harmonixers.

List of Fusion Monsters

Fusion Souls

In each Shadow Hearts game, whenever a monster is defeated, its soul is absorbed, and sometimes accumulated as a source of Malice. Particularly powerful souls are known as Fusion Souls, which can be used to summon a Fusion Monster.

Fusion In Shadow Hearts

Fusion Soul Shadow Hearts

Yuri receiving a Fusion soul in Shadow Hearts

In Shadow Hearts there are two characters who posses the ability to fuse – Yuri and his father Colonel Hyuga. However, later in Shadow Hearts, Albert Simon is able to make a pact that allows him to fuse with Amon. At first, Yuri is very afraid of his ability to fuse. He thinks it is an evil power that can only kill. He learns to control this power and determines that it can also be used to protect.

In Shadow Hearts, a character must spend a certain amount of SP in order to transform – after which the SP meter only goes down once a turn. Fusing does not take a turn – Yuri can still use abilities on a turn in which he has transformed.

Fusion monsters are fought by Yuri in the Graveyard with the exception of Amon who is fought in the Nemeton Monastery and the Seraphic Radiance who is an optional boss. In order to fight a Fusion Monster, Yuri must have collected enough souls of the same affinity as that monster.

To fuse with Level 3 monsters, Yuri must also collect a Gravestone of the corresponding affinity. The gravestones become available after Yuri visits Nemeton Monastery for the first time.

The Locations of Gravestones are as follows:

  • Light Gravestone for the fusion of Sandalphon – Roger’s House in Nemeton Monastery
  • Dark Gravestone for the fusion of Czernobog – Yuri’s Cell in Blue Castle
  • Fire Gravestone for the fusion of Forron – In a chest in a room in Calios Mental Hospital
  • Wind Gravestone for the fusion of Seravi – Give Tissues to the man in the Men’s Toilets in Prague. When leaving the pub he will approach you and give you the Gravestone.
  • Water Gravestone for the fusion of Egil – For sale by a pedestrian in Rouen
  • Earth Gravestone for the fusion of Lobo – Speak to Nina outside Nina‘s house in Bistritz

You can get hints for the locations of each Gravestone that you haven’t found from the telephone in Carl‘s house.

To unleash the ultimate powers of each Level 3 Fusion, Yuri must go berserk while in each form.

Fusion In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant Yuri temporarily loses most of his Fusion abilities due to the curse of the Holy Mistletoe. He regains them throughout the course of the game. There are two new characters with the fusion ability, Kurando Inugami who is Yuri’s cousin, and Kurando’s mother Saki (Yuri’s Aunt on his father’s side).

Yuri Fusion Shadow Hearts Covenant

Yuri fusing in Shadow Hearts Covenant

Like in Shadow Hearts, Fusion does not take a player’s turn – a character who transforms can still use a skill or attack on the same turn which they fused. The difference between Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant fusions is that instead of it costing a large amount of SP to fuse, it costs a little more SP per turn instead.

At the beginning of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Yuri is unable to fuse as Nicolai attacked him with the Holy Mistletoe, and this regressed his fusion abilities to the point of Yuri being unable to change into a monster. When in the Graveyard, he finds that his fusions are not lost forever, but he has to power them up once gain by collecting monster souls. With enough monster souls he lays his hand on a fusion gravestone and gains the power of that monsters. By powering up fusions monsters, Yuri is able to learn new abilities and summon different monsters.

Fusion In Shadow Hearts: From the New World

In Shadow Hearts: From the New World there are two people who can transform via a form of Fusion – Shania who fuses via Spirit Pacts and later Johnny who has a hidden Fusion form.

In battle, Fusion works the same way as it did in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Most of the Fusion monsters are plot-based. Tirwawa is the only fusion monster which is optional. Shania levels her Fusions up by powering fetishes up with souls from battle.

Origin and Trivia

Fusion is a term that usually means two elements combining and then changing.